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    Wheres My Refund Ohio – Share your experience with filing your Ohio Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Ohio Wheres My Refund? go to Ohio Department Of Taxation

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    Received the tax ID quiz notice online. Waited for 2 weeks and still no letter in the mail. Finally called and confirmed they were sending it to my physical address rather than my Po box (which I doubled checked and I checked for them to send to Po box not physical). Still was advised to go ahead and fax info in and that would take care of id quiz. Finally 2 weeks later, the site updated and said processed on 3-15-2018 with the vague 15 day notice and if nothing by then check back for the release date. Does anyone have an idea how long it typically takes? The full 15 days or possibly more? I know you shouldn’t count on your taxes but I am….

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    Burgandy P Teasley

    How long after ID verify did it take to get a ddd?

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    Sean Schofield

    Figured I would be first to post here today.
    I filed 2/09
    Accepted same day
    Just an hour ago the system updated and finally received a ddd, of tomorrow 2/21
    I will let anyone know if it actually hits.
    I’m using Huntington

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    Filed my state and fed same time. State: Your return was processed on 02/11/2018. Please allow 15 business days from the process date for the refund to be credited to your account. If the refund is not available after 15 business days, please check the refund status again for a release date. Fed say: it will be released on 2/22. LOL either would do me good!!

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    Processed on 02/12 and my deposit just hiylt my card. Checked the site and i still have 15 day message

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Processed 2-9 . Still waiting .

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    processed 2/13 and still waiting.
    At this rate I’ll get my fed before State haha

    Cheers guys

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    I was processed 2/12 with a generic 15 day deposit message. And I’m still waiting

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    Anyone else processed 2/11 and still waiting?

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    @aohiogirl: yay congrats. Hopefully I see something in am. I was processed the 9th and have a credit union.

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    I had a processing date of 2/9/2018 with a generic if you don’t get your refund in 15 days contact us and my refund hit my Bluebird card a few minutes ago.

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    Mr. Kevin Kinder

    Processed 2/7. Got an email back from Ohio DOT and they said scheduled to be in my bank on or around 2/22. Hope that helps anyone else waiting

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    Just the bank

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    I had a DDD of 2/14 and mine still hasnt shown up in my bank acct yet

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    what days does Ohio release for direct deposit

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    Mr. Kevin Kinder

    Any other 2/7/18 people out there?

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    Mr. Kevin Kinder

    Ash did the website update or just your bank?

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Seems most people are getting their refunds after 8-10 days. My 10days falls on the holiday😒 .. Dang on ID QUIZ held me up. Lol.

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    @mr Kevin kinder
    I can see my state now pending in my bank acct! Hoping you got an update!

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    Has anybody with a deposit date of 2/14 not gotten their deposit yet? what time did most people get their deposits on other days?

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    @mr Kevin kinder
    I was also processed on the 7th and still waiting.. hoping for an update tonight

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    Mr. Kevin Kinder

    Processed 1/29…updated with non liable spouse sheet and processed again 2/7. Anyone else processed on 2/7 have any good news??

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    Filed 2/4 processed 2/5 just looked now has 2/14 as deposit date

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    Processed 2/4 today got a texted that my funds will be released in 1-5 days. Today about 6p it was confirmed of a ddd 2/14 and it’s pending in my bank….

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    I received the manual review message as well on 2/2….still no update..

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    Processed on 2/4; site just updated today at some point after 6pm with a DDD of 2/14 – called the bank and they can see the deposit and it will be available to me tomorrow.

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    Mine was processed 2/5 got a ddd of 2/14

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    Has anyone processed 2/5 gotten an update or deposit?

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    Your return was received and posted to our system on 02/11/2018, but is currently under manual review. Please allow 60 days from the posted date for processing. If it has been more than 60 days, please call us at 1-800-282-1780 or e-mail us.
    Did anyone else get this I did the I’d quiz last Thursday and I checked today and this was my message

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    Processed 2/1 updated at 7:45pm to DD of 2/13/18. Thanks guys

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    Processed 2/4 website says 15 day msg but I got my DD today at 4 p.m I have netspend card

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    Finally got a DD date for 2/13…filed 2/3 processed 2/4.

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    Filed 2/2 says it was processs 2/4 when does it update usually. Also any one processed 2/4 get any ddd

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    Finally got a dd of 2/13 !! Now on to fed!!

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    2/1 processed got my DD for 2/13 finally now the wait to when

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    Got mine today! Just thought I’d let you all know! Processed 2/1. This evening I updated to funds released on 2/13/18. So on a wim I checked the bank and there it was! Good luck to all! Thank you, Ohio! Haha

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    @lookingformyrefund from what i noticed it’s between 6:30 and 9.

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    When does the Ohio taxation website update? Mornings? Afternoons? Evenings?

    Processed 2/1 regular bank

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    J l

    Your lucky. What card. My bank cant even see a pending deposit yet 2/1 process date

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    Impatiently waiting

    DD just posted to my card… processed on 2/2…website still had 15 day message.

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    @danner614 this year they haven’t been updating the sites that well (state and fed) done read multiple peoples comments and lots have said no update but got their deposit

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    Those that received the ID quiz, what did your status say? I processed my return on Friday the 9th and yesterday I had this…your return was processed on 02/11/2018. Please allow 15 business days from the process date for the refund to be credited to your account.

    Can I still get the quiz or does processed mean you are complete and now I wait?

    Thanks so much

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    @jess my status still says the standard wait 15 business days on the refund website. But I still received that text. Weird.

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    @danner614 ur lucky!! no update yet for the rest of 2/1 !! ill post when I receive a update

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    Processed 2/1. Woke up to this text message today.

    From Republic Bank & Trust: Your State tax refund has been sent to your account and should be available within 1 to 5 days! To unsubscribe, reply STOP.

    Using netspend. Hasn’t hit account yet but I’m excited it should be here any second. Good luck guys.

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    Same here 2/1 and nothing

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    J l

    Processed 2/1 and still nothing.

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Filed 2-2 .. ID Verify 2-4 .. Completed & Processed 2-9. .. Now I wait😏.

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    Just thought I would post I got my refund 2/9. I was processed on 1/31. Now on to wait for my federal.

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    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/29, had to do identity quiz, completed quiz on 2/5, updated same day (2/5) to return processed with 15 day message, as of today I haven’t gotten my refund and still have 15 day message, I have a regular bank account

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