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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Ohio – Share your experience with filing your Ohio Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Ohio Wheres My Refund? go to Ohio Department Of Taxation

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    Filed and accepted 1/27 got my Ohio state taxes on 2/8. Was faster than the last years. Filed with hrb.

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    @unicornd okay I will just keep watching for it then bc I was approved on the 1st

    #4507201 Reply

    @dannie It says it’s been processed with the 15 day message. It never updated to deposited.

    #4507192 Reply

    @Unicornd did ur thing update from the q5 days saget to a deposit date bc my was approved the same day and still nothing

    #4507095 Reply

    My state refund was deposited around 11 today. Processed on 2/1 with the 15 day message after ID verify.

    #4506929 Reply

    What day did yours process

    #4506914 Reply

    My state deposited this morning.

    #4506728 Reply

    So has anyone had any movement after getting the manual review? I’ve googled and found it may just us needing to verify a few things, but wasn’t sure…

    #4506639 Reply


    Not yet.

    #4506624 Reply

    Any one see any updates apart from the 15 day

    #4505824 Reply

    Ugghhh I was entered into system 1-28 but under manual review! This happens to me every few years!! Now I play the waiting game!!

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    I filed mine on the 28th and was accepted on the 29th and was processed on the 30th with the 15 day message.

    #4505163 Reply

    @Nikki mine filed mine Jan 30th was accepted Jan. 31st and was approved Feb 1st with the generic 15 day message

    #4505161 Reply

    Does anyone have any updates for ohio?

    #4463170 Reply

    The Ohio “Check My Refund Status” tool updated this evening saying that my refund was released for DD on 3/3 (tomorrow).

    Filed: 2/19
    Processed: 2/22.

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    Filed: 1/27
    Accepted: 2/21

    Still no deposit. I have had the 15-day message for 9 days.

    I figured it would be slower this year, but it seems to be taking forever. Last year, I had my deposit on Feb. 4, nearly a month sooner.

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    Filed 2/12 approved on 2/19. Still waiting on deposit.

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    Just an update: I had a posted on the 25th at lunch time that I still had the processing message.
    About 30 minutes after that post I got a text from Netspend that they had received my refund and a few minutes later it was available.
    The state site updated yesterday to say that my refund would be released March 1st for DD.

    #4460249 Reply

    My return started processing on 2/18. Still has the 15 day message.

    #4459416 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    Got mine this morning , I still have the 15day generic message though. So basically it took 7 business days for me

    #4458990 Reply

    my return was processed on 2/14/2021 and gave the generic 15 day message. Just updated with in the past hour. It now says it was released for dd on 2/24/2021

    #4458594 Reply

    Mine said it was processed on the 17th of Feb and give 15 days for it to be credited to my bank account. Still waiting

    #4458432 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    I was done processing the 16th, no state deposit for me yet.

    #4458295 Reply

    Filed & accepted 2/19, via HRB. State refund tool says my return processed on 2/22/2021. I expect it won’t take three weeks to post to my account (PNC).

    I thinking 48-72 hours.

    After reading earlier posts in this thread, from prior years, I’m amending my guess to seeing my DD on 3/2.

    #4458220 Reply

    Filed 1/28, accepted 2/16 and processed 2/17. Still no deposit. Hopefully later today or tomorrow.

    #4458186 Reply

    Filed & accepted 2/19, via HRB. State refund tool says my return processed on 2/22/2021. I expect it won’t take three weeks to post to my account (PNC).

    I thinking 48-72 hours.

    #4456677 Reply

    Nish, same here! My Netspend posted at 5:30 pm with my federal last night. Still 15 days processing on the state site.

    #4456136 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    My credit union just updated my account with my Fed refund. Wow .. faster than the state, thats a first

    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Still at 1 bar on WMR

    #4455649 Reply

    Finally the state site recognizes my information!
    Says my return was processed 2/18/21 allow 15 days.
    I will update when I get my refund!
    My federal transcripts updated last night with an 846 this morning 🎉.

    #4455514 Reply

    What my turbo tax says:
    Ohio Return
    Received by TurboTax:
    Sunday, Feb 7,
    Received by Ohio:
    Monday, Feb 15,
    Filing status changed to: Accepted
    Wednesday, Feb 17, 8:27 AM EST

    But the state site still says it can’t find my information 🤷‍♀️

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    Nish in OHIO


    Oh wow. That was fast, Congrats!

    #4455145 Reply

    Just checked and I have a pending deposit from the state for the 22nd

    #4455069 Reply

    Same here freetaxusa. Processed the 10th 15 day message. Still nothing

    #4455026 Reply

    Same as nish free tax usa on the 15 day wait processed on the 15th

    #4454504 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    I use FreeTaxUSA , the ohio wmr did update for me so I’m done processing (16th). I have the 15 day message now.

    Although I filed with them, I check ohio dept of taxation site for DDD.

    #4454393 Reply

    No idea. My TurboTax has said this since Monday?
    Ohio Return
    Received by TurboTax:
    Sunday, Feb 7
    Received by Ohio:
    Monday, Feb 15,
    Filing status changed to: Pending
    Monday, Feb 15,

    I wonder if it’s turbo tax? I seen others rejected who used turbo?

    #4454103 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    Anybody know when the site update?

    #4454089 Reply

    Laqueena1 I filed thru taxact

    #4453695 Reply


    Did you file directly through the state tax page? I filed through TurboTax.

    #4453612 Reply
    Nish in OHIO


    Okay cool. I filed the same day but no info for me as of today. Just hoping I don’t have to do the ID quiz.

    #4453584 Reply

    @Nish in Ohio Filed on 2/12, and i checked earlier today and it said it was processed on 2/14/2021.

    #4453576 Reply
    Nish in OHIO


    When did you file ?

    When I check ohio wmr, the site is down .

    #4453574 Reply

    Says my refund was processed on 2/14/2021 and to allow 15 business days.

    #4453289 Reply

    Thanks Tonya. I was thinking it would update on a Tuesday in the past.

    #4453225 Reply

    I filed 2/3 I got a Id verification 2/9. Accepted 2/10. It says a 15 days

    #4453217 Reply

    I was talking about state taxes. I always get my federal on Friday evening after the first full week.

    Anyone know when the state of Ohio starts to process refunds?

    #4453161 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    Filed 2/12 around 7am
    Accepted 2/13 around 1130pm

    WMR is down again right now. I’ll check next week.

    #4453114 Reply

    Filed 1/7.

    Everyone I check it said your refund information is not available?

    Wonder when they will start processing?

    #4452965 Reply
    Nish in OHIO

    Dept of taxation website has been down most of the day. What the heck

    #4391692 Reply
    O HI O..No $$$

    @gretel, it means they have received it….and should be going through the stage of finalization to be sent to you…but mine was in the processing status since 02/14 and received funds on 03/02/20

    #4390447 Reply

    Hey does anytime know what it means when the “ Your refund has been processed “ mean ?

    #4387347 Reply
    O HI O..No $$$..COINS just HIT

    @2/14er’s refund just hit…maybe the call helped….

    #4387206 Reply
    O HI O..No $$$

    02/14er’s I finally broke down and call this morning, and after being on hold for a while, got a nice rep, who said the deposit should be in my account in 1-2 days. Still have 15 day processing message when I check the refund status. Probably will update this evening, I guess.

    #4386747 Reply
    Impatiently waiting

    @ohio No$$$$ I wander if we have a high refund they hold our $$ for interest. Idk cuz it makes no sense.

    #4386148 Reply
    O HI O NO$

    @barbie same here 2/14 processed, still nothing but from what I see @rhonda id quiz a week later and a deposit yesterday which would be a week later…I’m so confused and just want my coins…today will be 15 calendar days but of course they probably say 15 business days when you call…@rhonda when did you originally submit your taxes not id verify

    #4386042 Reply
    Impatiently waiting

    Processed 2/14 and still nothing anyone else having this problem???

    #4385585 Reply

    DD just posted in my account. ID Quiz 02/21

    #4385385 Reply


    #4382374 Reply
    O HI O..No $$$

    TickTock…where’s the deposit clocks….processed 02/14, nothing, nada, nayray…update since then…just the generic 15 day processing method…all i want is for my money to make it to my account, and not sit around in the waiting pot

    #4370774 Reply
    Impatiently waiting

    Anybody processed on 2/14 get a ddd yet?

    #4363812 Reply

    Wife’s “processed 2/14”, after I’d quize. No update yet.

    #4357448 Reply

    UPDATE: I just received an update on the Ohio site…says my deposit is scheduled for 2/19/20 ..and to give it 3 to 5 days to post to my payment method…

    #4356653 Reply

    I was processed on the 7th after an Identity Quiz…But my account just has that 15 day message…Maybe tomorrow since some folks who processed on 2/6 got theirs today

    #4356484 Reply

    Anyone that processed on 2/7 receive a DDD?

    #4356226 Reply

    State refund just hit emerald card

    #4356139 Reply

    What time of day do deposits hit?

    #4350746 Reply

    WMR updated to DD of 2/18. Processed 2/6

    #4350548 Reply

    Process on 2/6 dd of 2/18

    #4349964 Reply
    Jeremy Eady

    Anybody processed on 2/6 have a date yet? Looking like it will be next week…

    #4349875 Reply

    Any one else ohio’s processed on 2/6 have refund? It still shows 15 day message and i show nothing in the account.

    #4349861 Reply

    Filed 2/5 processed 2/6
    Nothing in account this morning

    #4349738 Reply

    Processed 2/07. No refund this morning from Ohio taxation. The processing message is still on the site as well. Annoying….

    #4349723 Reply

    Processed 2/5 had an offset an still received my money this am

    #4349620 Reply
    Professor Klump

    Filed Fed/State 2/5

    State return is in my account, but Ohio where’s my refund page still says wait 15 days.

    Fed has not updated yet.

    #4349174 Reply

    They take fees and advance from federal return.

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