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    Wheres My Refund Ohio – Share your experience with filing your Ohio Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Ohio Wheres My Refund? go to Ohio Department Of Taxation

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Wow nothing for me, CU claims nothing is pending . I normally get my paycheck 2days early with them , was hoping my refund would be in there too ..

    Processed 1-31 .. maybe Monday deposit🤷‍♀️

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    Was it in your bank or on a card @bee?

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    I was accepted the 31st just got deposit at 1:07 today. Refund status is still stuck on 15 day message.

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    Filed Jan 28th acveptef 1/31 message says allow 15 days nothing yet

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    Filled 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    Processed 1/29

    Last night it updated that deposit would be released 2/7. It was in my account this morning.

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    Accepted 2/5
    Processed 2/6

    General 15 day message

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    Processed 1/29
    General 15 day message
    Ohio where’s my refund tool updated around midnight of 2/7 and said funds were released 2/7, was in my bank around 1:30am. Best wishes everyone.

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    Processed on 1/29 and have a deposit date of 2/7

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    Everyone for 1/31 keep me updated if you all get a deposit. I will do the same!

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    I pray that it hits Friday but I looked and someone on the 25th didn’t hit till the 5th(Tuesday) soooo :(

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    @Trucker’s Wife
    Yes, my deposit hit yesterday morning

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    Friday or Monday is what I’m thinking too!

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    No update for me either, from what I can gather 1-31ers probably will hit Friday or monday 🤞

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    So in theory based on comments if the 27th dropped the 5th, 28/6, & 29/7, the 30th will go Friday the 8th… Would the 31st go Friday the 8th or not till Monday the 11th?

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    No update for my yet! Hopefully soon…

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    @my mine says the same thing. Earlier it said they got it and I just checked it and got the same message.

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    Just checked. I have a direct deposit date for 2/7/19!

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    I was processed 1-31 too. Hopefully we will see something before the weekend

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    Mine was processed on the 29th in I just got a message saying my will be loaded tomorrow

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    I processed 1/31 as well.

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    I called my credit union this am and she stated nothing is pending.

    Processed 1-31 thro FreeTaxUsa
    I have 15day generic message right now.

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    Jennifer did the site update for you?

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    Got my Ohio state tax February 5th early morning like 6 so be patient guys it’s coming It was approved on the 25th of January so says 15 days to hit your bank but comes in about 11

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    Anyone had any updates today?

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    It will update again with a DDD after the 15 day message.

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    Then how do you find it and when do they give it? Majority of people and the site said you get a 15day generic notice.

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    @Alysha the site does give DDD’s. People on here have said they have gotten dates.

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    How are people saying they have a DDD when the site doesn’t give ddd’s?

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    What exactly is your source for that info?

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    Now that I think about it so did I FB88

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    Makes sense, I got my state deposit on a Thursday last year.

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    NursLyn for everyone that has already filed?

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    A source states Ohio refunds will be deposited tomorrow

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    Trucker’s Wife

    Did you get your refund?

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    My Ohio was accepted on Feb 3 and had the 15 day message since Feb 4. I was hopeful that meant the deposit was sent to my bank, but evidently not :(
    I found this strange for Ohio since normally it take WEEKS to get my small Ohio refund! LOL

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    I spoke with an extremely helpful rep this morning regarding the unable to provide info message I started receiving yesterday. I was processed 1/31 And had the standard 15 day message until last night. It changed to unable to provide information.
    She said she had no idea why it would say that and there were no issues with my refund, just waiting for it to be sent to the bank. She also said although Ohio was a bit ahead of refunds last year, this year was a bit slower but typical refunds are at about 2 weeks this year.

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    I was processed 1/31 I have the 15 day message.

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    I got my notice to do Id verfication on 1/29 when I filed . Got notice yesterday. And it updated to processed on 2/5 and 15 day message. It look like it’s a 10 day turn around for some. I’m hoping Valentine’s day. I will keep you guys posted.

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    I processed 1/31 still on 15 day message.

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    I was processed for Ohio return on 1/31 And had the standard 15 day message up until about 10pm tonight. When I checked again @12:10am, it said unable to process your request at this time through the online service etc.
    I did call the number provided but had the same result. Thinking it may be unavailable as it is updating?Thoughts?

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    Me neither FB88

    #4259281 Reply


    No update for me. Oh well.

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    Processed on the 29th. has said allow 15 days since. Not sure wth is going on!

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    Just to give folks our household updates…

    My mom had filed and was accepted on about 1/24. She got her Ohio DD last Friday on 2/1

    I filed on 1/27, and accepted on /28 I am still waiting on my Ohio DD, but have the 15 day message at least. Expecting that one any day now.

    Both of us filed with TurboTax

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted and processed 1/28
    had the 15 day message up until a few hours ago.
    Now shows DDD of 2/6
    Now if I could just get some movement on my federal return

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    Updated to 15 day message 2/1

    #4258991 Reply


    State filed today (2/5/19). Federal as well and it has already been accepted. Used turbo tax

    #4258500 Reply


    Update I recieved my state today. Filed 1/23 site said processed 1/25. I hope everyone updates tonight.

    #4258473 Reply


    Processed on 1/29 and still have the 15 day message. I updated last Tues as well from processed to 15 day message on the same day. Happened in the evening
    Hoping for something soon.

    #4258461 Reply


    I processed on 1/31 so hopefully we will see a deposit soon or date.

    #4258450 Reply


    Agreed! I updated to accepted 5pm, and then again at 8pm to processed/15 day message on 1/29/2019.

    #4258437 Reply


    Same here. We need to keep each other updated! Do you know when they update there site and what days they do direct deposits?

    #4258423 Reply


    No update on my end. Hopefully tonight I’ll see a direct deposit date.

    #4258413 Reply


    Anyone else have any updates yet?

    #4257991 Reply


    Mine was filed 1/20, accepted 1/22 processed on 1/25. Gave DDD 2/5 with 5 day message.
    Mine was deposited on my Turbo Card this morning

    Also, it wasn’t registering my information before because my husband’s social was listed first on the return. So if you’re getting a message that says it cannot give you the information try your spouse’s information

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    Stephanie M

    Filed 1/20/19
    Accepted 1/25/19
    Money was deposited 2/5/19, had 15 day message entire time, site never updated with DDD.

    #4257925 Reply


    Site didn’t updat for me… still the 15 day message and just got my deposit in the bank. Just in case anyone else isn’t update they are sending them!

    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/23
    Processed 1/25
    Deposit tonight!!

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    Filed with Credit Karma on 1/28
    Accepted on 2/4 State
    Federal accepted 1/28

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    Got approved on Jan 25th and just got the notification that it has been released for direct deposit and to give it up to 5 days. Not in bank yet.

    #4257756 Reply


    Anyone that processed on 1/31 got DDD yet?

    #4257726 Reply


    I just updated for ddd tomorrow 2/5. I checked a few hours ago and still had generic 15 days. Filed 1/25. Accepted 1/27. First year I didn’t have to go through id quiz crap. I was waiting for it too lol. Good luck everyone.

    #4257708 Reply


    I was processed on 1/27 and just checked and status changed to direct deposit for tomorrow 2/5

    #4257692 Reply


    Yes. Just about 2 or 3 hours ago?

    #4257680 Reply


    @Chaching did it tell you that on the site?

    #4257662 Reply


    Processed 1/25. Ddd scheduled for tomorrow.. 2/5.

    #4257555 Reply


    Mine was processed 1/31 so hopefully it will be deposited sometime this week!

    #4257547 Reply


    That’s great news. I’ll check the site later, and see if mine updates. I’ve never called a bank to see about pending deposits before. I was changed to processed on 1/29.

    #4257543 Reply


    My fiance called the bank ours is pending for tomorrow he processed the 25th mine the 27th

    #4257541 Reply


    @alex did you check your bank?

    #4257536 Reply


    Ok another update as of 2:55p today my state is pending in my account still no update on state site but it is pending. Accepted the 25th

    #4257531 Reply


    Still no change for me, and mine was approved the 25th. Just the 15 day notice.

    #4257475 Reply


    People have said they got it, and unfortunately since they got it they don’t have a reason to return on here. Some people see it in a week’s time. Last year I got it within 10 days filed to deposited. I should see it this week in theory

    #4257463 Reply


    My fiance’s was processed the 25th mine was process the 27th we both have the 15-day generic message about depositing in our account but nothing has been deposited yet

    #4257364 Reply


    Wondering the same thing! Has anyone got there refund and if so when was yours processed?

    #4257338 Reply

    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Has anyone gotten their refund from Ohio ???🤔🤔🤔

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