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    Wheres My Refund Ohio – Share your experience with filing your Ohio Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Ohio Wheres My Refund? go to Ohio Department Of Taxation

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    @hveahappyday68 – I was just going to ask the same thing as Jess4. I processed 1/31 and I am having my deposit to a card that advertises “2 day earlier deposits” so I was wondering what type of account did you use for your deposit? That will let me know if I should keep checking, or forget about it until tomorrow! Thanks!

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    @hveahappyday68 that’s awesome, thanks for replying. I was processed on 1/31 also. Do you use a traditional bank or something like Netspend? I have a traditional bank so that’s probably why I haven’t received mine.

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    Processed on 1/31. Still showing 15 day message

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    @hveahappyday68 Yay! When were you processed?

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    My Ohio state just hit my bank. I still have the 15 day message

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    We filed on January 29th and have this message.Your return entered the final stages of processing on 01/30/2018. Your refund should be mailed on or before 02/21/2018

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    @jess4 I have never gotten a deposit of any sort after 7am with huntington. So I know I won’t be seeing anything today. I processed on 1/30. I should update tonight. I hope lol.

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    @FB88 I have Huntington also. I was processed on 1/31. Hoping for an update tonight or tomorrow.

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    No deposits hit my huntington this morning. I didn’t think it would cause I haven’t received a DDD. But some were getting there’s without one. I’ll check ohio.gov for a update tonight and see what happens.

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    @Lynn – me too – processed 1/31 and hoping to see something soon! Still 15 day msg on Ohio website. After reading a few of the comments here though, I’m hopeful that just maybe it might hit this afternoon. Just keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Processed 1-31, still on 15 day msg, nothing as of yet. Hoping before the end of the week I’ll get a deposit :-/

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    @chance that’s awesome! Using a local/national bank? Or netspend or something equivalent?

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    @ chance Correction 400pm yesterday

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    Processed 1/30.
    Deposit hit at about 400 pm today.still had 15 day message at the time.

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    That’s great news! That means I should update tomorrow to a DDD.

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    Processed 1/29, just updated between 8 and 9pm to release date of 2/7/18

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    Still on the processing message no update for me today.

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    So is everyone using the website to update or the App?

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    Fyi…i filed and was processed on 01/30…15 day message as of today….just got my deposit on my netspend card @1:20pm. Wow..that was quick!

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    Processed 1/30 still 15 day message….

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    I filed 1/24, but had to do the ID Quiz. I took that 1/30 then switched over to the processed message on 1/31. I don’t have anything yet, but I’m really hoping to see a deposit this week!

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    Processed 1/30. Just checked and still have the 15 bussiness day message.

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    It looks like deposits are coming ten days from processing date. So I processed 1/30.so hopefully I’ll have mine by Saturday.

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    No update on my end.

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    YES!!! Mine just updated as well!! I filed 1/26 and DDD 2/6 YAY!!! I hope it shows up!!

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    i just checked not updated are you on ohio.gov?

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    Adam A

    There website just updated!!!!

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    when do they update the website? what time?

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    Mine just updated
    Accepted on the 26th
    Set for deposit tomorrow the 6th

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    Also sounds like there’s a few of us that filed about same time. Hopefully there is a update tonight and I can see the refund this week. I have the path message for federal. So this will definitely help if it comes this week.

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    That was going to be my next question if anyone knew when they updated stuff lol. I’m using Huntington bank. So as soon as I get a DDD and when it actually hits I’ll let others know.

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    Adam A

    I believe they will update tonight. They updated last week on Monday.

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    Processed on 1/30

    Sitting on 15 day message.

    Those of you who had DD’s, did it actually update to a DD or did you just have the 15 day message?

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    Anyone get deposits today? I’m hoping for a update tonight with a DDD. I filed on 1/29 and was accepted next day to 15 day message.

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    My return was processed on 1-29 and I have the 15 day message. My wife and I filed jointly, but when I enter my information it says it can’t be accessed online and to please call. When using my wife’s information it still shows the 15 message. So confused!

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    Sitting pretty in Ohio

    Good morning Everyone ..

    Any info on the process of the ID quiz????

    I won’t be processed until after I send it back? Or?

    Any info is appreciate!!!❤

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    So, is everyone updating from the 15 day message to deposit release date, then getting deposit? Or just getting deposit with the 15 day message?

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    My deposit just came to. On a Saturday was surprised. Thanks y’all for helping through the wait. Good luck the rest of you. To the path wait I go.

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    My deposit just posted:)
    Accepted 1/24
    Said release date 2/5
    Received Saturday 2/3
    Best wishes everyone!

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    My deposit just hit my account. Processed on 1/25 with a ddd 2/5.

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    I got the same message too jess

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    I’m getting was released for direct deposit on 2/5 I processed on the 25th. Wonder if it will be available on Monday.

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    Thanks for the update! I checked ohio.gov again and I now have the same message :) I did not have that message as of 7:59am!!! So other, you may need to recheck also. I was accepted 1/24 btw! Best wishes everyone!

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    Today it say refund was released for direct deposit on 2/5/18. It says to allow 5 business days after the deposit date. I used Jackson Hewitt and got the advance so they will most likely take it.

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    Still nothing. Monday will be 15 business dayx. I’m Not under review

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    Well nothing from Ohio for me as of today:/

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    Has anyone that banks with a traditional bank gotten there direct deposit yet. How long did it take.

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    Jared A Brison

    Accepted on 1-24. Have had the 15 day message. Still no money today

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    I filed 1/30 it said accepted the same day for federal and state on state it said please allow 1-2 business days to process. Now when I log in it said my information is not available and please allow up to 6 weeks. What happened? :-(

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    Filed on 1/21 accepted on 1/22 got the 15 day message on 1/23 so about 9-10 days seems about the same as last couple years

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