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    I filed TT …says Ohio received 1/19…status still pending. Anyone have any Ohio progress?

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    LJ Neely

    We were told checks are “processed” every Thursday by the Ohio Dept of Taxation.


    LJ Neely

    The state of Ohio sucks. We have been waiting for the refund since April. They issued an offset notice and two days later retracted the notice (saying that it was a mistake). That was 3 months ago. We have been told different dates for the release every time we have called. Now online it says to expect it to be MAILED on or before 11/10/2016. WTH?? !! I know that they are understaffed; but if they have had the correct information since April and acknowledged that-it should not take this long. Even more frustrated since I really need the money due to unemployment since we were forced to move back to Ohio from Nashville, TN and there are no jobs here.



    Hey Mattox, what day was your refund processed? And did you get the 15 day message before you received the release date message? I originally filed 1/23, then it was held up for manual review and I had to fax over a bunch of additional paperwork, after I sent the fax it was another 50 days before my return was finally processed. I received the 15 business day message with a processed date of 4/8, but so far still no deposit. It’s extremely frustrating! An ACH only takes a few days at most, the fact that Ohio is taking over 3 weeks is just ridiculous! Anyone have any idea if they send deposits every day, or only once a week? And if it is only once do you know what day of the week that would be?



    Ohio state refund said it was released on April 8th and to allow 3 business days for it to be credited to my account. That was Friday, it’s now Thursday and nothing… I tried to submit a request by email for them to look into it, and it said there was an error every time I try to submit my information. Really mad! I filed this back on January 29th.



    What a clusterfuck for this year. My Ohio State return status is now showing “Your return was processed on 03/01/2016. Please allow 15 business days from the process date for the refund to be credited to your account. If the refund is not available after 15 business days, please check the refund status again for a release date”

    This took a month to process and it’s still not been deposited into my account. Anyone have this same issue with this 15 day period? Did it take a full 15 days or did it come sooner?

    Daddy needs to pay some bills!

    Also guys, you need to be more patient. I’m seeing people posting that they’ve waiting only a few weeks. I waited a month before any moment. All this posting of stories with no movement is just flooding these channels.



    I filed Ohio 02/12 accepted on 02/14. It just said that my refund will be released on 03/01 and to allow 3 days to be deposited into my bank account.



    My Ohio state refund was just deposited into my bank account.



    Filed, accepted, and processed 2/11. Had the seven days message, which changed to 15, and now have a DDD of 2/29, which is Monday.



    Accepted on 2-11 for state then received notice that my return was process should be deposited in next 7 days then it was changed to 15 days now today day 16 I received notice I should see deposit in next 3 days….crazy



    Got my state refund this morning

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2

    Now patiently waiting for federal……



    My refund was processed 2/8. I received DD today, 2/24. My son’s refund was processed 2/10 but he did not receive his refund today. Based on previous responses, they only deposit on Wednesdays. I suspect my son will receive his next week.



    Mine was processed on 2/9 and I went from verifying my ID to 7 day message after I had passed to 15 message. I tried calling them today and the phone would not ring. This is crazy.


    Tired of the refund bs

    Processed 2/11 generic 15 business days message switched from original 7 day message. They are on some bs this year all the way around.



    any change for anyone? Same generic 15 business days message for me sigh.



    So annoyed! Filed the 29th took three days to be accepted. Then had to do identity quiz. Was processed on 2/5 and now waiting for my deposit. Went from 7 days to be deposited to 15. Can I catch a break and get my money soon grrrr


    Michelle Bailey

    I think there is an issue with TT. It did my state automatically but I wasn’t paying for it when I could process it Ohio.gov for free. There was a $500 difference between OH and TT, that may be why others are pending. I did the quiz before I filed but they still pulled it. When I called I was told that there were no issues and that they were randomly pulling them but there was no way to tell when it would be complete. Told me to call back in 45 days. UUUGGGHHH



    I hope mine posts tomorrow!

    I filed and accepted on 2/2…yesterday switched from 7-15 business days. Smh. I want my money.



    Yes same here mine is also pending for tomorrow. Now I need for the IRS to get it together.



    Since Andrew got a deposit this morning I descided to call my bank to see if I had any pending deposits and my state refund is pending for tomorrow!! I bank with People’s Bancorp and they do not release early.

    I never got a message saying it was being deposited. It’s still has the 15 day message.


    Andrew Graham

    Taxes filed evening of 2/5. Said 5 business days. Yesterday the website said 15 days. This morning it was deposited into my account. Hope you all are as lucky as me.



    I keep trying to call and the number rings busy!! I’m at 7 business days so I’m
    Not even going to mention the new 15 days message I’m getting. If they ever answer.



    I called and they gave no explanation. Just to wait the 15 days. I agree with another individual that they only post once a week and due to the holiday ours was delayed. I swear this tax season has been crazy!!!!!!! The worse yet



    I called and they gave no explanation. Just to wait the 15 days. I agree with another individual that they only post once a week and sue to the holiday ours was delayed. I swear this tax season has been crazy!!!!!!! The worse yet



    Mine moved to 15 wtf. Need that money.



    15 business days here, too, after it was just 7 yesterday. It hasn’t been 7 business days yet from when I filed, though.



    Mine said it was processed 2/10 wait 7 days as of last night. This morning it has changed to 15 days. ????



    Hey whats going on with state says my return was processed on 2/8 allow 7 business days to be credited to my acct, now check this morning and its changed to 15 business days like wth, anybody else getting same tjing?



    Processed 2/5- did say all 7 days to see in my account and now it changed like everyone else’s to allow 15 days from process date to show in my account. It looks like by the dates people gir deposits that they were doing them on Tuesdays. Do you suppose with the holiday that set them back a week? That’s crazy!



    Mine also changed to 15 days this morning…wonder why?!



    Mine changed to 15 business days today. I wonder what’s going on?



    Mine actually just changed to 15 business days. Ughhh



    Today is my 7th business day since being processed and nothing yet. I’ll post an update if I get a dd.



    today makes the 7th business day and still no state after i got the wait 7 days message



    Filed 2/1 accepted ear;y 2/2…got 7 day message last Thurs so should be getting it sometime this week hopefully. Still on one bar with federal.



    I filed 2/4, processed 2/5. I got the 7 day message. Anyone got a deposit yet? Or have any idea when we should get a deposit?

    My federal is supposed to be here Wednesday! Finally!



    Accepted 2/2
    DD 2/11



    Filed 2/2
    When I checked my status on 2/7 it said they’d be mailing me a letter saying I have to verify my identity. I had to do the same last year…just waiting on the letter.



    This is odd. I filed on 2/4 accepted 2/5. when I check it says something like ” your return entered the final stages of processing on 2/5 your check should be mailed out on or before 2/19. Does this mean its completed or what?



    Accept with Ohio 1/29 was told to wait 7days. Got my refund in my account this morning 2/9


    Kathy Amrein

    Filed on 10/31 on the Ohio State Website. I went under manual review last year when I filed with TaxFreeusa. So this year I filed directly. Received a message that my refund has been processed on 2/4 and wait 7 days. Should get this week…I will let everyone know. But it looks like it takes 4-6 days to receive from process date.



    I filed on 1/23. It was accepted on 1/25. Per the status on Ohio.gov, it was processed on 1/28 and I need to wait 7 days. 7 days will be Monday so if it’s not deposited then, I will call. Usually it never takes the full 7 days so that is concerning me but I will wait and see.



    Ohio rejected my state return 3 times… It told me to delete my dependents and re-enter their information. I did… and rejected it again. It did this to me last year…. but I can’t remember if I said screw it and mailed it all in, or if it eventually let me e-file.



    If you are under manual review for the state, does it hold your federal return?



    Filed: 2/1
    tt accepted 2/3
    State of Ohio site does not have record of my return…same as last year. State takes a longtime to update, but I got both on the same day, even after having to do the identity quiz.



    I filed w TT but then 2 days later went and filed on the Ohio website because it was still pending. Once I did that, it accepted and i received my refund into my account this morning.

    TT 1/19
    Ohio Website 1/21
    Processed 1/26
    DD 2/3



    Ohio put me under manual review. I filed 1/19 with tax act…. so annoying i had to fax a bunch of crap to them. Anyone else have to do this and seen any progress?



    I was picked for identity by ohio state so I received the letter today and i had to get online and answer 4 questions and now it said i passed the security quiz so now my state return is being resumed to being processed



    I looked this morning and my thing said my return had been recieved please wait 1-2 days for an update… I looked again and now its saying they haven’t recieved it :(



    filed tt 1/17,pending too long so refiled on ohio.gov yesterday and accepted this morning and just checked website and now it says im under identity review,so they will be mailing me a letter 3-5 days and then ill have to get back on ohio.gov to answer some questions for my identity. lol. federal needs to take these precautions,bc there’s more ppl scamming them for thousands,not the state where ppl are only getting a few hundred dollars…but oh well guess its in the bank for me.



    Ohio just updated! Now says: Receive refund within 7 days

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