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      Hello im new to this web site. But i was wondering if its just other states that people are only seeing one bar (accepeted) on wmr? Or is ohio too? Or everyone? I filed jan.20 an was accepted a couple minutes later but still haven’t been approved. It made me very curious cause i remembered last year i was approved within a day or two after being accepted. Can someone let me know asap.

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          I just checked OHIO wmr and it tells me now that my return was uploaded to their system today 1/27, and it is now under manual review and may take up to 60 days. It says the exact same thing for my school district also. So I am wondering…is everyone getting this message,or it is ohio way of covering their tails and we will get our refund soon anyways? Idk

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            I just called ODT and the guy I talked to said that the same thing is actually happening to him right now, his tax software told him to refile and he did, but no receipt yet. He did confirm that Ohio has NOT received my return yet, even though Turbo Tax told me it was accepted on the 1/21. He said at this point he thinks to give it until the end of the week, but then we may have to look into to how to go about refiling. I am tempted to refile now on the ODT website. Any thoughts?

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              I filed through Taxact on 1/16, was rejected due to updates and had to refile & was accepted on 1/22. as of right now ODT website is saying they don’t have my return, yet they sent me an email. It’s not a TT issue. I think it’s an ODT issue.

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                Justsayin….same here I filed turbo tax, had to refile because it said my ohio return was rejected, but it was an update in turbo tax that caused me to have to be rejected. Anyways, accepted 1/21, but now I’m wondering….but still doesn’t explain why no one in Ohio has anything yet. Did rep say anything else? Do you have to refile?

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                  They only update every so many days…. So u can go from 1 bar to finished overnight. This happened to me last year. They only provide the bars as something to keep you busy so you won’t call them directly. (IMO). I wouldn’t worry about the progress bar as one morning you will wake up and the money will be there. It took about 10 days for state last year and 12-13 for federal.

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                    I called ODT and they haven’t received my return even though I was accepted on 1/21. It’s a turbo tax thing I’m sure of it. I refiled on their site. So if you filled with turbo tax and are getting no info found message I’d call ODT.

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                      I also got this email about the first week of January or so.

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                        I got this email from ODT:

                        Dear Ohio Taxpayer:

                        In order to better protect Ohio taxpayers and prevent tax fraud, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is implementing additional safeguards that will inevitably cause some refunds to be delayed this upcoming income tax filing season.

                        These steps are being taken to further bolster defenses in anticipation of a continuing increase in attempted tax fraud involving identity theft. Last year, ODT intercepted an unprecedented number of fraudulent income tax returns seeking to steal refunds totaling more than $250 million. In previous years, attempted tax fraud averaged about $10 million.

                        To detect and counter refund fraud related to ID theft, an additional up-front filter will now be applied to all tax refund requests to analyze the demographic information reported on a return. This analysis will then assign a “probability of fraud” factor that will determine how the return is then further processed by ODT.
                        If a return is pulled for review, ODT’s additional security measures will require some taxpayers to successfully complete an Identification Confirmation Quiz, before the return will continue to be processed. If a taxpayer’s return is selected for identity confirmation they will receive a letter from ODT directing them to our website (www.tax.ohio.gov). The website will provide access to the quiz, detailed instructions on how to complete it, and frequently asked questions for reference. Taxpayers without Internet access will be directed to call ODT at 1-855-855-7579, for assistance with completing the quiz.

                        The additional screening and security measures will unfortunately slow the processing of electronic and paper returns, and the issuance of refunds. Electronic returns requesting a refund may take up to 15 days to be direct deposited this year, and paper returns could take up to 30 days for a physical check to be mailed out.
                        ODT is committed to aggressively fighting ID theft and tax fraud. Thank you for your time and understanding.

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                          Mine came up manual review for a second year in a row. Their is either no info of any kind or manual review popping up for Ohio. They just want us to wait 15 days then look again. Personally I think the fraud filter is crap! All they have to do is like the IRS does to authenticate you when you log in as a guest for your transcript… when you put in your ssn. It asks information only you would know… to be honest they asked me questions I didn’t even know about myself! I dont know when my grandma was born! but if your red. Flagged. They will pause your return until going complete the quiz online or by phone?! WTH! They should have made us fill out a quiz with the return! They are blaming slow refunds on the fraud filter, I don’t buy it! They just want to hold on to their $, but it’s not theirs, we paid and they owe us! Federal and Ohio are pulling the same crap this year!

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                            Ohio has started using some new process to weed out scamers. Unfortunately it hirts us honest people by delaying our returns

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                              Justsayin …..Same message here. No update. Anyone else in Ohio have any updates?

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                                I was accepted for Ohio on the 21st but I’m not being found on ODT’s wmr I’m getting this message. Anyone else?

                                Your refund information is not available for your Individual Income Tax return. Please verify that you entered the correct tax type. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your return to process. If it has been more than 6 weeks, please call us at 1-800-282-1780 or e-mail us.

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                                  Ohio here, accepted both feed and state…both one bar.

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