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      So my refund was suppose to be yesterday. I called the IRS yesterday and today both times said that they see everything okay on there end. that it was sent the 4th and it should be at my bank today or tomorrow. Well I called the treasury department ( the ones that actually issue payments) and they say that they find NO record of my payment on my social. Now im freaking out just a bit. Any insight? anyone??

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          you all are scaring me. Mine is due for tomorrow but I haven’t had any pending deposits or text message, but I’m seeing where others have pending deposits and text messages. I need my mula!!!

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            Thanks I will try that number. I paid the fees up front and used Turbo Tax.

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              SBBT is taking my fees out . they still say they haven’t recived it

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                Try calling this number and asking if yours was paid out. 18008269434

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                  Who did you file with and did you get it sent to your bank w/o paying fees or is it going through a bank like SBBT first and then yours. I’ve heard issues with Jackson Hewitt and H&R block holding funds 24-48 hrs after the DDD

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                    Im in the same boat but the IRS wont give me any information because it hasn’t been long enough. My WMR updated last night to 3 bars and said refund sent to my bank yesterday – 2/4/15 but there is nothing in my account and my bank cant see anything pending for deposit. I hope someone gets some solid info on this.

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