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      OK I’m going to reword my question I think I confused everyone haha.

      When calling the offset line what does it say when you dont have an offset listed? When I call it says no available info at this time or something like that. Is that what it should say for no offsets found?

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          What is the number to confirm offsets?

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          Amy Martinez

            I got an offset a few years back. Please know that even if this happens you can still get a large percentage of your redund. Just call and consolidate your loans (if u use the income based repayment plan your “payment” can be zero) & file whatever papers your lender asks you to file. I ended up getting most of my refund back, but it took until like July.

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              Thanks all

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                Hi Kathryn what I learned is when calling the offset and it states the information is unavailable just means that they are updating. If you wait about an hour it should be done and normal. Also if you don’t have any offset the system states that there is no non tax debt found. The wording is different but I think it is still the same concept.

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                  They recently changed the language. It says something like “at the moment no non tax debts were found but new items are added daily”…. So if that’s what you are hearing you should be fine. When individuals call and goes through the pervious statement then it will give an amount. If you were being offset from a tax debt the IRS would notify you usually via us mail.
                  Hopefully this helps!

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                    It means their system is down. TOP hotlines has said at least three different things to me, so the best way to figure out if you have an offset is to do some investigating on your own.

                    Do you have FEDERAL student loan debts and do you know if you’ve defaulted?

                    Do you owe child support?

                    We’re you receiving unemployment at all?

                    Back taxes?

                    If any of these questions even slightly apply to you, start making some calls and asking some questions

                    You can pretty much solve the student loan question by looking here: You will need your fafsa pin. If anything says defaulted, you have an offset. I know this because the last two years I have experienced this.

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