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      I just filed 2/1/15. I am currently on a payment plan with the IRS and from what I understand they will pay your balance with your refund… payment plan or not. I don’t owe much so I am not worried but does any one know if this will delay my refund in any way? If so, are we talking a few days, weeks, month…what?

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          I have a tax debt from 2011 and also on a pymt plan. I was accepted 1/21, able to view my scripts by the 28th. They updated around the 29th on my 2011 scripts that the debt has been paid and notice sent that I’m no longer in an installment agreement and WMR updated, too, but isn’t reflecting a balance owed to me. I’ve been waiting ever since for the magic TC846 to give me the rest of my refund. From what I hear, the delay can be weeks or days. It just depends on the work load I’m guessing.

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            Okay thanks a lot. I would imagine there would be some type of delay so that’s not surprising.

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              @ MS 215-
              I had the same question. I got a response from someone last night saying they had an offset and their refund delayed 1 week-

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