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      So filed on 16th accepted 20th I know I have a offset. but on my transcripts today shows no offset and code 846 refund issued. Does this mean they didn’t take my offset.

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          @bill did you ever get your refund? I know I may have an offset but Mine is the same way with code 846 but no offset code or anything on my transcript. So curious if you ever got your federal tax

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            Bill. Did you ever receive your refund? If so did they take out the offset. We have 846 codes, we also have the code for when they took out for his back taxes. But not any codes as far as debt.

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              I was curious before too.

              I had an Offset on WMR and on the Offest Line. However, nothing appeared on my transcripts.

              I just received my refund and the offset WAS taken out. Transcripts will probably updated later to reflect the change I’m sure.

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                Bill, did you get your refund

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                  Bill your transcripts will update when the money is released to pay the debt and again when it’s release to your bank

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                    Ya I wonder.. I see no offset code and a refund code of 846 refund issued. SO I wonder if they are not gonna take it this year or if they didn’t put it down in time.

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                      I just checked my 2011 scripts (year of the tax debt) and it’s been updated! Paid with this year’s refund and now has a 0.00 balance. That’s new BC it wasn’t there last night, just the monthly pymts I’ve been making. Progress!! Now I need a magic 846 gimme my money code. Technically, they are still within the 2/16 processing date time frame, so I shouldn’t be too worried. A little is better than nothing, I guess. :) hopefully by Monday I’ll see a DDD.

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                        Ya mine shows 846 refund issued no offset even tho I have one I wonder if there not gonna take it out this year but next

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                          @Bill nope. It’s got all the basic codes from previous years, minus the 846. It’s not even showing they applied my refund to the offset even though WMR says it was. It’s just floating around in IRS limbo. I’ve never owed before and have no clue how long an offset could be delayed. I’ve seen other filers get DDD that had offsets, so I don’t know what the hold up could be.

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                              So Ellie u never had a 846 issued on your transcript ?

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                                I was accepted 1/21 and have been able to view my scripts since Monday. I have a fed tax offset and WMR updated Wednesday to TAX TOPIC 201 and the obligation has been paid. My scripts don’t reflect the offset and they are normal scripts– no funky codes or anything. I’m just missing the magic 846 to release my refund. My cycle is 20150403 and process date is 2-16-2015. Anyone know if fed tax offsets delay refunds substantially??

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                                  mines was the same way yesterday but today the offset is showing. So it may still show up. I have a ddd of 2/2/15 and it just showed up on mines today

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