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      I knew my husband has a $60 offset. However under my social it says info not available. What does that mean? Does it say no offsets found if you dont owe? Or is that what it says?

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          I guess the question is what does it mean when the offset line says no information available at this time. If you dont owe would it just say you dont owe? When I called it said no info available so I’m confused.

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            If you personally don’t owe any offsets then it will say so. Just because you file jointly, doesn’t mean both of your social security numbers are linked together into one offset so when you call, it will not say the same on both. However, when you get your refund, whatever offsets you and your husband have separately, will be deducted together.

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              I think you would have to use his ss# if he owes it and not you.

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