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      Do agencies have a certain amount of time that they have to file a offset against you. Transcripts show 846 refund issued. WMR says topic 203 with my full refund and still when i call the offset hotline it says it “may” be reduced.

      Has anyone had it where it showed up on the offset hotline but they still got their full refund?

      Mine was for unemployment overpayment

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          I’m having the SAME exact problem. And because I’ve never received an assessment bill or ID number from NY state, I can’t look it up online (i have an account on the site because I taught there- but that won’t allow me to access my taxes- and they won’t let me create a new one without the bill that I haven’t received) . However, my transcript does not have any line item or code for an offset (I did have an actual 700 dollar offset once and it was listed on the transcript). The 846 line item has the full amount of my refund approved.

          Anyone have any clue?

          I also have a line item for a 766 credit for 1000 and a date of 4/15. Am I getting an additional 1000?

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