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      Filed with turbo tax on 1-23 accecpted on same day. No emails and turbo tax still shows only accecpted. Wmr shows approved & sent for DD on 2-4.

      Okay, so we were expected to be offset. Just wernt sure by how much. The offset hotline says it has been applied. Wmr says it was sent on 2-4 and shows the original amount. If an offset was applied wouldn’t it show in wmr since it says its already been sent?? Sbbt still shows nothing?!?! I’m really confused.

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          Said I had an offset but when I look at my tax transcript the entire amount is there no extra code help

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            Received my did into my account this morning had a DDD of 2/9. For all those still waiting be patient

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              I had a huge offset 2 yrs ago and asked IRS the same question and they said where’s my refund does not show any adjustments

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                I just got approved today. No offset topic, no mention of offset on WMR. Does that mean I’m in the clear or no? I have student loans but they never show on my credit report and I have never had my return taken. Its weird, but I was worried that my luck may wear thin this year.

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                  WMR just tells you an offset occurred, not the dollar amount applied. You can check your transcripts, or call the Treasury Offset Program holiness (it’s automated) and find out how much was taken. If you haven’t gotten your deposit yet and it was due Wednesday, I’d say they took it all :-(

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                    I got my debt fixed and my student loans out of default so this year we didn’t have to fill out the injured spouse form.

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                      Last year We got refund approved with a refund date of 2/3 The next day I woke up to check again and it said that some of my refund was applied to an offset. I found the amount and it was my ENTIRE refund amount. Well my wife had to file a injured spouse form and send it in. We didn’t get our refund back until April 28

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                        Yeah the WMR site will update saying what amount was applied to the offset. If you go into your Account transcript it will show exactly how much was applied to the offset as well.

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