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      I called the offset hotline on the 22nd 2 days after I was accepted. I had a offset called last night and today and their was no offset anymore?! Anyone else have this issue or know what’s going on ?

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          I was watching the news today and they stated because of the IRS doing cut backs on their workers, a lot of things will suffer or “get by” this year such as audits and offsets but ppl filing paper returns will suffer because of the 2800 workers they let go. if you filed efile they stated that we want suffer with the down fall but it will be easier this year for identity theft to happen because of the lack of workers

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            Mine goes and come back I called the IRS to see has it been paid but it hasnt I think its something wrong with their automated system

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              Nope filed turbo tax and got my fees taken out of my refund. It was due to overpayment for unemployment a couple years back

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              jody b

                May have gotten lucky. But be aware it takes 90 days to pull an offset. I was finished paying in Sept (and still making payments). And I BARELY had my default offset pulled in time by the dept of education. They are quick to take your money, but slow to not take it. Also, when you filed here is a red flag – did you have to pay up front to file? If you are forced to pay up front to file, and not have the filing funds taken out of your refund, you def have an offset.

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                  I had an offset have been in the consolidation process for almost 3 months
                  Friday my offset completed and loans were paid in full by lender and default was removed. I didn’t know it was complete. I called Friday night said offset was gone. So I just called doe and they told me even though the loan was consolidated and the default was removed the irs can still take my money. I said where will it go. She said to your loan. I said you are paid in full I make 200.00 a month payments to my loan company. She couldn’t answer me for sure. But my offset is gone and she shows no money has been received from irs. I don’t understand it

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                  jody b

                    If it was there, and now it’s gone… Your money is gone too. Dept of education took mine last 2 years in a row…all of it. I got on the 9 month rehabilitation plan and this year no offsets. I suggest you do the same.

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                    Kristi h

                      It’s glitch at best this year. If you even suspect you have an offset, expect it, then be pleasantly surprised if you don’t.

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                        The last time I had an offset I called the day I filed and was accepted…. it stated there was an offset then about 5 days later I called again to make sure it was just the one and there was none so i contacted a representative and they said that as soon as my refund was processed and approved the money was sent to child support office and the remaining balance was sent to refund distribution to be sent out when everyone else’s refunds were deposited that week (this was 2-3 years ago when refunds went out weekly not daily. So maybe your debt has been paid. Can you log into your dept of education account and check the balance?

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                          I had this done too. Before I filed, I called and my husband had one so we called to make payments and I called the DOE(depart. of edu) and they said they were still gonna take over 5000 out of my refund, so I filed injured spouse. Got accepted the 20th and called yesterday and his offset wasnt on there. Either they took it off because I made payment plans + first payment or I dunno what else, but if thats the case I filed IS for no reason!

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