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Offset but still got refund?

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    I have an offset and website says they are taking my entire refund this year BUT the entire refund got deposited into my bank account this morning….? Will they take it back?

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      Hi! I am dealing with a similar situation as well. I have a DDD of 2/12 but with the standard offset language at the bottom. WMR is still stating that I will be getting my full refund deposited on 2/12 but when I call the offset phone # it states that I have an offset with the State of NJ and it is the full amount of my refund that they are taking. I am current with my student loans and pay on time every month. I have never received anything from the State of NJ, or TOP (from what I am reading Treasury Offset Program) who is supposed to let the debtor know that this is going to occur. It is just such a let down to me because I had no idea that this would or could happen. I have had student loans since 2006 and ever year I have filed taxes and have never had my refund taken to pay down the student loan. Any advise would be really appreciated. Should i not anticipate any refund or should I hope for the best that the “may” wording in the offset language is to my favor. Thank you in advance!

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        I’m in the same situation. Just found out about an offset today. Had no idea I had one and it’s not on my transcripts but say so over the phone?! I will still get most of it back but I’m really wondering will I get it all or not. DD 2/12. Just got that today.

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          Maybe its compensation for all weve Been through

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            I have the same question!?! As far as I knew my entire refund was supposed to be offset, but from all the information I have gathered today the IRS deposited the whole thing into my checking account. It’s been two days since and they haven’t taken it back, but I don’t want them to put my account in the hole because they yank it ou or something after I’ve already used some??? Though other than the WMR site, everything else says it ‘may’ be taken, nothing official on any amounts or anything…??

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              Im in the same boat just found out I have an offset, shows on transcripts but did not say I have one on the hotline. I wish this wasn’t true but seems like my situation is opposite of you guys :( One question, for those who still received their refund, did it show the offset code on your transcripts?

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                Aloha! I tell you this year is nothing but confusing.

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                  Aloha! Same thing with me.

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                    Mine as well except under the refund code I have no offset code this year.

                    But hotline and tax top says I do

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                      This is happening to me too…..846 says entire refund issued but offset line says it was taken??

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                        I really wish someone had answers!! Going thru the same thing right now!!

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                          I’m wondering if this will happen to us as well? Transcripts gave husband and I code 846 with full refund issued BUT WMR has a Tax Topic 203 and offset line says we are being offset for xxxx.xx$….DDD 2/11…

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                            What should we do?

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                            What the @#$%!

                              We were also supposed to have an offset but got the entire thing. We’ve called offset on past Tues and it said “amount of $$$$$ from your refund has been applied to your offset” and we called again today and offset is gone. They can’t take it back once it’s actually in your bank but we won’t get in trouble will we? This is WEIRD!

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