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      How do I know if my return is going to be offset for IRS debt? WMR has updated with a ddd of 2/11 and my transcript has the 846 code. It shows the full amount of my refund due. Will it update again later if the IRS is taking money? I know I owe from last years taxes. I’m so confused. Anyone have any information that may help??

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          It really is. I stay in a frenzy during tax time! Needed this year more than ever. Thanks for the advice. You obviously have great taste in music. Love light to you and yours!

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            Don’t worry! Everyone I’ve seen has gotten there’s if it says that info. Isn’t it so easy to work yourself into a frenzy when it’s so badly needed? Don’t worry, you’ll get it!

            Btw, Scarlett begonias is one of my favorite songs of all time. Both Jerry’s version and Sublimes.

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