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      I have a offset will it delay my refund my refund was for today I owe less than what my refund amount is. IRS said they sent it. The treasury department says they haven’t received anything and the agency said that it could take 6 weeks to get my remaining refund wtf?

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          Sorry, man. The IRS is a big mess this year. At least last year if you got a ddd you were in the clear. A lot of people with a ddd of today are still waiting. :(I’m not even excited about a ddd anymore with all the problems everyone is having.

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            Unemployment offset. And transcripts show no offset code at all IRS said it was sent sbbt doesn’t have it. Treasury department doesn’t have it. wtf is going on man

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              What type of offset was it? Do your transcripts show a refund cancellation code? 6 weeks seems a little extreme. I have a tax bill from 2011 that’s been paid (as of last week) but I don’t have the 846 code yet. I know tax debts cause delays. Remember: if your ddd is for today (2/4) it can post within the next 4 days.

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