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    Wheres My Refund North Carolina- Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check North Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to North Carolina Department Of Revenue

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    James T

    Filed on January 28th. Accepted the same day. No movement since. It looks as if theres a trend of some update the next day or two? People here say theyre on stage 1 now. Hopefully. Last year NC sent the money in late March smh.

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    Filed 1/20/19

    State accepted 1/25/19

    Stage 1 on 2/21/19

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    Kelly C

    F/a 1/25 moved to stage one 1/20

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    Stage 1

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    Yes NC is definitely slow. I filed on 2/7/19 and my federal will be deposited tomorrow 2/21/19. State hasnt started processing yet. Last year didn’t receive State until the end of March smh

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    WMR still says “being processed” for federal. And state hasn’t updated at all lol

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    Filed on 1/28/19, accepted on 1/29/19–hasn’t even begun processing yet. Come on, NC!!!

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    JB – I have SECU. The IRS said I would have on or after 1/28, and I got it 1/25.

    For anyone that moves to step 1, can you provide your acceptance date? Trying to determine how much longer I will have to wait.

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    Just filed on Feb 10th so I don’t a refund from NC until sometime in March. They always seem to take forever.

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    Anyone with SECU know if they post federal on the DDD or do they post early?

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    Keith Auton

    Checked my NC return and it moved to stage 1 today finally says make take 15 days to approve refund.

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    Nope, nothing. Of course north carolina is one of the slowest, so aggravating.

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    My state refund has not even started processing yet. Has anyone been processed and approved yet?

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    Nothing yet. Good ol NC 🙄🙄

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    anybody see any movement yet?

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    It’s sad and comical at the same time that this thread gets ZERO attention until late Feb. – early March. North Carolinian’s already know it’s gonna be a while before there is any resemblance of movement.

    With that being said, I hope everyone has a super SMOOTH tax season!

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    Has anyone who filed later (after extension), have an update on their refund status?

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    Well, here it is June 19th of 2018. Filed my state back in late January. Since February, mine has been stuck on stage 1. Why? Don’t know. When I called, they stated everything looks fine. So if everything looks fine, what’s the hold up? Of course, I get the generic answer. I hope they throw in some interest. They would if I was late.

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    I filled my taxes by Feb. 6th, it is still in stage 1. I’ve called twice. A gentleman answered the first time and said it should move to stage 2 any time and I would receive my deposit in two weeks. That was three weeks ago. I called again and a lady did not even took the time to research and said it was in stage 1 that I should wait. I’m pissed already they are trying to fool me! It is more than 8 weeks already and 45 days. I guess I must be refunded with late fees right? Plus, is there anything else I should do?

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    I just wanted to give a final update- finally got my refund!

    started processing/stage 1- 2/23
    Stage 2 (after calling)- 5/2 tuesday
    refund sent to bank/stage 3- 5/4 friday
    refund in my bank today 5/8- tuesday

    hope this helps!

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    Tiffany Hatfield

    I filed and was accepted January 29th 2018… Just went to stage 2 today. So much for 8 weeks!! I figure maybe I’ll get my return by Christmas at this point.

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    I just checked mine, again. I called Wednesday and they told me it was approved and it was being requested to release funds. I should receive it by Monday. Just now, I checked again, and it said it has been sent to my bank. So, I may luck into it tomorrow, but maybe Monday as they said because it’s a weekend. If you’ve been told it’s been approved, hang in there. It’s slow progress, but at least it is progressing.

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    @Hannah. I suggest you call and ask as well. It seems to be the O my thing advancing people further in the refund process.

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    You will most likely have to call to get them to advance you to the next stage. Most people wait 8 weeks from the day they hit stage 1. They will put you on hold and most likely tell you when hey come back on the line that it’s been approved (unless you owe the state and they’ve modified the amount) and you should see it by a certain day. They say call back if it isn’t received by that date. Seems like they only submit the request to release funds after you call.
    That’s the number that connects you to an actual human if you hit the right button. I believe the first selection is 5. Good luck.

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    Hannah M Speight

    I filed my state taxes about February 16th and I still haven’t gotten my refund on May 4th. Also, it says it’s still in Stage one. What could be going on here?

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    Sebastion Crofoot

    I filed on turbo tax on February 14 I haven’t received my state refund yet I be been on stage one for almost two months and it says up to 15 days to move to the next stage I got my Federal refund the 23 of February so I’m curious to see where’s it is . It’s been more than eight weeks

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    I’m glad to hear you have heard some progress. I think I was told the same thing as you, just in different words. Once I thought about the rep telling me if I don’t have mine in 10 days to call back, I know it says it can take up to 10 days once approved. Also good to hear that Jacinda was told the same thing about “emailing someone”. Mine didn’t move to stage 2 the next day, but it finally does seem like there is movement from the state to finally start processing returns. Will keep y’all posted on if I do get mine within 10 days of them emailing someone.

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    So, yesterday marked 8 weeks of processing on stage 1. Today, we called in and the gentleman said that it had been approved, but no one ever submitted it to the next stage. You know, the pay out. So, many people are calling to find out it had been approved and the funds just hadn’t been released yet. I, for one, am shocked. Our refund should be in our acct by Monday. Let’s see. I will update you on Monday. (Sooner, if by miracle, they are released earlier)
    It’s grievous at best that you have to call in after 8 weeks to get them to finalize that process.

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    accepted 1/28, finally went into stage 1 to be processed on 2/23. been in stage 1 ever since then. have called multiple times, and they said I have to wait the 8 weeks from 2/23. so after 4/23 rolled around, no change, i called again yesterday, and they escalated my case/emailed someone to look at it. And I woke up this morning to being in stage 2. So hopefully it goes fast now. Hope this helps!

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    Been in stage 1 since march 2nd. No updates at all. I havent tried calling since its only a couple hundred bucks but would be nice to get it and blow it on a night drinking downtown.

    Cant remember NC ever taking this long before.

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    So just another update from me. I’ve been in stage 1 over a month now, and I called to check to see if there was a delay. The rep said she was sending an email to get it in motion or see if there is an issue. Was told If I don’t have deposit in 2 weeks to call back. So I don’t know if that disclaimer is going to be true. But I will keep you guys posted. If anyone else has been in stage one since or before 3/30/18 and has received your refund, if you can let me know when you got it I would appreciate it.

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    @ Corey, try this number, (877) 252-3052. I think this is the one I called. Of course it has automated prompts when you call, and you might have to try a few different ways that will actually get you to someone who you can talk too. But I really do wish you luck, as it seems everyone on here who has called has just got the run around and told to call back next week. I am one of those people also. If you do find out any “real info” please share. I have been in stage 1 since 3/30/18, which is when my “up to 8 weeks to process” started. But you have been in stage 1 for 8 weeks pretty much, so hopefully they will get you good soon. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    So just an update from me. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I hit stage 1, and to no surprise I am still in stage 1. Twice then longer they save it could take. Also saw this on the news today about how the NCDOR made a huge mistake money wise and have to reImburse fees for the extra payments, along with any overdrafts or issues that resulted from the extra money they took. Just something else that obviously isn’t going to help speed up the process for any filings to happen faster. Can check out the link, North Carolina tax agency duplicated thousands of payments

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    Does anyone know a number where i can speak to someone about my state taxes i been in stage 1 since the end of feb ?

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    @ Tim

    Write* Im just so darn mad, They know people are going to file , garnished wages throughout the year if they are not going to have to the money but not everyone owes. Some people actually pay their taxes and try to do the right thing and seems they’re the ones being punished. Its simply wrong.

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    That is exactly what they did when I called and they said oh it has been a while and yest this is week 3 that I am having to call back and still nothing
    I am about to right my Mayor’s office or something because this is ridiculous!

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    Lisa, your 8 weeks began on 3/2 when it went into stage 1. So I imagine they are just going to give you the run around until the end of this month. You’re close to 8 weeks from 3/2, so hopefully you get your money soon. If you haven’t got it after 8 weeks from then, I would definitely call, and not accept “call back next week” as answer. Try to get the right person who can tell you why it’s taken longer then they say it “could take”

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    accepted, 02/12
    Been in stage 1 since 03/02
    just called again and was told to call back next week .

    This is ridiculous I am passed all deadlines and timeframes and am getting nowhere
    bad enough, I owed and they were deducting from my check for six months and debt was cleared before I filed my taxes so I dont owe them anymore money but yet, they hold what they owe me

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    My return has been saying stage 1 for over 30 days, I have surpassed my 8 weeks and still have yet to hear anything about my return. I called last week only to hear call back next week and that it is still processing. Clearly they do not abide by their own words because i am passed the 8 weeks from date of acceptance. I am not sure what is going on with the NCDOR but I need answers!

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    In the past, I’ve mailed in my NC return (because the refund amount was so small and didn’t justify me paying to e-file). I had a slightly unusual tax situation in 2017, so I used a CPA this year, and he e-filed both my Federal and State returns.

    I don’t know the exact date he e-filed (it was either 3/16 or 3/19). My Federal refund was deposited within a week. My NC return went into Stage 1 on 4/10. It hit Stage 2 on 4/12 and Stage 3 on 4/13. My refund was much less than yours, Misty and Tim, so maybe they are holding onto the higher dollar refunds.

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    I mistyped that and sounded stupid. Meant to say “I didn’t even think about it”. Anyways, it does make sense to me that the state would drag it out past the deadline just so they can start receiving payments for taxes owed. Then I bet all of a sudden the stages will actually move at the pace they say. I worked in VA also for last year, and they had my taxes approved, done, and funds sent in like 2-3 days. Actually got my VA return before my fed. Federal is fast with theirs. I’m glad that I will just have VA to deal with after this return from here on.

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    Misty, thanks for the response. I am also owed almost 1k. I didn’t even think about that the about it, but the state may be taking longer to “process” the higher amounts owed so they can take in money that’s owed to them. Also known as Ponzi scheme. It just doesn’t make sense that it would take 3 months(if it takes 8 weeks from when stage 1 hit) to process my taxes. I bet if I owed 1k, they’d process it overnight and be sending me the bill next day.

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    I too, heard it takes up to 8 weeks from the day it hits stage one. I was accepted Feb 6th and went to stage 1on March 2nd. I’ve been in stage 1 for 6 weeks as of today and there’s no answers from NC DOR except call back after the full 8 weeks if it has not progressed to the next stage. The only thing I can say is to hang in there. We are due over $900 and I’m sure they are holding a lot of people’s returns expecting to collect the interest on it. Even the wonderful Governor Cooper has commented on here that we should feel lucky to even get a return this year and not to expect one at all next year. It’s ridiculous.

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    I was also told that it can take up to 8 weeks from when stage 1 starts. Is there anyone out there that was also told this that has gone to a further stage, or actually received their return? Mine was accepted on 2/28/18, hit stage 1 on 3/30/18, and on 4/16/18 I was told that the processing time is when it shows in stage 1, not when accepted. I am just trying to get a realistic answer/expectation besides in can take 8 weeks. I’ve been in stage 1 for 3 days more then the site says it can take. Any reply would be appreciated, and I will post any updates I get along the way.

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    @emily or anyone. How long does it take to actually hit bank? I just got was changed to stage 3 on Friday, April 13, 2018, and am wondering if it should be there tomorrow morning or does it typically take longer?

    Filed – 03/13/18 with turbo tax
    Accepted – stage 1 around 04/06/18
    Stage 2 – 4/10/18
    Stage 3 – 4/14/18 -waiting to be deposited in bank via DD.

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    Called and spoke with someone. I filed on 1/28 and was accepted 1/29 by state. The lady said they did not start “processing” the return, even though it had been accepted, until 2/23!! Almost a month later. She said that is the date they ask you to give them 8 weeks to process from. So apparently the end of April is when I can expect to see my return! Wow. I have also heard that they have to start paying interest after 45 days, so it would be in their best interest to process it asap.

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    Was in stage 1 for over a month including yesterday. Check today and not showing any stage anymore. Just says it hasn’t been processed. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Filed my state taxes Feb 11. Got my federal return back in exactly a week. As of today, (4/4) I have still not received my NC tax return. I’ve tried calling multiple times and haven’t gotten in touch with a single helpful person. It moved to Stage 1 about 2 weeks ago. To say the people of NCDOR are idiots would be a disservice to more respectable idiots everywhere. As far as tax return processes go, NC is space ages behind everybody else.

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    Robert Anderson

    Filed on 2/1, hit stage 1 on 3/2 and it has yet to be updated.

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    Paige Diamond

    Filed my return on January 25th. NC received it on Jan 29th and accepted it on Feb 1st. this is April 2nd and STILL says stage one online.

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    Filed on 2/1.
    Accepted by NC on 2/2.
    I have checked the site numerous times and it went into stage 1 on 3/6.

    When I called the (877) number yesterday, I was told that I should be at least in stage 2 but she wasn’t sure and was told to call back today (3/28).
    Called again today asking for status update because it has been more than 15 days, only to be told that it may be up to 8 weeks to process.

    I said that the site stated 15 days to move to next stage but she only kept repeating that its up to 8 weeks. I figured that I wasn’t getting anywhere with her so I just hung up.
    Clearly, she was waiting for 6pm and didn’t care to at least try to look into the problem.

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    It took my return about 5 weeks to say it was in stage 1. I filed in the middle of February. We shall see!!!!!

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    Finally after almost 8 weeks Thursday would have made 8 weeks since I filed and they accepted it. Our refund was deposited this morning, but here’s the kick the site never updated me to Stage 2 or 3. I’m still in stage 1 on there. So if I were you I would call in and find out what’s going on and they could possibly tell you if they actually sent it to the bank or not because not everybody is updating on the refund site

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    Filed: 2/13
    Federal Refund Deposited: 2/21

    As far as my state taxes, I checked NCDOR on 3/15 and it said my refund had not even been processed. Today, 3/26, I am in stage 3 (“refund has been issued to the bank account provided on your return and should be processed within 10 days”). Hopefully it will not take that long.

    #4242207 Reply


    I finally went from stage 2 (refund approved) to stage 3 (refund issued to my bank) on the same day, Friday 3/23. It says it can take 10 days to process and show up in my bank?? Anyone that has already received their DD for NC- how long does it take for the refund to show in your bank after they issue the refund? 10 days seems to be an extreme amount of time for a direct deposit to “process”…

    #4241809 Reply


    Corrorection,updated 3-13,not 2-13

    #4241808 Reply


    It took me over five weeks just to go to stage 1,I efiled 2-1,,once I got to stage 2,It went pretty quickly,on 2-13,I updated three times in one day,at nine that night,it said refund sent to bank

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    Robert Anderson

    I have been in sage 1 since 3/2

    #4241595 Reply


    Refund accepted on 02/02/18, hit Stage 1 on 03/06/18. This morning, 03/22/18, still in
    Stage 1. Uggghh!!

    #4241481 Reply


    My daughter’s refund was accepted 1/29/18, was processed on 2/26/28 and still in Stage 1 3/21/18! Multiple calls to local NCDOR and Raleigh with nothing they say thay can do! My other daughter filed on the same day, both live in the same house, and she received her refund 2 weeks ago! Come on NCDOR! Do your job!!

    #4241118 Reply


    Our state was deposited last Tuesday,March13,Our preparer made a $30 mistake,which may have contributed to the delay,came down with the flu,so running behind on my update,efiled early Feb.

    #4241011 Reply


    when is the next big update? is it monday or tuesday night? also when do they deposit?

    #4240796 Reply


    Filed 2/6. Stage 1 on 3/13. Saturday it changed to “refund amount was changed”.

    I did use TurboTax option to deduct cost from refund. Anybody else get this message?

    #4240730 Reply


    Filed 1/29, accepted 2/1. Went to stage stage 1 Feb 28th. Still as of 3/18 in stage 1. I called Friday they said nothing was wrong but that it could take up to 8 weeks. Ummm your site says up to 15 days but not like you care. This is ridiculous.

    #4240377 Reply

    Robert Anderson


    I called and was told it was 15 days in general. But then she said check back in a week. But she knew I have been processing since the 2nd. I dont think they even know..

    #4240214 Reply


    @Robert Anderson

    Do you or anyone else for that matter, know if the 15 days is calendar or business. This is ridiculous

    #4240213 Reply

    Thomas S

    Files 2/8. Status FINALLY updated to Stage 1 as of 3/15! I feel much more optimistic with seeing SOME movement here at least. Just hoping it doesn’t take another 15 days before Stage 2. C’mon, need my refund before Easter weekend. Crossing fingers :)

    #4240212 Reply

    Robert Anderson


    I am in the same boat. I updated to stage 1 on 3/2 and have been stuck on there ever since. I hope it is just 15 days.

    #4240205 Reply



    Tax status is in Stage 1 as of 3/2

    #4240204 Reply


    NC accepted 2/1
    Stage : 3/2 – no movement since then. Msg says it may take up to 15 days to move to the next stage.

    Is this supposed to be 15 business day or 15 calendar days??? Anyone know when the updated their systems??

    #4240008 Reply


    2/4 e-Filed and accepted
    3/9 Stage 1
    3/13 Stage 2
    Waiting on stage 3.

    Wondering how long yours took to go from stage 2 to 3?

    #4240006 Reply


    @Kevin: It had happened to me once but after I entered SS# and refund amount, it showed the correct status. It could be system glitch or operator’s error :-)

    #4239878 Reply


    Yesterday my status was Stage 2, this morning it says no stages & still processing

    #4239641 Reply


    Updated to Stage 2 today. Getting closer!
    Filed & accepted 2/5.
    Stage 1 – 3/12
    Stage 2 – 3/14

    #4239638 Reply

    Thomas S

    Filed 2/8 electonically through H&R Block. NC refund still not received/processed. The least that NCDOR can do is verify that my refund was received, even if it takes 8 weeks to process. And let’s be honest, there is NO FREAKING WAY it takes 8 weeks to process anything in 2018. C’mon man.

    I am guessing there is an unstated system at play here. As my pending refund is rather substantial, I am going to speculate that it is systemically shuffled to the bottom :)

Viewing 75 replies - 301 through 375 (of 615 total)
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