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    Wheres My Refund North Carolina- Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check North Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to North Carolina Department Of Revenue

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    Refund hit my bank this morning.
    Filed 1/30 Accepted 1/31
    Stage 1 2/26
    I stopped checking for a while but in April it was still on Stage 1.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting. Now I just have to wait for my federal…🙄

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    Mine was accepted 1/31 also and I’m STILL on stage one.

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    I was accepted 1/31 so that has been the longest BS wait ever for a state return.

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    I checked today and it says:
    Your refund has been issued to the bank account provided on your return and should be processed within 10 days. Please contact your bank for a record of the deposit.

    Still nothing in the bank and I don’t know how long it’s said that since I gave up lol.

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    How long does it take to get check mail been on stage 3 since Tuesday

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    Filed 3-10 …accepted 3-11.
    Got my federal 3-22

    State-still stage 1 today on 5-22

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    Filled Feb 16, accepted Feb 17. Today it went to stage 2

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    Still fuking waiting.

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    Accepted 2/7
    Stage 1 2/28

    Still no progress. How many months is this supposed to take?

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    System still shows I’m in stage 1 (science March 27), called today and was informed that a portion of my refund was offset by a university that I attended and the remaining would be direct deposited in7-10 business days. I was previously being told it want offset EVEN when I asked SPECIFICALLY if that was the reason for the delay! Still think the system is flawed! Will update when I actual receive refund or letter notifying of offset or status changes in system.

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    Angela Budarf


    Finally stage II after almost 75 days on stage 1!!!!
    Hopefully my money won’ take another 70 days to be in my bank account!!!

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    I’m still in stage 1.

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    Filed on 1/28.
    Accepted on 1/29.

    Still waiting.

    I’ve called several times and they say my refund has been approved but online it still shows that it’s in Stage 1. I’ve even had to send in copies of my w2’s and my federal return!

    I’m guessing they will have to send it at least by May 30th or they will start to owe me interest. I hope they haven’t just lost my information or something!

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    filed February 4
    Stage 1 February 28
    Stage 2 April 30
    In my bank account 5/7

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    Mine went stage 3 Friday. Said deposit sent to bank. I bank with SECU. How long does that part take?

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    Filed on 1/28.
    Accepted on 1/29.

    No refund yet.

    For the past month, representatives have told me my refund is approved but they don’t know when I will get it. Online it still says I’m in Stage 1.

    I believe they have to give us our refunds by May 30th or interest will start to accrue. If I don’t have mine by then, I guess I will have to get a Tax Advocate :(

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    At this point calling the system a joke is an understatement

    As stated before I called on Monday April 29th as that was the day the 8 weeks were up and my file was sent up for review

    I called yesterday to see if there has been any movement since online im still at stage 1

    The answer I got yesterday was that after reviewing you account notes it was hard to tell if the representative on Monday sent you file to review so I sent it up to review – worst case is that it has been sent twice

    Please just be patient and hopefully you should get your refund soon

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    Mike Fleming

    Filed Electronically and my return was accepted by NCDOR on Feb 8th. Stayed on Stage 1 until May 3rd. Have not received refund yet and have no idea how long it will take.

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    Anessa M

    @Hodges I agree bc this is the first year I have not owed and they took forever!

    Just like @Nicole stated, I did not call until I hit 8 weeks which is unacceptable bc if I waited 6-8 weeks to pay then they would garnish my wages!

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    I also know they seem not to want to do anything until you keep calling or staying on them they wasn’t even gonna do anything if i hadn’t call the day after my 8 weeks were up

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    Thanks for the input. I will just wait, but not patiently!! This has been an experience! 1st year not owing NC and this! #UNACCEPRABLE

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    @ Hodges

    I know for a fact the 6-8 weeks does not start until you hit stage 1

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    Same to you! Keep you posted on my progress!

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    I filed 1/30 and have been processing since 2/26 and still nothing. I’ve called multiple times and they keep telling me nothing is wrong and to keep calling back at a later date.

    I really hope we get our refunds soon. This is ridiculous.

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    Was anyone else’s return accepted on March 27th and moved to processing on April 9th and is still being processed? I have called NCDOR and advised to wait until May 13th to reach out to them again. They were unable to tell me how often or when the system status updates and states that it varies. Sometimes when I log in it tells me that it hasn’t even begun processing!
    This is the first year I have been due a refund and not owed state any money and their NEW security measures have delayed it!

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    My refund went to stage 2, “we are working on issuing your refund”. It says it may take up to 3 weeks.

    How long did it take for everyone else?

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    Thank you Anessa i called this morning she stated i was in the last stage it was approved i should get it within a week

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    Anessa M

    I called Wednesday and I just got an alert and my refund was deposited this morning. I’d def call again if you don’t have it by tomorrow.

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    I will be call them Wednesday because she stated it takes 3 days to get a response if i don’t receive an answer by Thursday i will be contacting a tax advocate

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    Anessa M


    I called last Wednesday and they told me the same and would take about a week to go to the next stage. Hopefully I don’t have to call back this week SMH

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    Still at stage 1 from February 27. Was sent up for review today

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    I just realized after browsing through NCDOR’s Facebook page that the “ enhanced identity protection” reason as to why refunds could be delayed, is the same reason they gave everyone last year but when proved by local news they “cannot discuss” these new measures in order to protect tax payers? Bahahaha. I don’t want to say I give up but they owe me over $500 so I don’t expect to see that anytime soon.

    I’m still in stage 1 after 45 days not including weekends or holidays. So …. yeah. Hope everyone else has better luck.

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    Was told Friday 4-26 that i was at stage 2 and that I should have my refund by Monday 4-29 if not there to call.

    I called – Still at Stage 1 told that should wait the 12 weeks and that not showing any issues

    The rep said that they really shouldnt email the review team until after 12 weeks have passed but is honoring the notes in the file

    Was told after that I should wait 2-3 weeks before I should call back if my refund hasnt arrived and definetly call back if I havent received by refund by 5-29-19.

    As 5-29-2019 would be the 12 week mark as my refund refund has been in stage 1 since 2-28-19

    NEVER have i seen a mess like this.

    The rep did say that this year this is common for refunds to take longer than 8 weeks

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    Yes, I am money.

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    Literally, how many months does it take for them to give you you’re money back?

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    Aneesa. called today same as you. Moved to stage 1 on Feb 25. Told me it was being sent to the refund department for review and that there is no time table for a resolution. Could take as many as 15 days….. So filed on Feb 1, approved on Feb 1, Stage 1 on Feb 25, nothing since. No notes in file to say there is an issue. Today was 60 days since they do not count weekends.

    Also, no interest until you are 45 days past April 15. You all know what they would do to us if we waited 60 weekdays after that April 15 to file. These people are jokes. Everyone you talk to tells you something different.

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    Congrats! Nope still stage 1.

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    Had to mail in W2’s and Federal Return on 3/1

    Called at the beginning of April to make sure they had received my paperwork. They said they did (thankfully) and that everything looked good to go and my refund had been approved.

    Still waiting on my refund. I called yesterday and a representative said they had placed a hold on my account but since my refund had been approved, it should have been lifted. The rep said she lifted the hold and I should see my refund from 7-10 days from yesterday.

    We shall see! Online it still says I’m in Stage 1.

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    Anessa M

    I called this morning and asked rep why I have been in stage one since before 02/25 and she said “you’re right. Your refund should have moved to the next stage a long time ago. I am sending this to be reviewed and you should see movement in one week”. She still couldn’t tell me why I’ve been waiting for over 8 weeks when clearly the website says 15 days to move to the next stage AND there are so many of us here that seem to be in the same stage 1 boat smh

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    @kyo I have your same dates and mine went to stage 2 today. have you checked yours?

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    Called yesterday because return wasn’t even in a stage anymore. It was being processed since Feb 2nd, then yesterday it said it was just received and hasn’t begun processing. NCDOR told me to call Monday if it still hasn’t changed to request a review, even though they said there wasn’t anything wrong with it. WTF??

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    Still waiting on stage 1.

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    Mike let me know if you get yours we are on the exact same schedule

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    This department is a JOKE.

    Filed on Feb 1. Accepted on Feb 1. Moved to stage 1 somewhere around March 1.

    Called multiple times, told no issues, no notes on account.

    Today they told me to call on Friday if I don’t have my refund because that is 60 days. If I don’t get it by then, then it will be sent to the audit department to process.

    Is this just a ploy to delay issuing funds? I would think if there was an issue or an error, they would have contacted immediately. I’d be paying penalties if I waited 58 days after April 15th to file.

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    Accepted 2-8-19
    Stage 1 – 2-28-2019

    Called multiple times

    Called yesterday and was told my refund was approved and Stage 2 and if funds arent in my account by 4-29-19 to call back

    Online still says stage 1 – was told it just hadnt updated yet

    Checked this morning online and still stage 1 – called again

    Was told I am still processing (stage 1) and that their system couldnt see where I had been approved yet and couldnt tell me why i was told i was at stage 2

    8 weeks will be on 4-29-19 – per her and that yes it has been more than 45 days and I should be seeing interest on my refund

    These people have ZERO CLUE.


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    Anessa M

    How are you all getting a rep on the line? I got one over a month ago and now it’s not giving me the option to talk to a rep. I filed and accepted 01/28 and I’ve been in stage one for over 8 weeks which is unacceptable. I got my fed on 02/25 and I was already in stage one then && still on stage 1!

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    In doing some research to try and find out why my refund has been delayed. I found out that both the state and the IRS have 45 days to get you your money or they owe you interest. I spoke with a representative today who confirmed this. So to every one who is past their 45 days of waiting on a return make sure your state check is more then what you were initially told because they owe us that interest. If you did not receive any extra interest on your check then you need to contact NC secretary of state and ask where your interest is they owe you. Below is a clip from article I came across.

    You will receive refund interest if the refund is not issued within 45 days from the date the original return was filed or the date the original return was due, whichever is later. Refund checks are written once a week. If you call our refund inquiry line and are informed that your check has not been written, please wait at least 7 days before calling back.

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29

    Still in Stage 1 (according to online) but when I call they say my refund has been approved. Trying to be patient, but jeesh…it’s been nearly 3 months! I’ve never had this happen before.

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    Still in stage 1 since 2/21. How long does it need to take?

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    Stage 1 since February 28… I’ve talked to several people regarding this and it’s been determined that your 6-8weeks doesn’t start until you hit stage 1 unfortunately and it could take longer thsn 6-8…they can do what they want when they owe you but when you owe them they wanna garnish your wages and bank account

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    And it’s crazy because my girlfriend got her state back a month after filing and I’ve seen some people on here get theirs relatively quickly.

    What’s the determining factor here? I’ve filed years passed, I’m not a new resident, it’s not like I’m waiting on THOUSANDS of dollars, I guess they deploy a lottery system here in NC to decide who finally gets theirs. “Congraaaaaaatulations! You’ve just won the money you worked a 1/3 of everyday of your life for!”


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    Someone tried tellin me that they used a bunch of tax money to repair all the damage from those hurricanes last year and that returns are taking so long because they’re broke and are paying out as they get the money.

    Idk how true that is but I wouldn’t put it passed NC and it’s 3 month refund wait.

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    Accepted 2/7
    Stage1 2/28
    Stage2? ???
    Stage3? ?????$$$$?????

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    State accepted my return on 1/29.

    I’ve called three times and apparently my refund has been approved for several weeks but they don’t know when it will be given to me. Very frustrated!!!

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    Still stage 1 since 2/26.

    #4324314 Reply


    Accepted my return on 1/29,

    Still on Stage 1. When I call they say “Your refund has been approved but we don’t know when you’ll get it”.

    Might have to hire a tax advocate :( So over this!!!

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    Jack Allen

    The NCDOR is a damn joke I was accepted in January and have been in stage 1 for more than 70 days waste of time and good air to call these bunch of idiots if it was just a few minutes dollars it would be different but this is the largest refund I’ve never got

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    “Your return is in Stage 1. If it has been more than 60 days since you filed your return, please call 1-877-252-3052…”
    It’s been 78 days since I filed. They told me to wait until Monday, and that it’s not 60 days from when I filed like the message says, but 60 days from when it’s accepted. They need to update their shit…why do they even bother answering the phones? Complete waste of
    tax-payer money. They need to refund ALL of my state income tax. Bastards. Sorry, I’m pissed.

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    State accepted my return on 1/29.

    Still in stage 1.

    Every time I call the reps say, “Your refund has been approved but we don’t know when you’ll get it”.

    That makes zero sense. I am livid. Might have to get a tax advocate on my side.

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    I been in stage 1 for almost a month….. its taking forever, and when you call they pretty much tell you to wait, they don’t wait for us when it comes to take our money every single paycheck!!!!!

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    Filed: Feb 2nd
    April 15th: still has not moved from Stage 1.

    I have called NCDOR 3 times. They tell me the same thing the toll free number does. That nothing is wrong with my return and can take up to 8 weeks. It’s been well over 8 weeks??

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    Jack Allen

    Been in stage 1 since Feb 20 overtime I call they just say it’s waiting on a deposit date or it’s pending deposit always a damn lie I’m sooner these lying people at the ncdor still in stage 1 calling is a waste of time could really use the refund

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    I just checked and it says refund has been issued to my bank. Hopefully those in stage 2 has updated as well.

    #4323539 Reply


    I find it funny that we have to explain and report our money to the government but they dont owe us any explanation for ours. God forbid if we don’t pay our taxes!

    Meanwhile my first time filing taxes was 2016 and me filling last week was the first and only positive experience ive ever had.

    2017 didnt work due to losing home and job to matthew

    2018 I ended up owing which is why I waited so long to file
    But most importantly i am currently still waiting for 2016 federal refund. I verified my identity back in 2017 still no one knows whats wrong. I been gave up

    #4323506 Reply


    Why do early filers get punished by the IRS and NCDOR? Such BS. Filed 1/30 for both and still waiting on both. I’m beyond pissed.

    #4323500 Reply


    I’m glad people are getting to Stage 2, but I don’t understand at all why some of us are in limbo. Someone below made it to Stage 2 in 4 days. Doesn’t make any sense! Today makes 7 weeks of being on Stage 1. Over the phone they just say everything is fine…what a joke!

    Accepted 1/29
    Stage 1 2/22

    #4323360 Reply


    Filed 4/4
    Stage 1 4/5
    Stage 2 4/9
    I’m guessing since i waited so lo long to file is why its moving fast. Hopefully i get to stage 3 soon. Now I’m in need of it 😣

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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29

    3/01: Had to mail in copies of my federal return and W2’s

    4/02: Spoke with a rep on the phone who said the refund has been approved and it should be here by the end of this week.

    Still waiting.

    Called today and they said “your refund has been approved but we don’t know when you’ll get it”.

    #4323302 Reply


    Filed 2/8
    Federal Hit SECU 2/22

    On to my state no movement until March 1 when I finally hit Stage 1.
    Stage 2 April 5 to me checking Wednesday and seeing this message:

    Your refund has been issued to the bank account provided on your return and should be processed within 10 days. Please contact your bank for a record of the deposit.

    So I see Terri’s took two days hope to see mine in my account in the morning!

    #4323261 Reply


    Yes, I have always banked with SECU.

    #4323236 Reply


    Terri do you have a traditional bank or those get paid sooner prepaid cards?

    #4323232 Reply


    Money is in my account this morning. Good luck to anyone else who’s waiting!

    #4323069 Reply


    Nothing yet . I called the bank and nothing is pending for tonight.

    #4323051 Reply


    Hey Teri I and deposit yet?

    #4322978 Reply


    Feeling irritated… where is my money?!?!

    Accepted 2/8
    Stage 1. 3/5
    Still waiting…

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