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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund North Carolina- Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check North Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to North Carolina Department Of Revenue

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    Filed and accepted 3-17 stage 4 today.

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    So I went back to stage 1 yesterday and now I’m at stage 3 today. I mailed my return so I’m waiting on the check but hopefully it comes next week sometime. Anybody ever got a state refund check in the mail?

    #4476816 Reply

    I just went to stage 2 today, I mailed in my return. Does anyone know how long it takes to go to stage 3/4 or how long it’ll be before I receive my refund?

    #4468572 Reply

    NC Refund hit bank account this afternoon. I never thought NC refund would hit before federal.

    #4467179 Reply

    Crystal–my refund hit my account today.

    #4466373 Reply

    Anyone get their money yet, that updated to a stage 4 friday🤔

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    Ashley Griffin

    Mine changed to stage 2 3 days ago and I checked it just now and I am back at stage 1. Says if I don’t receive it in 60 days, call the 1800 number. Anybody know why it’d go back instead of forward?

    #4465432 Reply

    Just reached Stage 4 (it hasn’t hit my account yet).

    #4465307 Reply

    Mine was released today just waiting for it.

    #4463912 Reply

    It hit my serve card today at 5.

    #4463729 Reply

    @kyo I’ve never gotten my nc state 1st. This will be the first time ever. Just to let u know mine went into stage 3 early Friday morning and changed today to refund sent or stage 4. So about 3 days in between those stages (business days)

    Nice, did you get your money when it went to stage 4?

    #4463272 Reply

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 2/11
    Checked the NC refund site and it says i moved to stage 4 to allow 10 days for the refund to show up in my account. This is the first year I will have ever received my state before federal.

    #4463083 Reply

    @kyo I’ve never gotten my nc state 1st. This will be the first time ever. Just to let u know mine went into stage 3 early Friday morning and changed today to refund sent or stage 4. So about 3 days in between those stages (business days)

    #4463023 Reply

    I was on stage 1 until Saturday it changed to stage 2 and today it changed to stage 3. I guess I’m getting NC before my federal for once…

    #4462919 Reply

    Mine says issued to bank account. Come on serve and post it to my card!

    #4462837 Reply

    Now mine is showing as Stage 3.

    #4462703 Reply

    Does anyone know how long it takes to receive NC state refund after you switch to stage 3?

    #4462661 Reply

    I been at stage 2 for over a week and went back to stage one on 3/01/21…saying it can take up to 60 days….what is going on???

    #4462616 Reply

    Mine also went from 2 to 1 for about 2 days then to stage 3 for about 3 days I got my refund on the 24th from NC. Still waiting on federal.

    #4462559 Reply

    I filed Federal and State on 2/4; Federal accepted–2/13; State accepted–2/16. I got my Federal refund on 2/22 (though my WMR status never updated). My State status went from nothing to Stage 2 on 2/26. Tonight it’s showing Stage 1.

    #4461304 Reply
    Jen nichole

    My nc state said stage 1 3 days later stage 2 3 days later back at stage 1 with a 60 day review next day back at stage 2 can anybody explain this

    #4460063 Reply

    @NCWorks How long did it take from Stage 2 to Stage 3?

    #4460062 Reply

    Mine went Stage 2 today. Accepted 2/13

    #4459687 Reply


    Lucky you! NC is usually extremely slow. As of this morning I’m on Stage 2!

    #4454350 Reply

    NC is moving fast this year I’m already on Stage 3!

    #4433634 Reply

    Just checked for the first time since the pandemic. It now says that the refund check has changed.

    #4432814 Reply

    So yesterday went to stage 3 June 2nd. Filed on March 20th accepted the 23rd. The site was down all weekend but when I was able to check it Monday June 1st I was stage 2 and then Tuesday refund sent to bank. No money as of yet but I’m guessing it will happen tonight around 5 or tomorrow. Good luck all

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    filed 109 days ago or 15 weeks and 4 days ago and still on stage 1. This is unacceptable.

    #4431534 Reply

    Filed March 9th and it’s still on stage 1. Everyone is off or something?

    #4423064 Reply

    Paper mail -2/10/2020
    Stage 1 – March 9 2020
    Stage 1- March 23 2020 asking for document
    – March 26 document Fax
    Stage 2 – April 20 refund approved
    Stage 3 – April 24 mailed check

    Waiting for the check to arrived. I called 3 times in between march 23 – april 20 to keep asking the updates.

    #4422353 Reply

    I filed Feb 5th and still in stage 1…hmmmm. I never had problems with tax returns before.

    #4399378 Reply
    Tax not

    Filed on
    February 14
    Received February 27
    Still on stage 1
    I am a patient person but…..
    It’s getting ridiculous 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I get we have covid 19. My return was filed electronically. They can return it electronically.

    #4397822 Reply

    Idk, they’re holding it for 90 days……I couldn’t understand what she said was the reason.

    #4397578 Reply
    Charles Geter

    Last time I check I was on stage 2 on Jan 27 still waiting for stage 3 for refund check to be mail now it the end of March!

    #4397499 Reply

    I was told mine was being held for 90 days. What’s up with that?

    #4397347 Reply

    @charliemae I also got a letter from NCDOR the day right after my refund posts into my bank account requesting more information. It really got me questioning though about the timing of the mail. I also tried to search up the tax auditor name and did not find anyone with the same name on ncdor website. Thinking about calling them to make sure it’s authentic. Especially during this time when everything is slow.

    #4397258 Reply

    Filed 1/29/20

    Stage 1 still as of today, 3/26.

    Then again the virus is probably slowing everything down but still…

    #4397199 Reply

    request for more information letter. really, in these times, really? my refund was so very small and so very needed, now in these uncertain times, i’m being asked for three years of information (didn’t even get a refund before), really? so very frustrating – in these times in particular.

    #4396566 Reply

    still in stage 1 on website, not processed on mobile website. letter coming today from NCDOR, not sure what it is – no dd and no movement. will update after mail is received.

    #4392338 Reply

    Daniel Flagler


    Nope. Still at stage one myself

    #4391633 Reply
    Daniel Flagler

    Anyone moved to Stage 2 yet? Been on Stage 1 since Feb 18

    #4387884 Reply

    filed 1/30
    accepted 1/31
    stage 1 2/21
    stage 2 2/25
    dd to bank 2/28
    money actually there 3/3

    so 34 days from start to finish this year, thats 2 days faster than last year!!!! WOOO!

    #4387877 Reply

    @ErinM — lol, I guess we will find out why once we get our notice in the mail. Got our DD today, it was reduced by about $167. I am racking my brain trying to think why but can come up with nothing. We have owed every year for the past few years and it seems NC still wants more lol. Oh well.

    #4387857 Reply

    1/27 – Filed
    1/31 – Accepted
    2/21 – Stage 1
    2/25 – Stage 2
    2/28 – Stage 3
    3/3 – Refund deposited

    #4387831 Reply

    Filed 2/3/20
    Accepted 2/4/20
    Stage 1- 2/22/20
    Stage 2- 2/25/20
    Stage 3- 2/28/20–sent to banK. Not in account yet
    Deposited in bank -3/3/20

    #4387794 Reply

    Just woke up to the state tax money in my bank. Went to Stage 3 on Friday 28th. So it was 3 to 4 days in between going to Stage 3 and receiving the deposit into my bank.
    Best of luck to all of you.

    #4387605 Reply

    Stage 1 on Feb 18. Still no movement

    #4387557 Reply

    Jesse – We had the same thing. My husband apparently owed a college $50ish. We got our refund same day it updated to that message on the site.

    #4387549 Reply

    Stage 3 friday morning, just received deposit at 5pm

    #4387429 Reply

    Has anyone gotten the message that your refund amount has changed and they will mail a letter? We filed 2/1, accepted 2/6 and NCDOR (finally) updated over the weekend with that message. Our return was super simple – two incomes and we only have one child and the return math added up. What could possibly be wrong??

    #4387330 Reply

    Stage 3 – Refund issued on Friday 2-28.
    Still no deposit as of today, Monday 3-2.
    Anyone know the amount of days from Stage 3 until money actually deposited in bank.

    #4387203 Reply
    Daniel Flagler

    Still no movement. Went to Stage 1 Feb 18. Should I call?

    #4386610 Reply

    How long does it take to get from stage 2 to having your funds

    #4385861 Reply

    Filed 2/3/20
    Accepted 2/4/20
    Stage 1- 2/22/20
    Stage 2- 2/25/20
    Stage 3- 2/28/20–sent to banK. Not in account yet so I’m thinking 3 days

    #4385799 Reply

    Moved to Stage 3 as of this evening (was still in Stage 2 this morning). Nothing yet in the bank account–since it’s Friday, I don’t anticipate seeing anything until next week.

    #4385763 Reply

    I moved to refund issued today! will let you know when I have the money

    #4385239 Reply

    Morning, Leslie!
    My kids were ecstatic to go out since I have been unemployed. Stage 2 is coming soon! No worries. At least you have fed to carry you over! :)

    #4385066 Reply

    Hey @Erin :) Haha! Glad you enjoyed a steak dinner the other night! Thanks to us getting our fed, we went out to eat the other night as well. It was great going to a restaurant we normally can’t afford to go to. Lol. Anyhow, I’m still on stage 1 :( I thought I would’ve moved to stage 2 at this point, *sigh* Getting a bit annoyed, hopefully it won’t be much longer.
    Glad to read you’ll still be around on here Erin :)

    #4384879 Reply

    Brent- we filed around the same time and back SECU and got ours Wednesday for federal… I hate to hear yours hasn’t showed up…

    State is still pending on Stage 1…
    Sigh, at least we got fed.. Now just waiting on state..

    #4384310 Reply
    brent d

    anyone that banks with secu still not receiving anything?

    filed 1/23 accepted 1/27
    approved 2/22 ddd 2/26

    federal and sbtpg said my refund was sent to my bank
    paid fees out of refund to turbotax

    #4384238 Reply

    Leslie – Had my steak dinner last night. Finally got federal this morning. Starting my new job today! It’s a good day today.

    Even though my tax season is done, I will still be coming in here to check on y’all. ^_^

    #4384198 Reply

    Mine says sent to bank for 3 days now…

    #4383866 Reply

    Lol @Erin! Hopefully I will skip the other stages like you did. That would be great!!! Happy for you hon that you got your funds :) I got my Fed earlier today, so hopefully I’ll get the state one soon!

    #4383423 Reply

    Leslie – Maybe you’ll skip all the stages like I did. Lol

    #4383406 Reply

    I was stage 3 on Monday it’s now Wednesday and haven’t seen anything

    #4383283 Reply

    Update: still on stage 1, *sigh* I really hope I’ll get to stage 2 by the end of the week!

    , congrats! You got your money already?! That’s great!
    Wishing the rest of you luck :) It seems most of you have gotten your refunds already, or will soon!

    #4383074 Reply

    I hope so too, Montae! :)

    #4383063 Reply

    ErinM thanks hopefully mines will show up tomorrow morning 🤞🤞

    #4383038 Reply

    Montae – USAA.
    They spit out deposits as they get them.

    #4382993 Reply

    At Erin M who do u bank with Im still waiting on mines it’s say it was sent to my bank I’m with SECU

    #4382980 Reply

    Scratch my last post.
    I just recieved it DD a few mins ago.

    Accepted 1/30.
    Moved to stage 1 1/19
    Updated to letter of adjustment 2/26.

    Paid 2/26.


    #4382845 Reply

    My refund was issued yesterday at 8 am eastern. When should I recieve it? Thanks guys

    #4380977 Reply

    Welp. I’m done moving. They are sending out a letter of adjustment (no offsets). Just one thing after another with Turbo Tax this year. Guess I am done with them. Still waiting on TT’s bank to send out federal refund.

    #4380461 Reply

    We filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/30
    Moved to stage 1 on 1/18
    As of today, still stuck on stage 1…

    Fed refund received today..
    I am wondering if I need to call…
    Last two years, our case was moved to bankruptcy department, due to filing bankruptcy 14 years prior. I had to speak to a case worker and both were very sweet, never understood why our case seemed to be pulled to their desks and did a quick review and sent it back out to cycle and pay..

    #4379795 Reply

    Thanks for the congrats @Erin, Erica & Sarah! I’m so happy it’s finally moving along. It seems to me once you’re at stage 1, movement to stage 2 doesn’t take too long. I hope you finally get to stage 2 soon Erin! And yes, Sarah, I agree :) It’s nice to know we aren’t alone in this for sure!
    Hope we all get our money real soon!!! *crosses fingers*

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