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    Wheres My Refund North Carolina- Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check North Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to North Carolina Department Of Revenue

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    Thomas S

    Files 2/8. Status FINALLY updated to Stage 1 as of 3/15! I feel much more optimistic with seeing SOME movement here at least. Just hoping it doesn’t take another 15 days before Stage 2. C’mon, need my refund before Easter weekend. Crossing fingers :)

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    Robert Anderson


    I am in the same boat. I updated to stage 1 on 3/2 and have been stuck on there ever since. I hope it is just 15 days.

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    Tax status is in Stage 1 as of 3/2

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    NC accepted 2/1
    Stage : 3/2 – no movement since then. Msg says it may take up to 15 days to move to the next stage.

    Is this supposed to be 15 business day or 15 calendar days??? Anyone know when the updated their systems??

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    2/4 e-Filed and accepted
    3/9 Stage 1
    3/13 Stage 2
    Waiting on stage 3.

    Wondering how long yours took to go from stage 2 to 3?

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    @Kevin: It had happened to me once but after I entered SS# and refund amount, it showed the correct status. It could be system glitch or operator’s error :-)

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    Yesterday my status was Stage 2, this morning it says no stages & still processing

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    Updated to Stage 2 today. Getting closer!
    Filed & accepted 2/5.
    Stage 1 – 3/12
    Stage 2 – 3/14

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    Thomas S

    Filed 2/8 electonically through H&R Block. NC refund still not received/processed. The least that NCDOR can do is verify that my refund was received, even if it takes 8 weeks to process. And let’s be honest, there is NO FREAKING WAY it takes 8 weeks to process anything in 2018. C’mon man.

    I am guessing there is an unstated system at play here. As my pending refund is rather substantial, I am going to speculate that it is systemically shuffled to the bottom :)

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    Beyond Hope

    Filed and accepted 2/7

    Stage1 this morning 3/14

    Gonna cut that 45 days close…

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    @Ashlyn thanks a lot my refund was sent to my bank yesterday as you said it would be. Good luck guys.

    accepted 02/01
    stage2 03/08
    then my direct deposit was credited 03/13

    hope that helps

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    Mine just updated refund sent to bank

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    Robert Anderson

    I have been at stage 1 since 3/2. This is ridiculous. A lot of people process in 3 days or less. I am on day 11 and still no movement.

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    @Craig: My stage 1 took 2 business days. Went to stage 1 3/9, approved 3/13.

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    01/28 Filed
    01/30 Accepted
    03/02 Stage 1 (Processing)
    03/08 Stage 2 (Approved)

    Year 2054 Stage 3 (Refund issued)

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    Filed and accepted 2/6.

    Went to stage 1 this morning

    How long does stage 1 take?

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    Filed 2/2, entered stage 1 3/7, and no movement since. Just wanted to drop in and give an update.

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    e-filed and accepted on 2/5. Finally hit stage 1 over the weekend. Not sure if it was Fri.(9th) or Sat.(10th) So finally there is movement!!

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    Hooray, it progressed to stage 2 around 1am today, 3/13!

    As a reference, e-filed and accepted 2/4, stage 1 on 3/9.

    It looks like when the stage 1 message changes from “up to 15 days to process” to “call if it has been 60 days” may be hint that it’s about to progress to stage 2.

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    Mine went from stage 1-Tuesday-stage 2- Friday,now waiting on stage 3-It may have been on a limited schedule today,due to snow

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    e-filed and accepted 2/4, had my federal refund a while ago. It went to stage 1 3/9 saying it may take up to 15 days to process.

    This morning, while still in stage 1, the message changed to the following: “Your return is in Stage 1. If it has been more than 60 days since you filed your return, please call 1-877-252-3052. To reach an agent, DO NOT select 1 for refunds. Instead, select 5 for all other inquiries, then select 1 for individual income tax.”

    So, I called NC DOR and a rep told me that it might be on its way to being approved in stage 2. She saw no calculation errors.

    Has anyone seen their message changed while in stage 1?

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    Filed 2/5 and accepted same day. As of this morning, it’s in stage 1. Hoping it doesn’t take the full 15 days to go to stage 2.

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    I’m thinking Tuesday

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    hi can anyone please tell me when my NC refund will deposited in my bank.

    It was accepted on 02/01/2018 and on friday 03/09/2018 it now says my refund has been issued to my bank and will get to me in bout 10 days ? I filled using my fiancee account and an estimated date would be very appreciated

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    Filed 2/6 and my tax refund has not been processed yet. Has anyone filed on 2/6 and seen any movement on the processing of their return?

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    It didn’t used to be this way,I remember three years ago getting both federal,and state in less than ten days,then they said they were putting stricter rules (??)
    In place ,last year we filed 1-31,got federal feb 8,state March 7,so its most definitely weird now

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    I think the language is pretty tricky and it may work in favor of the state. As the state clearly says it can take up to 8-12 weeks to process returns which is clearly beyond 45 days (6 weeks and 3 days), they could be counting effectively from the due date of 4/17.

    Fundamentally, the fact that NC requires 8-12 weeks to complete processing out this state as almost the longest. Question is why in the first place? One should organize a class action lawsuit/complaint against the state in order to get them to move faster in the future.

    I have just been so disappointed with this state. I now miss Illinois’ efficiency in handling refunds. Also, the NC DOR is gouging us on high taxation on automobiles.There is no such thing as automobile property tax in Illinois. Here I pay upwards of upper $300s for each of my 3 vehicles. Highway robbery, indeed!

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    Just a quick point on the 45 day interest rule, they pay interest “45 days from the date the original return was filed or the date the original return was due, whichever is later.” The due date for tax returns this year is April 17, 2018.

    So if you filed before March 3rd, they are not required to pay interest until after the 17th of April. If you file after March 3rd, then it’s 45 days from the day you file. Just wanted to clear that up before anyone gets their hopes up!

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    Went to stage 2 @6am this morning

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    It finally progresses to stage 1 after midnight! e-filed and accepted 2/4.

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    @Holly: I had my federal refund deposited earlier as well. Let’s keep each other informed once it progresses to stage 1. Thanks and hang in there :-)

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    I also filed and was excepted on 2/4 and mine is still not processing. I received my federal taxes weeks ago.

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    @bonnie: Thank you for the information about the state issuing interest after 45 days.

    Folks – State website says so here:

    Granted 45 days a little bit over 6 weeks is still a long time, but it’s good to know there is a safeguard that we won’t be strung along indefinitely. It just pains me to think that Fed and most other states can issue refund much sooner than NC state. Wish there were collective complaints to force the state to change the inefficient and seemingly deliberately slow system.

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    e-filed and accepted 2/4. Still not processed. Any 2/4 filers out there seeing the same thing?

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    Mine changed really early this morning, at like 3am, to refund has been sent to bank on return. Still have yet to receive it on the emerald card. Will update.

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    Don’t forget any refunds not received over 45 days, state is required to pay interest.

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    Accepted 2/1
    Stage 1: 2/28
    Stage 2: 3/2
    Stage 3 :3/6
    Just deposited on my jh serve card

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    Finally went to stage one,efiled 2-2,said to allow fifteen days for completion

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    Filed 2/2, and just entered stage 1 today. Who knows when next they will feel moved to look at it and send it to stage 2, but the site says 15 days.

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    I filed on Jan 23rd and just updated to check written/direct deposit sent to bank on March 2nd but haven’t received refund yet.

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    Filed on Jan 23rd,
    Return received and processing on February 23rd,
    Return approved on February 28th,
    Check written/sent to bank for direct deposit on March 2nd,
    Still haven’t received my direct deposit.

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    Its about a week wait for the deposit after “stage 2”

    NCDOR can go kick rocks.

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    My husband and I efiled feb 2,accepted same day,NO movement at all,my neighbor efiled feb 14,,received refund feb 27

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    Filed 2/6. Accepted 2/6

    As of March 6, nothing, no movement.

    Anybody file around this date had any any movement?

    Last year filed 1/18, refund from NC 2/28

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    Refund deposited into bank today 3/6/18

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    NC Native

    It’s so amazing how when you owe the State of NC they want their money then and will take it out your bank account but when they owe you these suckers take forever. I filed on 1/28/18. My refund was accepted on 1/30/18. I have yet to receive my NC refund as of 3/6/18. I checked the status this morning and my refund was approved and I needed to wait an additional three weeks before receiving my refund. I received my federal taxes two weeks after filing. There is a special place in hell for these people.

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    Mt mercer

    Went to stage 3 Saturday morning, haven’t received anything yet all it says was sent to bank. How long does it usually take to get it?

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    Accepted 02/19, approved 03/01, said refund was sent 03/02. Received this evening after 5

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    I efiled 2-2 accepted both same day,got federal back feb 22,state hasn’t moved at ALL

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    Same here, e-filed and accepted 2/4. NC hasn’t processed yet. Deposited the federal check today. Sigh, another day goes by with no progress on state…

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