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    Wheres My Refund North Carolina- Share your experience with filing your North Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check North Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to North Carolina Department Of Revenue

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    Same here I have no idea what it means I’ve had it a week

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    Anybody received this message got their refund accepted 2/1

    > Individual > Electronic Services

    Where’s My Refund?

    IMPORTANT: The Department’s average response time for issuing a refund is approximately six weeks from when NCDOR receives a taxpayer’s return.
    Response time should be calculated from the date NCDOR acknowledges receipt of the return, not the date when the return was mailed or electronically submitted by the taxpayer.
    Paper return filers should allow additional time for mailing and processing. Processing can be delayed based on heavy volume, poor print quality or errors made by the taxpayer.
    If you have not received your refund within twelve weeks from the date your return was submitted to NCDOR, please contact the department at 1-877-252-3052.
    In peak processing periods (returns filed closer to the deadline), the time required for issuing refunds may increase due to larger volume.

    Your tax return has been received; however, processing is not complete. Refund information is updated daily by 6 PM. Please wait at least 72 hours before inquiring again.

    #4145400 Reply

    I’m back to “Not completed yet”. I broke down and called Tuesday (when WMR still said to call) and the agent told me it was completed and should be in my account in 10 days or less. Hoping for a deposit next week.

    #4145233 Reply

    Got deposit this morning. I suspect some of the others have as well as they have not come back. Lol Good luck!!

    #4145133 Reply

    Still stuck on call 800 number. :(

    #4145049 Reply

    Nothing for me as of this morning. I guess maybe tomorrow.

    #4145047 Reply

    Finally, got the refund amount deposited to my account this early morning.

    All the best to you guys!!

    #4144964 Reply

    @Crystal We received the same message around the 17th. My husband called and they just verified his info. On the 26th the status changed to “thank you, your check has been written”
    DD is pending in our account this morning. Will be available after midnight

    #4144963 Reply

    Accepted on 2/28
    Message changed to the “thank you, check has been written” on 2/26
    Around 10am(mountain time) my bank account showed pending deposit for today(will be available after midnight)

    #4144960 Reply

    So I finally received the “Please call about refund amount” message today. Do I actually have to call? It seems like everyone gets that message, but I don’t want to NOT call and it take even longer.

    #4144951 Reply

    When did you guys file mine is still saying call ugh

    #4144944 Reply

    Hey yall. Following in the same situation. Got message on Friday but no change until a few minutes ago to sent to bank so hopefully tomorrow. I have Wells fargo and don’t think it would post today.

    #4144942 Reply

    me too!! This has been the longest tax season! lol

    #4144941 Reply

    @shaunna I really hope this means we are getting a deposit tomorrow!! Fingers crossed for us!

    #4144940 Reply

    @Xyyy: My said the same thing this morning. I just checked and it updated to “refund deposited..” just a few minutes ago….if you selected DD, I suspect your refund is sent once the message changes to the one about the refund being sent…..

    #4144939 Reply

    I just checked my status and says it has been sent to my bank.

    #4144935 Reply

    Thank you for filing electronically. Your 2015 refund check has been written. Please allow additional time for delivery.” Mine says this. Am I still getting a direct deposit??

    #4144934 Reply

    @Azhar: My message just changed to this within the last couple of hours. so, I should have it tomorrow, I bank with SECU and ach dd are posted around 4am / will update in the morning

    #4144933 Reply

    welp, I guess I will see it tomorrow *fingers crossed*

    #4144932 Reply

    Status changed to “Thank you for filing electronically. Your refund was issued to the bank account provided and should be processed within 10 days. Please contact your bank for a record of the deposit.”

    No deposit yet in the bank account

    , what’s the status online for your refund?

    #4144928 Reply

    No, it showed up about an hour ago as pending. So it will release into my account over night.

    #4144925 Reply

    Abc123 was it there this morning?

    #4144923 Reply

    I got the “thank you” message on Friday. My deposit just showed up in my account. I have Navy Federal.

    #4144900 Reply

    No refund yet unfortunately.

    #4144891 Reply

    ….nothing yet……..patiently waiting lol

    #4144886 Reply

    I also got the thank you message since Thursday night but no direct deposit yet

    #4144855 Reply

    I got my refund message Friday and was wondering if anyone has gotten their refund yet?

    #4144824 Reply

    Has anyone who got the “thank you” message on Friday received their money yet? I’m hoping tomorrow will be the day.

    #4144767 Reply

    I got the same message ”
    Thank you for filing electronically. Your 2015 refund check has been written. Please allow additional time for delivery.” Anyone get this message and got a DD?

    #4144706 Reply

    My NC state return was accepted on 1/28. Like many of you WMR changed from “We have received…” to “Please call…”. Saturday it changed to the “Thank you for filing electronically, blah blah refund check mailed…” I opted for DD. So, I am not sure if I should look for a check or DD. Either way I know it was approved so I can just wait on

    #4144522 Reply

    I’ve been accepted since the 28th of Jan and still no update just the message to call.. I call they verified my info and said it would take 6 more weeks..from the day i was approved? This is absolutely ridiculous North Carolina needs to get it together.

    #4144509 Reply

    I got the “Thank you” message on friday as well. Guessing ill see a deposit on monday or tuesday

    #4144241 Reply

    Filed on 1/27
    Accepted 1/29
    Just received this message this afternoon:

    Thank you for filing electronically. Your 2015 refund check has been written. Please allow additional time for delivery.

    #4144230 Reply

    Thank you for filing electronically. Your 2015 refund check has been written. Please allow additional time for delivery. Finally!

    #4143980 Reply

    I hope you all have a wonderful and productive year. I would have to say this has been the most informative tax refund thread I have viewed and participated in this tax season. See ya next season NC refundees!!!!

    #4143893 Reply

    Oh nvm @karen @taylor…i just read where you said it had changed from the not processing to the thank you message. Ill expect mine next week for sure!!

    #4143889 Reply

    I am right there with y’all . Mine moved to not done processing a couple of days ago! Hopefully I will see a DDD soon!

    #4143816 Reply

    @karen @taylor did your message ever change from received but not finished processing?

    #4143787 Reply

    *Update* My refund was in my account this morning.

    #4143776 Reply

    Filed early, accepted 1/28, deposit in account as of this morning.

    #4143666 Reply

    I was accepted on the 29th. I just called about that message and the rep told me they started processing my return on the 18th and I am “at the end of the road” and should be seeing a deposit in any day now she just couldnt tell me when. I’ll update if I get a DD.

    #4143588 Reply

    Thanks Taylor, I shouldn’t be far behind y’all then, I filed and was accepted on 2/1

    #4143582 Reply

    @Tricia. I filed on Jan15, but was not accepted until 28-Jan-2016, the first day NC started accepting returns.

    #4143521 Reply

    I also got the “received but still processing” message. I filled on Jan/25 and was received on Jan/29. STILL waiting…

    #4143520 Reply

    Looks like im a couple days behind yu guys. Mine changed from the “call about refund amount” to “received but not finished processing” so im guessing mine will change again in the next couple days…at least its progressing

    #4143461 Reply

    Karen and Taylor when did you file?

    #4143433 Reply

    @taylor yes! Me too!

    #4143429 Reply

    *UPDATE* I just checked WMRNC and got the below message. I will check my account in the morning to see if it was DD.

    Thank you for filing electronically. Your 2015 refund check has been written. Please allow additional time for delivery.

    #4143375 Reply

    Has anyone else noticed at the top of the page it says

    IMPORTANT: The Department’s average response time for issuing a refund is approximately six weeks from when NCDOR receives a taxpayer’s return.

    I’m just wondering if that’s always been there or not, last few years I’ve got NC refund back before Fed. I filled on 2/1 and got Fed back on 2/10, still nothing on state. I am glad to know that other people are in the same boat because I was afraid they had found something wrong with my return or something was going on.

    #4143080 Reply

    @Neice. Thanks for the update. I hope it updates today with DDD

    #4143072 Reply

    Called this morning about the message regarding refund amount. They verified some info and then told me that there are no issues as of right now with my return, that its now processing and to keep a check on WMR and it will be updated soon with deposit info.

    #4143062 Reply

    @Felicia Yes, it seems like it’s not indicative of a problem.

    #4142747 Reply
    Felicia Poirier

    So everyone is getting the same message to call? I got the message yesterday.

    #4142743 Reply

    I’ll update if I have any news, as well. Til then! :)

    #4142709 Reply

    @Karen, we seem to be. I am hoping that since the previous message meant return was processing maybe this one means DD or check being made. I looked at my previous refund deposits and they were either on a Tues or Thurs…so hopefully we see funds this week. I will post another update if I get message update or DD.

    #4142698 Reply

    @Taylor Same here. Changed from the call message to the not done processing message. You and I are probably in the same batch. We seem to be updating the messages at the same times.

    #4142684 Reply

    Update* I checked website this morning..message has changed from call about your refund to your return has been received but not complete with processing.

    #4142654 Reply


    State accepted 1/28…checked status this morning and it changed from the “not processed” to the message about calling about refund amount that yu guys are getting.

    #4142080 Reply

    Update: I called the dept this morning regarding the message to call about you refund amout. I was told by the agent that everything was fine and that the system was giving that reponse when a return was being processed. I hope this helps. Still no deposit. :(

    #4141941 Reply

    Filed 2/4 still have “processing” message.

    #4141787 Reply

    @taylor I waited less than 5 minutes. I called around 9:00am, so they were probably just opening up.

    #4141731 Reply

    My NC return was accepted on the 29th of January. Still no news . WMRNC says it hasn’t been processed yet. last year I filed at the same time had my refund before now. IDK what the hold up is this year.

    #4141564 Reply

    @CityQueen: Thanks for the update. How long did you have to wait to speak to an agent?

    #4141562 Reply

    I got that same message to call them regarding my refund. I called yesterday and spoke to an agent. I just gave her my ssn, dob, and address and she pulled it up. Says nothings wrong the system is giving everybody that’s almost finished that message. She said the refunds should be issued very soon, just didn’t know exactly when. Sounded more like an ID verify to me.

    #4141543 Reply

    I called this morning to see if I could get some info to share, however nothing new. The wait time was too long I was on the line for 30 mins waiting on an agent. If anyone else was directed to call to discuss refund amount and got through please post an update.

    #4141264 Reply

    @karen, thanks for the update. I decided not to call because I did not want to get any disappointing news. If it is DD by weekend, I will post again.

    #4141246 Reply

    Thanks Taylor!
    I looked around online after posting that. It appears to be a poorly worded version of “It’s done. You might get it tomorrow, or you might get it in 3-4 weeks”. Hopefully this means we’ll see it sooner, rather than later.

    #4141013 Reply

    @Karen. I just checked mine this morning and I recieved the same message. I too did not have an issue with my Federal.

    #4140973 Reply

    Got this today….
    Anyone else? I didn’t have any issues getting my federal. Not sure what this is about.

    Please call 1-877-252-3052 for assistance about your refund amount. Select individual income tax and listen for the refund option to speak with an agent.

    ** Please do not call 1-877-252-4052 as instructed during the main greeting. This number will provide you with the same information received through this online inquiry.**

    #4140383 Reply

    State accepted 1/28….still waiting

    #4139967 Reply

    Thanks; at least we know we’re not alone. Still not processed, as of this morning. With the Winter storm, I’m not expecting movement today. Maybe later this week.

    #4139894 Reply

    I filed 1/29 and it is still being processed. This year has, so far, been the worst for tax refunds. Normally ours moves along with our federal return but our federal return finally moved and state hasn’t.

    #4139578 Reply

    I was accepted on 28-JAN-2016, as of today still says “has not been processed.”

    #4139318 Reply

    NC State was accepted on 1/28 (sent 1/19), but haven’t heard a word since.
    Anyone received anything from NC yet? They seem to really be taking their time this year.

    #4137252 Reply

    Filed 1/31 nathan!! Lol

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