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    Amy Law

      Has anyone had any movement on their North Carolina state refund. It was accepted on Feb 28, but there is no movement on their where’s my refund site. It doesn’t even show that it has been received when I put my information in?

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          Has anyone actually received their NC state refund?
          Filed electronically in January and they literally just started processing on my refund site at stage 2.

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            I also had problems with my NC refund I received letter yesterday wanting a copy of my W2 I also have a offset for state so that may be the reason why. On the WMR for state there is a little writing at bottom that says full screen try hitting that and put your info in and see if it will tell u what stage your refund is in. Hope this helps

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              My husband and I also haven’t seen any movement on ours either. It was accepted March 2nd we heard via TurboTax and so shows it hasn’t been processed yet

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                I haven’t saw no movement either I do owe NC state taxes but it’s not showing any info..I filed 2/3 my return was accepted on the 28th for my state refund I received that email through tax act. and also no movement on my WMR or transcript for federal… 😒 fingers crossed some good news soon. I read on one of these sites we would see NC refunds the beginning of April 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who knows

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