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    I filed and was accepted on 2/5 through turbo tax. I have the eic but I haven’t updated with anything yet. Most people seem to have at least gotten the path message. So is there something wrong with my return? Or is this normal?

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    Need my money

    Will those of us that filed with eitc&actc get a update for a ddd Wednesday or Friday only?🤔🤔



    Not saying you are in the same boat I was in last year, but….

    Last year I never updated to a PATH message. I sat on 1 bar from late January all the way to mid February. Once everyone else on PATH messages updated, I instead updated to a take action message. Turns out I was flagged for ID verify. WHen I called to ID verify, I asked why I couldn’t ID verify earlier. I was told that PATH people returns can not be verified until the 15th, therefore, the take action message was held to the 15th and that’s why I was stuck at 1 bar. I didn’t get my return until mid march.

    I am no expert, yours could be any number of things, or could be nothing, just sharing my nightmare from last year.



    Same Boat here.. Filed and accepted 1/29. One bar on WMR. Claimed EIC credits. No path message smh I just need and update on anything please.



    I say we just riot. At least it’ll pass the time


    Q dog1983

    And Majority of people still at 1 bar have just eic so maybe its a eic thing just my theory


    Q dog1983

    There are a lot of ppl experiencing this same problem. I filed 1/31 and still at 1 bar on wmr


    Jenna c

    Same Here glad I wasn’t the only one hoping to see DDD soon



    Mine isn’t showing up online but I called the where’s my refund hotline and it’s there. Maybe it’s an issue with the website.



    I have the same issue. Filed and accepted 2/8 but where’s my refund showing no info for my return. This is unusual.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.