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    Texas 2-8

    This is for all the people who still can’t order transcripts 1 bar.
    I filed 2/8, was accepted 2/10. I still can’t view my transcripts I had a change of address this year So I can’t log in with my new information I have one Bar, code tax topic 152. I called on Friday the rep asked me a bunch of questions first about my 2015 return, I answered then all she said was just keep checking daily. You have not been processed. But now with all these people having to ID verify it has me worried i tried not to ask to many questions, when speaking to the rep as I did not want to get flaged, as she wasn’t to nice to begin with. Is anyone else in the same situation as me?

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    I got my DDD as well!!!!! Was able to order both transcripts on Friday, WMR updated on Saturday with a DDD of March 1! So thankful right now. I filed on 1/31…rejected due to name issue….accepted Feb 10.

    Hoping everyone gets their DDD soon! I know this has been super frustrating for most of us here!



    Hooray to those that got your updates!!!!




    I have finally updated to Refund Accepted with a DDD of 3/1! Thank you all for your help and guidance!! Praying all who haven’t seen any movement!! Your time is coming!! It has been a stressful tax season. 🙏🏾🙂🙂

    Also check out this guys videos on YouTube he is very knowledgeable about tax information:

    Until next year !!


    Texas 2-8

    So just an update guys, I finally got a DDD for 3/1. Just updated this morning around 3am CST. Thanks guys for all the help, until next year. For all those who did not get an update Remember it will update again at 9pm EST
    and again Sunday. So good luck!! 💟



    Ddd of 3/1


    Texas 2-8

    First congratulations to all those that were able to order your transcripts!! 😀😀
    I myself was able to order both
    filed 2/8 accepted 2/10 1 bar.

    We are finally seeing movement, hopefully we will all get an update tonight, if not no need to get discouraged we will all update soon.
    Those who cant get transcripts your time will come.
    Blessings!! 💟


    Theresa nj

    Check your cards guys money posted without any updates
    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/10
    Deposit 2/24


    Amy L Smith

    So I still can’t get either. Does this mean I’m still not going to update?



    i am also now able to see my Return transcripts this morning with code 846!!!!! yayyyy for progress! my cycle is also 20170805. still one bar on WMR. shows refund issued 03/13/2017. Is this when my refund will be sent???



    JoyceGreggs Yes you will see dd very soon. WMR should update tomorrow with your WMR. Normally 846 on transcript would generate DD on WMR the next day. Now that being said this year has been totally crazy. Whenever my transcript was completed I had my 846 code not this year. I waited a whole week for my 846 code to show up.



    Filed and accepted 2/11 and was finally able to order transcripts today 2/24! Yay for progress. Still only have one bar, but I want to say my bars didn’t really move last year either.



    @refundlove Does this mean I will see a DDD soon?



    Filed 2/8 and FINALLY able to order my return transcript. I can’t actually see it so I might have them faxed to me. I had NO credits so there shouldn’t be any type of hold or freeze. Hoping we all see a DD tomorrow!!



    JoyceGreggs the date your return was processed
    20170805 = Thu 2/23/17



    Update for me too
    571 reverse code and 846 3/13/17
    Yeah boy!!!!!



    Good Morning,

    I was able to view my account and return transcripts for 2016 online this morning.

    I saw codes 846-Refund Issued

    With the cycle date 20170805 on the account transcripts.

    Can someone please explain to me what this means as far as my direct deposit goes and when will I see an update to WMR which is still at the first bar Return Received?



    Waiting impatiently in GA

    Checked my transcripts again and now I have my codes (846 included) and a cycle date of 20170805? Not sure what that means for ddd but I’m just glad to finally see movement.


    Waiting impatiently in GA

    @on edge in Texas,

    Mine did that one day last week. I kept resending the code and about 10 AM I got about 7 messages.



    This really, REALLY SUCKS. I’m trying to order my transcripts and it is trying to send the security phone by text to my phone but I am not receiving a text message. I think maybe too many people are trying to order transcripts or something. Keeping my fingers crossed.



    I hate to be a debbie downer I’ve been able to view my transcripts for a week now and no update on WMR. I see all the codes 570 and 971 with date 03/06/17 but not 846. Also I know that the froze codes has to be reverse. My return due date is 03/06/17 on my transcript so I thinking they will release funds then but I hope even sooner.


    Waiting Impatiently in GA

    So, I’ve seen some progress this morning. I am able to see a return transcript. My account transcript does not have any codes. So, hopefully there will be a big update tomorrow.

    Filed with TT on 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Able to order return transcript 2/24
    No movement on WMR

    Hope y’all are getting some promising news this morning as well.



    Update: i was able to order my return transcripts…still 1 bar and tt 152..fingers crossed for tomorrow’s update possibly.


    2-6 NYmom5

    Update finally able to order my return transcripts since 4:30am so I’m hoping to get some more good news when I wake up Saturday morning lol fingers crossed.

    I’ll be at work all day today 7am-11pm 😩 So I wanted to update you guys just in case I don’t get the time to do so again. I’m hoping to see everyone’s update too 😊





    Texas 2-8

    I was able to log in with my new address, not order a return only account. But at least its some movement. It just updated at about 10:30pm CST.



    Personally my opinion only I think the 21 day standard is going to be the way it pretty much happens now if you claim EIC or ACTC.

    The days of speedy returns are gone.

    Face it those with the credits get the largest returns and those are the things that get falsified the most.

    Sucks for honest folks but it is what it is.

    I don’t think it will matter much going forward if you file in February. It will take approx 21 days.

    I filed 01/30 and got my DD today. 25 days.

    Whether you believe you EARNED it or not it still is more than what they took from you so technically not your money till they give it to you.

    Just my take. We all need to adjust for next year..

    Good luck to those still waiting.


    Waiting Impatiently in GA

    Still waiting… filed 2/9 with TT and accepted minutes later. Can’t order refund transcripts. Account transcripts are all 0’s and has been that way for a week.

    The worst part is there are people who filed after so many of us that have already received their DDD or their actual DD.



    Thank you Theresa!! I’m being very hopeful and patient!!



    Filed and accepted 2/13. Still one bar….grrr


    Theresa nj

    You are in the same boat like a lot of us our dates and story is exactly a like. I called. For a return transcript because when I tried it says address does not match. But I was able to get the account. IRS agent told me today that my return has not been processed yet I ask was I under review or another he did tell me no. So basically its a waiting game but I’m hearing its an another big update Saturday.. Fingers crossed for all of us



    Please help!!!

    What does it mean if your return transcript isn’t available?

    I filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/10
    Been stuck on 1bar since
    No path message ever!

    Can order account transcripts but no return transcript available I have the EIC credit,no update to WMR. Should I call? No letters in the mail!!

    Someone please help!!



    @Texas 2-8, is there a reason that youre thinking that you will get a DDD of 3/3? my situation is pretty much the same as yours as far as filing date, etc. Just hoping that youre right and we both get DDD soon!



    no update this morning for me :(…….transcripts still same with the “AS OF March 6, 2017” I wish I knew what this meant…..the first time that I was able to see the bars on WMR was on a Saturday so I guess that means I am a Saturday update?

    I’m hoping that I will see some movement this weekend. and HOPEFULLY will have my DDD soon. this is very frustrating!



    My WMR updated last night matching the info I was given over the phone, my bank rejected the deposit and it was flipped to a paper check to be mailed by March 1st.

    I’m sorry some of ya’ll haven’t updated yet :(


    Amy L Smith

    I’ve always been weekly as well. This is really starting to suck. Wmr was actually down for me last night for the first time since I filed. Not letters in the mail. Still 1 bar and processing. Same home for 11 years and just my son. They promised us we’d have our returns by the 27. So heres to, putting off bills for another week and hopefully updating Saturday.



    @Texas 2-8

    I really don’t know the technical aspects of how we are classified as being a weekly or daily. I just know that with me no matter what day of the week I file I only update on Saturday mornings as far as WMR and my deposits are only issued to my bank on Wednesdays. I’m really just hoping to see an update this Saturday or else I think something may be wrong. : (



    I filed 2/8 stuck on one bar eic…



    Ok you guys the still processing message is a generic message used for different scenarios. My mom has that message but she got her refund 3 days ago, my brother has it and he received a letter that they are reviewing him 4464C. Only thing I can tell you guys is check your bank on a reg



    I wish that theory was the case for me.

    Filed and accepted 1/25
    NO Path credits
    Simple w2, 1 dependent
    No letters
    Account transcript blank
    No Return Transcript
    No bars in since the beginning of Feb
    Today makes 25 days since filing.
    I’m not calling them yet, waiting til Saturdays update then calling Monday if I see no movement.

    I did read that some people without credits were getting caught with path people and I’m trying to remain somewhat optimistic.


    Texas 2-8

    ***Just reposting this for anyone who didn’t read it. ****

    Texas 2-8

    Ok guys so I’m back, with another theory.

    Ok so I did some digging into last years return 2015, I got accepted on 1/20 which was a Wednesday, I got my return on the 2/20 which was a Wednesday. That puts me at exactly 21 days 
    This year 2016 I filed and got acceptedon Wednesday, but when I called to check on the status of my refund. She told me “On the computer it shows you were not accepted till 2/10?!?? I said but I have the email here that says 2/8!?!?! She said no its 2/10 ok so, I get to think maybe this year for us that cant ordertranscripts yet, we will not be updated till 21 days exactly. Which puts us at Friday/Saturday
    3/3 . Now I know the question will pop up in your head,( well people foraccepted 7 days ago and already have a DDD) but just maybe they are in diffrent city, different tax situations as us. Everyone has a different kind of tax return. EIC,CTC, ACTC . I think just maybe we fell into that 21 day period. And I honestly think for those of you who got accepted 2/10 like me and can’t order transcripts you will get a DDD of 3/3 . if you filed on a different day like Wednesday. You should get it 21 days later on that day. I think the reason the computer took me in 2/10 when I filed 2/8 is because it goes by certain days, hence the transcripts cycle date. So guys don’t be disappointed if you don’t see movement this week. Wait till next week before calling wait 21 days (I did last year) and I still got my money.  I know I definitely will wait and feel a little more at ease. Remember this is just my theory. Not facts. Just thought I could help out some people. I know how frustrating it can be.


    Texas 2-8


    Ok so I really don’t know how I would categorize my self (weekly) or (daily) mabye you can help me.
    So I can’t get transcripts yets, this year.
    Last year, I filed on a Wednesday & Received my return on a Wednesday. This year I was accepted on a Friday. So I really don’t know which one I fall under. Can you help? :)



    @ashley, I have the same “as of March 6” language on mine. No one seems to know what it means


    Texas 2-8

    So guys just wanted to let you know, no updates, no letters. No transcripts. I truly believe I will update for a DDD of 3/3 .
    We will see how it goes. Will continue to update ☺



    I called again today this time spoke with someone very nice. Told me that there was nothing wrong with return and that it’s processing now. Also i found out I had a balance from 2014 got it taken care of today.tried to get her to tell me when is the next update but she wouldn’t tell
    Hope its soon though



    Update:no letter today…thank god….



    @Texas 2-8

    Are you a weekly too? Just curious. I didn’t see that information in any of your previous posts. Thanks.



    also I forgot to add that we do not have EIC or anything that would have delayed our filing. and on my account transcript it has all 0.00s on everything and there is an “AS OF DATE 03/06/2017….what does this mean?



    same here……filed 1/31, but was not even accepted until 2/10! it has been stuck on one bar with the TT 152….. account transcripts have all my information (name, address, ssn, filing status) but NO other information at the bottom it says “no return filed”.

    What the heck is going on, this has never happened before. should I Call the IRS? It has only been 12 days since I finally got a “received” message, but it has now been 23 days since I actually filed.



    1-800-829-1040….after selecting language I chose option 2, then 1, then 3, then 2 then I held.


    Theresa nj

    Thank you. What number did you call

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