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    Boy Momma 13

      good morning! I filed 2/1 on TT and was accepted same day, one bar on WMR. I have EIC and CTC. Transcripts still say no return on file. I see the majority of 2/1 filers updated today. Is anyone else still here with me that filed 2/1 and didn’t update? Do transcripts update all day? It hasn’t been 21 days, so even if I could get an IRS rep on the phone, they won’t help me.

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          I filed on 2/4 and was accepted on 2/4.
          I checked online transcripts this morning, and still nothing. Still “N/A” in the top two boxes. The lower two have 2023 but nothing on them. It still says “No return filed”.

          WTH is going on!?

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            I believe the as of only matters if you owe. If it’s 0.00 then doesn’t matter how much it changes…

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              Anyone have any luck updating anything?

              No luck here still

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                Transcripts still look the same as previously reported. Only thing it really shows is As of March 25, 2024. Not sure if that means anything or not.

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                  No you are not alone, that is so obvious by the time you read one thread….

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                    We got the id verify letter a week and a half after we verified in person already (it mailed the day before we did in person)

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                      Just checked, too, and nothing’s changed. But I think they only update on Fridays? Or on another weekday, as well? I don’t remember.
                      Top two boxes are still “NA”. Bottom two shows 2023 but nothing on them.
                      I have received NO letter, NO notification on my WMR. Nothing.

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                        Just checked transcript again (through my account, not wife’s) and still says no record of return filed on both bottom 2023. Top two still show N/A

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                          Still awaiting update. After filing, in person id verify, verify, transcripts show 2023 on bottom two and n/a top two and 2023 links say No record of return filed……..

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                            When we access both of our accounts, nothing has changed in the transcripts or anything. This is getting out of control and couldn’t happen at the worst time when we are out a vehicle and have 6 children to get to and from, not to mention getting back and forth to work.

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                              Filed and was accepted on 2-4-2024.
                              Still nothing in transcripts. I checked Friday (3-15) Sat (3-16) and this morning, and still NADA.
                              I am so tired of waiting and not knowing what’s happening!

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                                bowl, my transcripts showed n/a and ‘no return filed’ until the day the DDD was mentioned. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but my DDD was disclosed right after I accessed my IRS account using

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                                  Still nothing updated………

                                  This is infuriating.

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                                    My transcripts completely updated overnight! Yesterday completely blank, no refund on file.

                                    Verified in Person on 2-27

                                    Code 846 this morning with DDD of 3-20 😊

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                                      when my wife logs into her account and opens transcripts, her’s shows N/A for the bottom two where 2023 should be but mine doesn’t. I’m so frustrated and confused.

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                                        Filed 2/1
                                        Accepted 2/1
                                        WMR Showed Action Required ID Verify
                                        Verified in person 2/28 (in person agent released return for processing)
                               verify on 3/8
                                        5071c letter dated 2/27 received on 3/11 (didn’t do anything because we already verified in person
                                        Transcripts still show N/A at both tops, 2023 on bottoms that read No record of return filed
                                        Wife called the IRS just now and agent told her that a tax advocate couldn’t help because they could see that nothing was wrong with our return

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                                          Why is this happening to those that filed on 2/1

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                                            Wife called the IRS and the agent told her that a tax advocate couldn’t help because they couldn’t see anything wrong with our return

                                            This is highly frustrating because we have 6 children and we lost our vehicle right before Christmas last year.

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                                              Filed 2/1 accepted same day
                                              EITC ACTC
                                              WMR showed action required about id verify on mine not my wife’s. We verified in person on 2/28 said she released return for processing
                                              I’ verified too on 3/8
                                              5071c letter dated 2/28 got on 3/11 (already verified in person)
                                              Transcripts for us show no returned filed so no updates

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                                                Update part 3:
                                                Turns out I don’t need to verify anything else because the system is randomly resending letters, and even better, she said my refund has been approved, but she didn’t tell me my DDD.

                                                She also told me I might get a deposit before it’s reflected on WMR or transcripts. I’ll let you know when I either update or get my deposit!

                                                There is hope even if you don’t see a change😊

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                                                  I got a 5071c letter in the mail dated March 6th 🙄 checked transcripts and nothing

                                                  I talked to 3 reps at the irs and none of them could tell me if I had to do anything. So I called to try to make an in person appointment to get this figured out…. The lady was awesome! She looked at my account to figure out what kind of appointment I would need. She was on the phone for 25 minutes with me to figure it out.

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                                                    Positive update for me! No DDD tho. Have to do multiple posts to fill you in.

                                                    Info refresher: Filed/accepted on 2-1 with TT, no advance, fees taken out of return. EITC, ACTC, 1 W2.

                                                    Transcripts have never updated past bottom 2 are 2023, all 000 and “No record of return filed”
                                                    Top 2 N/A. WMR went from processing, to still processing, now back to just processing

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                                                      F/A on 2/17 via TT, joint claim with dependents. Only change is we added a new dependent. Within a few days (maybe 3) my wmr status flipped from the 152 being processed to “still being processed.” This is also the day I saw the link that hubby and I need to verify our 2023 return. We are marked n/a no return filed. No codes with as of date of 3/11. No letter received and even requested a new one over a week ago. Also no luck getting through on the phone. What is up we these letters?

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                                                        As of date don’t really mean anything. Mine is 2/26 and I still haven’t seen anything from a letter to an update.

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                                                          With the as of date being yesterday I would think that’s the day they start working on your return. Are you usually a weekly? If so you should see movement this Friday. If you are a daily then I would think it would update by Wednesday of next week.

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                                                            Filed 2/08
                                                            Accepted same day
                                                            Still haven’t gotten a damn thing my transcripts still saying “no return filed”
                                                            WMR has one bar and tax topic 152 disappeared…… transcripts still shows nothing with as of date 03/11
                                                            irs agent says I’m under review. I had a hike because of health insurance

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                                                              Welcome to the review club….lol sorry to be the bearer of bad news but sometimes the truth hurts!

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                                                              Mother of 2

                                                                Same boat. I submitted my return on February 3, 2024 and it’s still not giving me any updates. Today is March 12th and still nothing. I believing that it will come soon though because my hand was itching around this time last week.

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                                                                awsp 916

                                                                  Hi! Did you get an update?

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                                                                  Mommy of 2

                                                                    Reading all your comments about transcripts and your stuff not moving and updating mines was doing that I found on the 31st mines was accepted and I wasn’t in the batch for the 22nd refund date but I checked this morning as of February February 23, 2024 and I got a date for the 28th. I hope this help you guys and I pray that you get your money.

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                                                                      So just got updated e-mail from TT stating my refund is on the way not sure if this is a thing they do or if I updated and info hasn’t populated on IRS!!! Filed and accepted 2/8 and no movement since!!!! Check your emails everyone!!!

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                                                                      Boy Momma 13

                                                                        Sorry we are having this issue, but I’m glad I’m not alone. Looks like we are the unlucky few that didn’t get in the first batch. Fingers crossed we are in the next batch!!

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                                                                          still waiting on my refund that was deposited on 02/ 06 turbo tax thru santa barbara bank. santa barbara screwed up the deposit and my bank rejected it because they say santa barbara had my correct account numbers but coded it incorrectly . so my bank sent it back and santa barbara says they sent it back to irs but i called irs today and they are waiting on return of refund before they can issue a check. so itll be months before i see my money all thanks to santa barbara screwing it up.

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                                                                            not everyone who filed and is on PATH updated on the 16th. this is normal every year when PATH lifts. the returns are processed in batches that are randomly pulled from the collection bin where all PATH returns sit. when the hold lifts, their computer systems randomly select returns to process. they are not done in the order received. this is why some who filed early are still on N/A while those who filed later have a DDD. it takes a few updates to get through all of them.

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                                                                              I filed 1/23, accepted 1/24. No codes, no letters, no alerts, no movement. Transcripts are blank and 1 bar. Simple single file, nothing special.

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                                                                              Jenny Wilson

                                                                                so yesterday was a federal holiday so nothing will update until later today. its put everything behind and is so aggravating.

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                                                                                  Same here! Zero updates transcripts are n/a and I haven’t seen a single daily transcript update today like usual. I’m definitely getting concerned.
                                                                                  I can’t even tell for sure if I’m daily again like last year so I just have to keep checking and I get so sick every time I see it n/a 😭

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                                                                                    Same here. Filed 2/1 eitc and ctc. Transcripts are n/a for 2023. No movement at all.

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                                                                                      I’m waiting with you. Filed and accepted on 2/10. One bar on WMR, transcripts say no return filed. I last checked this morning. Hopefully, we will see some updates this week.

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                                                                                        Same boat filed & accepted on 2.8.24 & as of of 3/4/24

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                                                                                        Boy Momma 13

                                                                                          Thought I’d provide an updated.. or lack thereof… nothing has changed for me. Mine still says no return processed for 2023 and transcripts still blank… Super frustrated.

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                                                                                            Filed and accepted 2/2 pather. Woke up this morning to WMR message changed to “ your return is processing beyond normal timeframe”. frustrating because this is the first year this has ever happened and I use a Identity PIN to file every year as well ( someone mentioned it might be held up due to identity check)

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                                                                                            Alexandra Cruz

                                                                                              I filed the 2/09/24. And on my irs transcript it’s saying no taxes returned filed what do that means

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                                                                                                Anyone else still processing? Filed 2.2.24 and accepted same day…tax transcripts still blank

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                                                                                                  Ok so finally have DDD of 2/22 same as estimated thankfully on account transcripts my code ends in 05 so update weekly.
                                                                                                  Filed & Accepted 2/1 TT DD EITC CTC.
                                                                                                  Good luck everyone!
                                                                                                  Ps WMR never updated neither did last year still showing tax topic 152

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                                                                                                    Nope, you are not alone. My top transcripts are blank but the bottom 2 have the 2023 and I can click on it. No DDD, filed with Turbo, no advances. So many people are trying to see their information, and I have to wait and come back to the website to try again or try from my laptop. I can’t wait to see motion. My hand is itching so I know they are working.

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                                                                                                      I have the same dates and filing and I update Friday’s but right now I can’t login to see transcripts because there are too many people checking today. I’m a weekly update so I check Friday’s. Will have to wait til later when less people are on.

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                                                                                                        You might be a daily updater. It’ll come

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                                                                                                          same boat filed TT 2/1 still na its annoying

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                                                                                                            I filed 2/6, I received my code 846…but the wage transcript says no record of return filed. Just keep looking at the account transcriptnon bottom left for the codes. Thats when u will know. And yes, they update all during the day at times.

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                                                                                                              nope f/a 1/30 but still only bottom two transcripts with no return filed. Last week it updated a little because it changed my address but that’s it.

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                                                                                                                I was accepted on 1/30/2024 and I have both credits on mine. But I too have not had an update as of yet on either WMR or on transcript. I think last year I updated on 2/17 so hopefully we see something tonight, Fingers crossed.

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                                                                                                                  In the same boat here as well. No EIC here though. All N/A and then one that says no return filed.

                                                                                                                • #4536437 Reply

                                                                                                                    Me too filed 2/1. No return transcript. The other two still have as of date 2/26 and wmr still has one bar. Getting worried a lil

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                                                                                                                    HA HA

                                                                                                                      Nope in same boat but filed & accepted on 1/31

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