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      Until we Start seeing Account and Return Transcripts ready, We want see any DDD!

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          @Pagels quite a few people on this thread have had this issue but so have I and I filed on 1/13 and was accepted 1/14 according to tax slayer I dont have anything special on my tax return and I had one bar until 1/30 and it disappeared and then when I attempted to get my transcripts online is when I recieved that message after days of calling I finally was able to get through after 40 minutes of waiting on hold I spoke with a friendly woman that asked me my personal info to verify my identity and told me my transcripts were not available and that they have up until 8 weeks from 1/30 to process them. She said it could be before then but I am not hopeful at all.

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            We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490
            what does this mean?

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              Ok….im getting impatient. Filed 1.12 and accepted early 1.13. STILL No bars. No refund amount. I am unable to pull up any transcripts. But I know last year I was in Second round of deposits. I got it on a Wednesday. 4 years ago IRS took part of my refund for a debt…that I was paying monthly on, they just took the remainder owed. So does that put me in the 2nd (05) cycle that I keep reading about? Does this mean a possible dd next Wednesday? If so when would wmr update? Tonight?

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                @Navywife2001, I hear ya there. I need to buy mine new uniforms too.

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                  I am getting so mad. My husband needs new uniforms before he goes to his new command and let me tell you that they are not cheap!

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                    This is so frustrating. I know people that filed this week that are already getting DD’s, Filed 1/9, accepted 1/12 through TT. No transcripts no DDD. one bar topic 152. Last year I was in the batch that filed early and got their refunds late. I really hope that’s not the same this year.

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                      @navywife2001 yes they are assholes lol it makes no sense

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                        Ok I just got off the phone with the aholes at the irs tried to get info again and again they hung up on me…… I was not rude but he was….. I am so tired of the irs they need to just give me our money……..

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                          I have been on hold with the irs for over an hour…… let’s hope it will pay off and I am able to get some sort of information….. the irs website won’t even let me in to check anything i keep getting errors. ….

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                            I filed and wss accepted on 1/22. i only have one bar and no transcripts. i wonder if you can get your refund and not have transcripts… hmmmm

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                              Yup same boat. transcripts say n/a, 1 bar on wmr and i filed on the 19th and was accepted on the 20th. A friend of mine did hers the 20th and shes getting her cash tomorrow and we both used tt.

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                                You got further in the process than I did. The IRS rep I spoke to wouldn’t look anything up or do anything for me saying they won’t do anything for 3 weeks. Did your rep tell you why you got that message or what it means? The rep I spoke to make it sound like it was an error message because my info isn’t in the system yet. I’m not sure I buy that though because other people have gotten messages saying they can’t view their transcript and that would seem to be a more logical error message. My rep didn’t offer to send me transcripts and sounded irritated I dared to call when 3 weeks hadn’t transpired.

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                                  fall0109, i got the same message this morning when i tried to get my transcripts. So i called the 800 number and waited on hold for 45 minutes. The lady who answered the phone asked me all of my personal info and said she would mail out my 2014 transcripts today. So what does that mean? Am i done processing or what since she can mail them to me? Im confused. Filed 1/23/15 accepted 15 minutes later.

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                                    I wish I had gotten a message saying transcript isn’t available. I got the following message instead, which freaked me out:
                                    We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.

                                    I was an early filer. I filed on the 9th and was accepted on the 12th. I was part of the test group. I was part of the test group last year also and was one of the first batch to get refunds. When I check “where’s my refund” it is still at the one bar with the 152 code.

                                    I called the IRS Identity number listed in the alert message when I couldn’t open my transcripts. After waiting on hold for over an hour I spoke to a rep who while courteous, seemed impatient and confused as to why I was bothering her. I told her about the message I received saying to call the Identity Protection Unit so that is why I was calling, fearing I was flagged or a victim of identity theft. She asked if it has been three weeks since my acceptance date. I replied, “No.” She said then that message meant that since your refund hasn’t been processed yet of course the transcript isn’t available.” I asked her if she could look up my information to be certain about that and she said they won’t look anyone up unless it’s been three weeks.

                                    Why in the heck didn’t I simply get a message saying my transcript isn’t available. Why panic taxpayers with a message that insinuates some sort of identity fraud? It also causes their phone lines to be tied up with concerned individuals like myself!

                                    I hope she knew what she was talking about and that something really isn’t wrong but she was being too flippant to care!

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                                      Filed 1/19 approved 1/20. One bar. Only my 2014 wage statement showing available. However it says nothing available. No other transcripts available. :( last year we were in the glitch that took forever so we are worried something like that will happen again. We had health insurance all year so fingers crossed no setbacks.

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                                        Filed 1/23, accepted 1/24. only one bar on WMR, I can only see wage trans that is blank. I am also a netspend user…sigh

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                                          Filed 1/8 with TT accepted 1/12 WMR still on 1 bar can not get transcripts and no DDD as of yet. Last year I was accepted early as well on 1/24 and had my refund on 2/6….seems like this year is proceeding very slowly.

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                                            Filed 1/20 with H&R Block. Accepted 1/21. Nothing has changed on the WMR? tool and I can only see a Wage Transcript that shows nothing.

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                                            not necessarily

                                              this is not necessarily true don’t give up hope. On the FB page of where’s my refund there were SEVERAL netspend users who got DDs but never had their transcripts available and WMR never cross your fingers guys, it could still happen for you.

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                                                I filed with Taxslayer on the 14th and was accepted on the 14th. No DDD yet ! No progress ! Frustrated! Hoping that I get a DDD today like others

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                                                  File and Accepted 1/20 through Taxslayer….One bar, no transcripts..I do the same thing every year on my taxes so Im wondering whats the hold up this year

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                                                    I filed and was accepted through Taxslayer on 1/20/15. I still only have one bar and cannot order or access my transcripts. It seems like those that either filed before or after the 20th are the ones getting further.

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                                                      Filed 01/21, Accepted 01/21…one bar since 01/22.
                                                      2014 Transcripts aren’t’ available.

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                                                        Painfully slow this year! Filed on 1/20 accepted on 1/21 no transcripts/one bar/no change.

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                                                          Last year I was accepted on the 2nd and had my direct deposit on the 12th…That’s only 8 business days…not too shabby…8 business days will be the 30th…will wait and see! However I can’t order transcripts at this point and filed on the 17th and was accepted on the 21st…hoping tomorrow will have an update. :)

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                                                            Accepted on 16th, one bar no movement can’t order transcripts!! :(

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                                                              I wanted to scream lol its like last year again.

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                                                                I wanted to bump this thread for those of us still in same spot. One or no bars, no transcript available.. Etc… Oh yea filed and accepted on 20th in Texas with taxslayer… No progress as of yet.

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