No 846 refund issued code, but have all transcripts, and no negative codes.

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      Hi everyone,
      So I filed and was accepted same day on 01/16/2015. Always had one bar with standard topic code 152., and transcripts N/A. This morning I woke up and finally saw my account transcript, everything matched and received the new cycle code that would give me the 02/04/15 DDD, with the standard 02/16/15 end date. No codes for health penalties and no offsets. But also NO 846 for refund issue, my transcripts ends with all my credits. Just in the past hour I can now see ALL my transcripts, and still no changes in codes, but also still no 846 refund issued code. Should I assume I’m still being processed, and I just have been batched for deposit yet, or etc. Any insight or thoughts would be great. Thanks everyone! :)

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          please help today i received a dd but it is not the full amount what does that mean

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            I have refund offset this morning my transcript reflected and ok have an 846 code with date 3/2/15 and a cycle date 20150502 just trying to get some inside when I will get my return no update on WMR?

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              I can’t figure out how to start a new topic to ask a question. I am hoping someone will read this and help me out. I am so stressed out right now I really want to cry!

              I filed and was accepted on 1/27. I did have one bar on ‘WMR’ with tax topic 152. Today I checked ‘WMR’ and the entire bar area is missing. I just get the standard message about processing 21 days…. I read many post saying that is not a bad thing and I should expect progress soon ‘DDD’.

              I decided to go ahead and try to order my return transcripts and was able to view them online. However, my refund amount has -XXXX.XX. Then I can’t remember the exact wording but I think it says my balance is 0.00!!!! How can I have a negative refund amount? Are they saying that I owed them this money and am receiving nothing? I don’t see how that could be possible.

              I’m worried because for years I filed married filing joint. However, now I’m not married and have filed “HOH” with my children. Is it possible that my ex-husband owes some debt and my refund has been taken to cover his debt since I would also be liable if it were due to some unknown error on a prior years return? My federal refund amount is $7821.00 I do not owe any debt like this, but I don’t know about my ex’s financial situation is anymore. I am dying because I have 4 children with him and I support them 100% on my own.

              Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! And I apologize for hijacking this thread.

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                Called hotline twice and no offsets, and when I check all my past transcripts it doesn’t show any tax balance due ir owed to them, my transcript just shows continually was it due to me.. Just no 846….. LOL

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                  Normally the 846 means you have been approved but it just hasn’t updated on wmr yet. You are still being processed and will probably see your status change overnight.

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                    I’m in the same boat. I have a past due tax debt that was applied last night. No 846 on my scripts, but no freeze codes or anything out of the ordinary. My process date is 2/16, so the IRS basically has until that date to process my return in full. Meaning they have to pay any debts I owe with my return and either issue a refund or begin correspondence if there’s any holds, freezes or investigations, etc. I wouldn’t sweat it until 2/16 has come and gone or you get new codes. If you have a cycle code don’t worry. It means you’re being processed and they’re working to get your return completed. Don’t forget scripts update in real time, not just at night. You can check them often without getting locked out, unlike WMR.

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                      I have the same thing and same cycle code etc. Also can view the transcripts and credit amount but no 846 code. I expect an offset and that’s why I figure there’s no 846 code . Do you know if you have any offsets?

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