no 846 cycle 20150405 will i get processed this week

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      i have been able to see my transcripts….but i dont have a 846 code yet….i have cycle code of 20150405…..will i still get processed this week for a refund or would i be pushed off until the next week? Has anyone had this happen or know how it works

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          Not gonna lie. No 846 code and no bars sounds like BAD NEWS to me. I would be concerned for sure if I were you. ;|

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            Same here. Same jan. 21 same codes no 846 code and all my bars are missing

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              I am in the same boat.

              My husband cycle code is 20150405 with 846 code and a DDD of 2/4

              I have cycle code is 20150404 with NO 846 code and my bars are missing on WMR

              Technically my cycle code was before my husbands, but for some reason his went through w/o any hold-ups, but not me.

              I don’t have any bad codes just the regular codes with no 846 yet. I am really hoping for some sort of update on WMR, transcripts or something.

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