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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @danmin they are asking for proof that my kids are mine (eyes roll). They wanted proof of self employment. I did some uber last year and I had all the uber documents to prove my income. They wanted proof of self employment expenses (car payment, insurance, toll payments, maintenance fees,etc). I provided everything. I even ran it by my tax preparer and he said I had everything they asked for. Still nothing. Anyone get a DD yet?

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    @steph72 it really is ridiculous hopefully at some point.

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    @CQ05140521 the year I had to submit mine it did take a month and the assholes never updated the system until after I got my dd. This year they are at least giving a date before they deposit the money. I’m still in disbelief that you didn’t get your refund yet. Hopefully any day now!!! smfh

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    @Cynthia we are in the same boat i uploaded mine on 3/28 still nothing

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    wowwww this is so unreal i still cant believe i am waiting on this little check..this is nuts going on almost a month since i uploaded my W2 i dont get it anyone know how long will it take to get my refund???

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    @Cynthia – Which areas were they questioning, what documents ?

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    I submitted mine on 2/4, received a letter on 2/26. They asked for a lot of documents which thankfully I was able to get everything. I submitted the documents online on 3/22. It’s been a month and still no change. It just says that they received my response on 3/22 and it can take up to 90 days for my case to be reviewed. I try calling but die to high call volumes, I’m told to call back. Any pointers? Anyone in my situation??

    What is the turn around time for this stuff?!

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    Just got a DD date of April 19 …. recd letter 3/22 uploaded an image of my W2 March 23 ….was in review till 4/12 then went to processing again got dd date today 4/17 .. good luck everyone… I checked this forum everyday for info like this so I know the feeling. Also The amount was the same no adjustment.

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    @JIM NY Not sure whats going on i uploaded mine on 3/28 and still no response no date no nothing this is sooo frustrating

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    Jim Ny

    @Nickey..In the past if they say they are sending a check..It leaves their office on that day..Than snail Mail gets it to you in 2 days typically..

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    Do anyone knows if they are sending a check do they mail it out on that day or before?

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    Jim Ny

    Well, I just checked the normal way most of us check and this is what they said
    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 17, 2018). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received….
    The Account page that i normally log into (the more personal one) said we have received your response .3/23 bla bla bla So I will go with the normal site its about time..It just changed at 12:52 Friday the 13th..Not a bad day at all for me..Good luck to all.

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    Jodi Chandler

    I’m a non resident filing NY ( work in NY)
    Received DTF-973.56 letter
    Responded with additional copies of all W2.
    State website states 90 days for an answer??
    Does anyone have a ETA for NY state refund after this?

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    @cookie11 did Your deposit post as of yet?

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    MY STATUS CHANGED TODAY! MY DD IS TOMORROW. the 13th. thank god. i sent my w2’s online and all that, when they asked.

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    @Jim Ny my refund amount wasn’t adjusted at all I’m not sure why there mailing me a check…I wanted to go off but I said forget it, it’s freaking pointless anyway…

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    Jim Ny

    If you requested a direct deposit and they send a paper check i think refund has been adjusted.. They didnt tell me it was an audit ..My message is on the site where i created an account..It says Confirmation of your response to a New York State Tax Department notice” on 3/23..been like that since 3.23 ..The standard site says no further info is available..
    Oh well they can do what they want..I am taking off 420 and just came across $4000 so they can choke on it for all i care..

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    @ Jim Ny I reuploaded my W-2 same day as you and got a date for a check yesterday so yours should be updating soon…is your message back to processing?

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    Jim Ny

    Still waiting..NY requested my w2’s on 3/22 . Up loaded 3/23. same response.
    Confirmation of your response to a New York State Tax Department notice” on 3/23
    . I dont use the check your refund status wed site..I opened a account at the web site above..its been 3 weeks..Nothing yet……

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    Thank you

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    @CQ05140521 Once they get your w-2 it take 3-4 weeks to get your ddd…don’t listen to the reps they’ll tell you anything smh…@Nicole I think once a day not 100% sure tho…I believe I only got updates for myself on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s, I think once on a Monday too…

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    does anyone know how often the state website updates

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    smh i decided to call today and got a very nice lady and she said they received my W2 but now it has to be looked at and processed which could take 90 days she ok i guess ill just wait guess it will hopefully come in time for my sons birthday in July.

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    @nickey that’s what I’m trying to find out too! I got an email saying my check was issued and I should receive my refund on or about 4/18…

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    Okay, i just check they are mailing me my refund, on the 18th, question is will it be mailed out before the 18th?

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    Check being sent 4/18 smh I signed up for direct deposit! At least it’s coming though…

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    Anyone receive a dtf-161 notice

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    Yes on the site it updated to adjusted refund

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    I called today about my return and they had no info😔 still processing 😔 I’m sooooo disappointed😭😭😭

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    Milly did they tell you on the site that they adjusted it ?

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    Updated today finally to check being sent in 4/16 after adjustment until I send in paperwork

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    Jim Ny

    Nygirl, Oh yea they would tell ya..

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    Jim Ny

    Not yet Nygirl, It went back to “Confirmation of your response to a New York State Tax Department notice” as of 4/9.. Good luck ..from Jim in Ithaca..I will keep you up dated.But from what i see if they tell you a paper check is in the mail after you request a direct deposit ..Its an adjustment..good or bad..I am hoping for a positive change this week.Seems they are confused by a roth $ amount i got..and a $25K increase in my Gross this year..If they take my $1374 refund .I guess its ok..But..they also tell Fed and than you need to amend both.. Jim

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    John ny

    State return accepted jan 29.
    Mar 22 i received a letter requesting copy of my w2 which submitted online same day.
    One week later status changed to processing and im still waiting.

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    @jim Ny. Would the website say that it has been adjusted?

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    Jim Ny
    That makes some sense.

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    Jim Ny

    From what i hear ,if you requested a direct deposit..and NY rip off sent you a w2 request letter..and tells you a paper check will be mailed They adjusted your $$ amount you thought you would get.

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    @CQ05140521 when did I upload ur w2?

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    @nickey I had to send my W2 and on Tuesday it said a check is scheduled to b mailed on April 10..I don’t know y a check because I requested direct deposit but at least I was’s been a nightmare for the last few months

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    @CQ05140521 I think you should call and see what’s going on this is ridiculous smh

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    @bbny @mommyof4 @nygirl : I still have that damn dredful message no hope for me i guess June it is.

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    I called today it’s been reviewed just waiting on a ddd…he said less than 30 days🙄🙄 we’ll see🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

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    Filed 1/17
    2/5 notice about uploading
    Uploaded 2/7
    3/1 still no change
    3/2 called uploaded again
    3/8 went to processing
    3/28 went to send w2 again but different message
    3/29 being audit expect letter
    4/4 called state they said an adjusted amount is being sent it’s in final stages then the letter which I have to send dependent info is being sent out on 4/11

    Hopefully I’ll see some money soon
    Good luck guys

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    Jim Ny

    Yes mines went like this also


    Further review for weeks

    Then processing

    Then that message about calling number had to upload w2
    sent the w2’s in 3/32
    4/3 processing
    checked again 4/5
    no further Info available

    Then back to processing

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    @nickey nope not yet still waiting hopefully next week 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

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    Have anyone statues changed as of yet after uploading they w-2 and it went back to processing.

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    Blah scratch that hit my account at 1am

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    If we have a dd of x date do we get it that or after ,

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    @mommyof4 Thank you I just checked they are mailing my refund check on April 10… I don’t know why they are mailing it as I signed up for direct deposit but who cares I’ll take it at this point

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