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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund New Mexico- Share your experience with filing your New Mexico Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Mexico Wheres My Refund? go to New Mexico Taxation Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here

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    I filed on Jan 19th.

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    Brenda when did u file

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    I just got an email from turbotax saying my state got accepted. Yay!

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    I filed on 1\25 fed received 1\26 state received 1\29 and FINALLY excepted today at 8:00 pm by state federal still one bar ….ninwas going over previous years forms and I received my state within 2-3 days of NM accepting …. Here’s to hoping!

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    When did u file

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    I was also just accepted by the state via email from tt

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    I filed 01/26/18 with Turbo Tax and nothing yet 😔

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    Right ok thank u some much again dysphunktion lol I look out for both accounts to update

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    I was just coming here to post about that, lol. I just checked TAP and it’s still claiming it has no information on my return. It may take time to show up. I’m not sure how TT gets notified that I was accepted. You would think that once TT gets the notification it’d be available on TAP at the same time.

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    Did u see that u were accepted threw the TT website or on the TRD (taxtation and revenue)website so I can keep on eye out on it

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    @Missyyyy: You’re welcome! I filed on the 27th using the free version of TurboTax. My federal was accepted on the 29th. Not sure if that helps any, probably not, lol.

    I will say, in all the years I have filed, this is the longest it’s taken to see any movement with my NM return. Not sure why…

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    @dysphunktion: Thank you for letting us know hope mine is next I filled 1/30 so hopefully in the next couple of days

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    Just thought I’d update that a few minutes ago my NM return was accepted.
    I filed with the free edition of TT on 1/27!

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    Anyone know if they process on sat and sunday. Or which days they send refunds?

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    No I did mine through taxation and revenue site

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    New Mexico Taxation Revenue said that when u file through a 3rd party like Jackson Hewitt, they are taking forever to hit there system for some reason and it can take up to 6 to 8 weeks but let’s hope sooner than later

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    I filed with Jackson Hewitt on 1/21. Was accepted on 1/29 for federal but state still shows in process. What’s the hold up this year?

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    Karen did u file threw a 3rd party like turbo tax , tax act. Etc

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    Mine is showing processed not and a credit but doesnt look like the refund has been sent. Soooo waiting some more

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    Thank u Derrick unfortunately I was told that if we use 3rd party tax filing system like turbotax, exact and etc. it is taking longer because for some reason they are not getting them right away but they did say if we use the NM Taxtation and Rev website they will get processed right away. If anyone files through 3rd parties and gets there state refund please let us know thank you

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    Derrick Ray

    I filed/and was accepted on 1/29. DD just hit my account this morning.
    I used the state website to file. If any of you are still waiting and used the state website then check to make sure they haven’t sent you a letter because I got one requiring ID verification, but because I checked the website daily I was able to see that and respond online immediately with what they requested.

    If you didn’t use the state website and are still waiting then I suggest keeping an eye on the mail as you may be required to do ID verification.

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    If anybody get info about state refunds please keep us in touch. Thanks

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    Called today they won’t start processing till some time this week unless you filled on the state website and even then it still might not be started this week

    #4207671 Reply

    I filed 01/26/18 and nothing yet

    #4207277 Reply

    No update here either. :-(

    #4207005 Reply

    Still no update. 😭

    #4206418 Reply

    Same here filed 1/24/18 and still showing in process.

    #4205756 Reply

    in the same boat! already getting my federal back but my state is still pending. but on the tap site it shows a flag and doesnt show ive filed yet. lovely state eh?

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    I’m in the same boat! Usually receive within a week. This year haven’t even been accepted yet. Filed Monday. When I sign into my account it shows under flag tab account in compliance? It’s been there for two days! Hopefully update soon or something!

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    Same boat. I almost always receive my state within a week of my federal. Generally it’s after..
    But of course, TAP has no record of my filing.

    This state….

    #4204286 Reply

    Let the waiting game begin. I’ve normally gotten my state back within a week in previous years. I thought I had done something wrong on my return this year.

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    I called ‭(866) 285-2996‬ for NM tax revenue, and on their automated voicemail, it states they are taking a min of 12 weeks to process refunds due to identity theft and fraud.

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    I checked my tap and they dont even show recieved and my federal went to the paht meeage after being at 1 bar. Filed1/29

    #4203515 Reply

    Has anyone in New Mexico been accepted?

    #4152220 Reply

    I got my (and my mom got her) NM state refund this morning. WMR said it was issued 1/20.

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    I filed and it was accepted on 2/29 and still no refund. When using “Where’s my refund” tool it says, “information on your refund could not be found at this time…” How long did returns take for everyone else?

    #4107635 Reply

    Hi. I’m in NM. First time receiving NM state refund.
    I filed/accepted on 1/29 and no refund yet.
    How long does it usually takes?
    I’ve checked the Where’s my refund website for NM and it says that my return was processed on-time.
    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I’m in NM. Filed/accepted on 1/30 . Deposited on 2/5. So I’m thinking you’ll get yours in a day or two.

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    Anyone in new mexico seen a refund from the state yet???
    i filed on 1/31 it got accepted either sunday or monday just waiting to see how much longer!!

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