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    Wheres My Refund New Mexico- Share your experience with filing your New Mexico Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Mexico Wheres My Refund? go to New Mexico Taxation Revenue

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    There has been no financial activity what do this mean

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    I was accepted on the 10th and haven’t gotten mine. Mine has a flag that it in compliance. I will be calling on Monday to see if they can tell me what that means

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    Still haven’t received my refund. Accepted around feb 10th. Anyone else still not recieve theirs ?!

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    @ Mike,,,,same thing on mine

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    Has anyone else flagged and it says account in compliance not gotten their refund yet. I still haven’t got mine.

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    Leah Patrick

    Sorry this android phone keeps changing my words. I know to double check but am not used to it yet. I will literally type somethimg perfectly and watch it change the word as soon as I touch the space bar.

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    Leah Patrick

    Mike, mine says that as well. I did son research and found that it simply means the audit & compliance dept have vac checked our file against the it’s report and gpu we at in compliance and good to go.

    From their site:
    Compliance Bureau
    The Compliance Bureau performs simple audits of taxpayers on personal income taxes. We use a data warehouse to store and compare third-party information with Department information from the tax processing system to identify taxpayers who may not have filed or who may have underreported their personal income tax.

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    I’ve been accepted since the 15th and I have a flag on my account that says account in compliance. Does anyone know what this means?

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    Pretty sure I was right about President’s Day, my TAP updated today and I got my deposit. So it looks like nothing happens on weekends or holidays regarding NM refunds/TAP.

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    where do it say approval at on the tap website

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    I honestly think TAP isn’t updating/deposits aren’t happening because it’s a holiday weekend. I would not be surprised if Tuesday morning TAP info shows up and deposits are made. I would say that if you get an approval message you’re fine, just waiting for deposit. Deposits were happening roughly 24-48 hours after approval but for anyone getting approval Thursday or later we got stuck on the long weekend.

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    Requests and Correspondence
    Names and Addresses
    Account Settings

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    i thought u said it was in compliance

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    Oh, okay. We don’t have a flag. I don’t know what it means but I’m sorry you have one.

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    mines says the same thing with a balance of 658 but has a flag on it this my first time also

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    Ugh, live. We don’t live in New Mexico.

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    This is what I see. How do i determine ddd what will change? The status?

    PIT Account
    Lxxx Pxxxxxx
    Print as Pdf
    Received : 01/29/2018
    Due : 04/17/2018

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    Forgive me. Ive never been on that site before. We don’t like in NM. my husband is oil. I’ve only been awake 20 min and tending to our 8 mth old. I’m a little slow this morning.

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    flag added 02/18/2018

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    Found it. Yes it says ontime processed.

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    what do this mean Account in Compliance
    Personal Income Tax

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    I receiced texts and emails from TT saying I was approved. I got into tap this morming but i don’t quite understand what I’m seeing. It says my acct is in compliance, received 1/29 due 4/18?, but i filed electronically and their site says electronic filers will be done in 6-8 weeks.

    I have no idea where to look for approval stay.

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    I receiced texts and emails from TT saying I was approved.

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    when u sign into tap do it say ontime processed and the balance or what do yours say to think that it was approved

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    I’m kinda the same Lea. My mom filed 1/29, she got her approval email on the 12th had an update on TAP on the 13th and got her deposit the 14th. I got my approval email on the 15th but TAP still says no info for me and I haven’t gotten a deposit yet either. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weekend or what.

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    Feeling confused. Filed 1/29 TT, Accepted 2/13,

    Just registered with Tap to first time awaiting acceptance now.

    I’ve tried to check where is my refund and i just keep getting a message that says no information ago my refund can be found. I don’t understand.

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    Filed and accepted 1/29, got approval message late Monday night, TAP updated yesterday and deposited this morning. Good luck everyone, it’s been an odd year

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    State just deposited. Filed 01-19, accepted 02-10, refund approved yesterday.

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    Hey guys my state was accepted on the the 13th of Feb TAP updated on the 14th and I received my state refund early this morning good luck to all

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    @Rick that’s really great it looks like they’re moving along now I got the same message this morning so I think we should see deposits by tomorrow hopefully if not the day after but I will also let you you guys know when I get my deposit so you’re aware of when it will come in

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    @deniseey,,,,,,this is what TAP tells me this morning,,,,at least I know it’s coming,,,

    Your refund for 12/31/2017 in the amount of $627.00 has been Approved.

    Allow 2 weeks for processing and mailing or Direct Deposit.

    Please access TAP for additional information.

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    @Chris. That was really fast for u I also got the same message so I will aslo let u know when my derposite drops I hope pretty soon

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    After being accepted last night I woke up and checked tap. It says my refund has been approved and to allow up to 2 weeks for processing. I’ll let you all know when I see a deposit

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    My NM state just got accepted. Filed 1/31 with Turno Tax.

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    Has any one that was accepted get DDD yet and if so how long after u were accepted did u receive a DDD

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    Got the notice from hr that I was accepted, no new info on tap, still,doesn’t have any info on me. Filed on 1/19. I filed my moms thru tap on 1/19 and she got her refund in her account last Fri.

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    @Elkman so it took TAP 3 days to update I was accepted 02/ 12 at 10:30 pm but TAP has no record of it this is an awful year of filing

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    I was also just accepted my state refund but mine had not updated either this is missyyyy by the way I just changed my name☺

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    Finally accepted at 9:48pm! Nm site has no updated information was sent the accepted email from H&R Block! Filed 1/29

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    Missyyyy it was actually accepted last friday Feb 9th,before that it would not give me any info,after being accepted it gives me last years info,,weird

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    Rick they probably still haven’t accepted it yet, they are taking forever to just accept them I filed January 30th and I’m still pending it suks the usually accept right away the next day but not this year

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    TAP is giving me 2016 refund info,not 2017,problem is refund amount is the same as last year.
    Your refund for 12/31/2016 in the amount of $627.00 has been Issued to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on 2/4/2017.

    Allow 7 business days from the issue date for your deposit to enter your bank account.

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    Filed 1/29 and thru a third party local company even thier system didnt show returns accepted till last week

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    When did you file elkman? And through hr or TT?

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    5 A’s Mom

    Same here Elkman

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    Got a ddd this morning and tap.nm did not update till today and has a date of proccessed 2/9

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    Looks like it’s finally starting to happen! Hopefully I’m soon 1/29

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    I just got accepted from NM filed 01/26

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    Thank u

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    I definitely will!

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