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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund New Mexico- Share your experience with filing your New Mexico Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Mexico Wheres My Refund? go to New Mexico Taxation Revenue

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    Angela Herrin

    E-filed with TurboTax on March 7, 2019 and it was accepted that same day and I am owed a large state refund amount. It is now June 9, 2019 and still no state refund. F*&k paying taxes! Let the rich pay their long overdue share of taxes! The website is completely useless as it can’t even find the status despite what TurboTax shows.

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    I filed my taxes January 28th. Got my federal pretty quick but its been months and new mexico still hasnt gotten me my taxes. Completely losing my patience. Its my money and i want it now.

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    Looking at the website mine says ontime processed but I also had $43 taken out of my refund because the unemployment office says they overpaid me do I still get the remaining balance and what is the ontime processed mean

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    Teeg jay

    Just got a letter asking for ID copy and bank deposit info to be submitted on Taps site.

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    Jennifer M

    I filed 1/28 taps said on time processed 1/29. Yes it said refund was sent to the bank 3/1.

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    Teeg jay

    @Jennifer M

    When did you file? And did the taps website update for you?

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    Jennifer M

    Mine says refund sent 3/1/2019 but my bank hasn’t gotten it yet. Will it deposit on monday?

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    Teeg jay

    Still haven’t gotten mine. Taps website shows no updates. Flied 2/4

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    Alyssa B

    I called a few minutes ago. The woman I spoke with said it’s just under review there are no flags or letter that have been sent out, and if I haven’t received it yet I’ll receive it in 6-8 weeks from the date I filed 😤

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    I have both credits last year I had to ID verified cause someone sold my identity. But this year the call rep said she didn’t see anything wrong with it or a flag. Just to give it time. My sis filed same date as I 1/28 and she received her NM state refund 2/7 .. my brother filed 2/13 and funds where sent to bank 2/15. I just wonder if it is going to get flag or if verify why don’t they send letter now? Last year after I verified the funds where deposit two days later.

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    Alyssa B

    Mine just shows “on-time processed” no amount. I tried to call and can’t get through.

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    I called and was told on-time processed just means that it was processed on our side and that it does not show any update until it is done. They told me the ones that have “no problems” fly through. She said she could not give me any info but that an actual person needed to review it and that’s why it is taking so long, but then she said that everything looked good on her side? I know I accidentally entered info wrong for Employer ID # and it was rejected and then accepted the next time so I think that is all it is and that it does not take forever.

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    Well this sucks lol. Mine says “On-time Processed” and shows my credit in green. Did you guys have the EIC, CTC, or any education credits?

    It has never taken this long. Its so annoying.

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    I also filed on Jan 28 when I check on NM tap using social it says nothing found but, I created a acct and I log in and it shows my refund amount says “processing “ I called a week ago and they said there’s no flags or letters coming out just to give it time. Family members filed beginning of Feb and already received their refund within two days of filling.

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    Alyssa B


    I couldn’t get through yesterday when I tried to call. I still have no updates either.

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    I filed on the 28th and still have not received any deposit for state. It shows a balance in green on my tax account but no refunds have been issued. When I check WMR for NM State site it has no information? I did get EITC, CTC, and Education credit. I dont get what is taking so long this year?

    Anybody call and speak with someone about this yet?

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    Alyssa B

    Jeff Q,

    Thank you I will call Tuesday to see if they have any other information.

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    Jeff Q

    Alyssa, NM TAP often doesn’t have any updates until the day they release your funds. Most refunds have been happening within 3 days, though traditionally nothing happens over President’s Day weekend. Make sure your return was accepted – 8 days seems like a long wait for State. If you can’t find any other explanation you may want to call them Tuesday to find out if you are being held up for some reason.

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    Alyssa Bond

    I filed 2/10 I checked taps it says expected 4/10. Could not find my information on nm where’s my refund.

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    Jeff Q

    Please note, most of these posts were from a year ago.This year – 2019 – no one has come here with any problems. New Mexico has been fast and smooth this year.

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    Brandon g

    refunds were deposited sometime between 1am and 5 am this morning. a nice chunk of change to start off the month. I suggest saving it ppl but I know that’s very unlikely since most Americans now have 0 savings.

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    Brandon g

    Brenda it doesn’t matter if you filed early bc they didn’t start until the end of Jan. check on the site it’s probably issued but they issued on a weekend so it’s just in limbo right now until tomorrow

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    Brandon g

    bullshit. it’s not any faster it’s around the same time as last year. last year filed 1/30 and accepted 2/9 with DDD that day. this year 1/11 filed ( I know they don’t start til irs) and a issued on 2/8 which fell on a weekend it should post in the AM or sometime after. ita the same routine as last year except I couldn’t track it at all this year until Friday. 2/8

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    NM is processing refunds quickly this year. From the time of Acceptance to Direct Deposit has been about 2-3 days, PATH delay does not effect NM State.

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    There has been no financial activity what do this mean

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    I was accepted on the 10th and haven’t gotten mine. Mine has a flag that it in compliance. I will be calling on Monday to see if they can tell me what that means

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    Still haven’t received my refund. Accepted around feb 10th. Anyone else still not recieve theirs ?!

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    @ Mike,,,,same thing on mine

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    Has anyone else flagged and it says account in compliance not gotten their refund yet. I still haven’t got mine.

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    Leah Patrick

    Sorry this android phone keeps changing my words. I know to double check but am not used to it yet. I will literally type somethimg perfectly and watch it change the word as soon as I touch the space bar.

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    Leah Patrick

    Mike, mine says that as well. I did son research and found that it simply means the audit & compliance dept have vac checked our file against the it’s report and gpu we at in compliance and good to go.

    From their site:
    Compliance Bureau
    The Compliance Bureau performs simple audits of taxpayers on personal income taxes. We use a data warehouse to store and compare third-party information with Department information from the tax processing system to identify taxpayers who may not have filed or who may have underreported their personal income tax.

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    I’ve been accepted since the 15th and I have a flag on my account that says account in compliance. Does anyone know what this means?

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    Pretty sure I was right about President’s Day, my TAP updated today and I got my deposit. So it looks like nothing happens on weekends or holidays regarding NM refunds/TAP.

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    where do it say approval at on the tap website

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    I honestly think TAP isn’t updating/deposits aren’t happening because it’s a holiday weekend. I would not be surprised if Tuesday morning TAP info shows up and deposits are made. I would say that if you get an approval message you’re fine, just waiting for deposit. Deposits were happening roughly 24-48 hours after approval but for anyone getting approval Thursday or later we got stuck on the long weekend.

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    Requests and Correspondence
    Names and Addresses
    Account Settings

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    i thought u said it was in compliance

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    Oh, okay. We don’t have a flag. I don’t know what it means but I’m sorry you have one.

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    mines says the same thing with a balance of 658 but has a flag on it this my first time also

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    Ugh, live. We don’t live in New Mexico.

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    This is what I see. How do i determine ddd what will change? The status?

    PIT Account
    Lxxx Pxxxxxx
    Print as Pdf
    Received : 01/29/2018
    Due : 04/17/2018

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    Forgive me. Ive never been on that site before. We don’t like in NM. my husband is oil. I’ve only been awake 20 min and tending to our 8 mth old. I’m a little slow this morning.

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    flag added 02/18/2018

    #4223376 Reply

    Found it. Yes it says ontime processed.

    #4223374 Reply

    what do this mean Account in Compliance
    Personal Income Tax

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    I receiced texts and emails from TT saying I was approved. I got into tap this morming but i don’t quite understand what I’m seeing. It says my acct is in compliance, received 1/29 due 4/18?, but i filed electronically and their site says electronic filers will be done in 6-8 weeks.

    I have no idea where to look for approval stay.

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    I receiced texts and emails from TT saying I was approved.

    #4223311 Reply

    when u sign into tap do it say ontime processed and the balance or what do yours say to think that it was approved

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    I’m kinda the same Lea. My mom filed 1/29, she got her approval email on the 12th had an update on TAP on the 13th and got her deposit the 14th. I got my approval email on the 15th but TAP still says no info for me and I haven’t gotten a deposit yet either. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weekend or what.

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    Feeling confused. Filed 1/29 TT, Accepted 2/13,

    Just registered with Tap to first time awaiting acceptance now.

    I’ve tried to check where is my refund and i just keep getting a message that says no information ago my refund can be found. I don’t understand.

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    Filed and accepted 1/29, got approval message late Monday night, TAP updated yesterday and deposited this morning. Good luck everyone, it’s been an odd year

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    State just deposited. Filed 01-19, accepted 02-10, refund approved yesterday.

    #4217746 Reply

    Hey guys my state was accepted on the the 13th of Feb TAP updated on the 14th and I received my state refund early this morning good luck to all

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    @Rick that’s really great it looks like they’re moving along now I got the same message this morning so I think we should see deposits by tomorrow hopefully if not the day after but I will also let you you guys know when I get my deposit so you’re aware of when it will come in

    #4216672 Reply

    @Deniseey,,,,,,this is what TAP tells me this morning,,,,at least I know it’s coming,,,

    Your refund for 12/31/2017 in the amount of $627.00 has been Approved.

    Allow 2 weeks for processing and mailing or Direct Deposit.

    Please access TAP for additional information.

    #4216661 Reply

    @Chris. That was really fast for u I also got the same message so I will aslo let u know when my derposite drops I hope pretty soon

    #4216624 Reply

    After being accepted last night I woke up and checked tap. It says my refund has been approved and to allow up to 2 weeks for processing. I’ll let you all know when I see a deposit

    #4216284 Reply

    My NM state just got accepted. Filed 1/31 with Turno Tax.

    #4215618 Reply

    Has any one that was accepted get DDD yet and if so how long after u were accepted did u receive a DDD

    #4215536 Reply

    Got the notice from hr that I was accepted, no new info on tap, still,doesn’t have any info on me. Filed on 1/19. I filed my moms thru tap on 1/19 and she got her refund in her account last Fri.

    #4214993 Reply

    @Elkman so it took TAP 3 days to update I was accepted 02/ 12 at 10:30 pm but TAP has no record of it this is an awful year of filing

    #4214969 Reply

    I was also just accepted my state refund but mine had not updated either this is missyyyy by the way I just changed my name☺

    #4214967 Reply

    Finally accepted at 9:48pm! Nm site has no updated information was sent the accepted email from H&R Block! Filed 1/29

    #4214803 Reply

    Missyyyy it was actually accepted last friday Feb 9th,before that it would not give me any info,after being accepted it gives me last years info,,weird

    #4214797 Reply

    Rick they probably still haven’t accepted it yet, they are taking forever to just accept them I filed January 30th and I’m still pending it suks the usually accept right away the next day but not this year

    #4214733 Reply

    TAP is giving me 2016 refund info,not 2017,problem is refund amount is the same as last year.
    Your refund for 12/31/2016 in the amount of $627.00 has been Issued to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on 2/4/2017.

    Allow 7 business days from the issue date for your deposit to enter your bank account.

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    Filed 1/29 and thru a third party local company even thier system didnt show returns accepted till last week

    #4214079 Reply

    When did you file elkman? And through hr or TT?

    #4214034 Reply
    5 A’s Mom

    Same here Elkman

    #4213823 Reply

    Got a ddd this morning and tap.nm did not update till today and has a date of proccessed 2/9

    #4213118 Reply

    Looks like it’s finally starting to happen! Hopefully I’m soon 1/29

    #4213114 Reply

    I just got accepted from NM filed 01/26

    #4213076 Reply

    Thank u

    #4213072 Reply

    I definitely will!

    #4213067 Reply

    OK thank u I’m still waiting on mine to get accepted hopefully happens soon, can u guys let u know when deposits hit ur accounts for the ones that have already been accepted

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