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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    So i called and spoke with a rep and no help at all. Doesnt even know when the days tje system is suppose to update. Told me NOTHING. Its really sad all that was said was that “for whatever reason the system is running really slow and everythinh has to be checked (i agree with checking everything. But who in batmans cave is checking the refund) and that as soon as its finished your dd will be deposited. 😒 i guess. Again i sure could use my money

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    WOW must be nice to get a ddd. Mine is still saying processing. Whats the hold up? I filed 1/31 already received federal. This is past crazy.

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    Ok i got file on Feb 2 and i received my federal already. Now I’m trying to find out when does the state update its website? It still saying my state is processing. Can someone tell me what day of the week the website update? Last year i got the text message by the march 6th saying my refund would be deposited in 1 to 5 days. Please help. When should website update?

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    Lucky . Keep us posted

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    I got an update yesterday. Filed 1st feb, accepted next day. Ddd 8th. Will keep you posted

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    Was looking forward to my refund on March 1. Didn’t know there was a delay since I filed an extension last year… hopefully I get it by next week before my son’s bday.🙄. Filed Jan 30 n accepted the following day I think .. got federal 2 weeks after. Will try not to check website this weekend until Monday lol.

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    Well I’m still processing and I called in and was told that not only did they just start processing yesterday, I’m one of the lucky 5% of nj that is going to have a letter sent out requesting more information. So I’ll be waiting another 5 months probably for my return. Filed the same return for years now same job and dependents. Jersey sucks.

    So my question now is has anyone ever had to send in more documents and how long did it take to receive your money after sending the additional information they needed.

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    Can somebody tell me when the system updates. Cause im still saying processing. Has anybody gotten a change? Really worried

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    I hope not! I been trying to call them all morning and the automated message is saying the volume of calls is too much for them to handle and then it hangs up. I wonder why……. Maybe if nj got it’s crap together they wouldn’t be getting so many calls.

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    Accepted 1/31 , and it just updated today to processing so does that mean it will take four weeks from today ??

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    Meaning like wednesday night’s and Friday night’s . Sorry

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    Going by last year the site updated to the ddds on Thursdays and Saturdays.

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    We submitted Jan 23, accepted Jan 24 and are still in processing stage. Last year our return status never changed from processing and we received the refund around March 7.

    Didn’t receive it today – do they only transfer the money on Thursday’s ?

    Does anyone know what dates the system is updated ?

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    Asia Mills

    Anyone know what two days the site updates? I’ve been in processing status since Monday.

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    Anyone update today since it is the 1st ? Nothing here ..

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    Living / working in NJ sucks . It never fails . Every year . I got my NY taxes back already and I’m not a resident smh

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    Mines says processing as well. Does anybody know when the system update? They say it update twice a week. But what two day? Please get back.

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    Mine also updated on Saturday to proccessing Nothing since then

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    When did you file KEM ? Mine started showing processing on Saturday. Let’s hope we get a date this Thursday latest since it’s the 1st. Nj loves taking money but hates giving it back when it’s due lol

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    Mine finally shopwed as processing today.. hoping that means they’ll relase it this week..

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    Any one have any updates on the nj state refund tracker besides the processing message ? Filed 1/29/18

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    I haven’t received my state (NJ) refund since 2011. This past August I sent in extra paperwork electronically proving my identity for EITC, and received a letter in early October asking for hard copies of the same docs I already submitted. Immediately sent them certified mail on their requested docs. The site now has bars that say the data has been entered, and it is now processing. I can only check for 2015-2016 on there so I have no idea about 2011-2014. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive your refund after you answer and send in their request for more information? The site says 8 weeks but we all know NJ takes their sweet old time. I feel like I’m never going to receive this money.

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    Guess what, I filed in February, got a notice for more information in June, gave them the information (I have filed the same return for 20 years!!!) and still no refund!! Am I building the Governor’s Manson, have I now donated to it?? Where is my interest and penalties back?? I don’t feel it’s fair for me to give them my hard earned money all year and them not return my honest return!!

    Get Real NJ before everyone moves out!!!

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    Nikki Lee

    Was just curious if you got your refund yet? As of today I am still waiting. Still no letter or updates! Getting really pissed off! It’s officially been 12 weeks!

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    @Nikki Lee Thanks for the update. I called customer service yet again yesterday. They told me same thing…….still processing, no letters or known issues noted. The CS rep said to be patient and should be completed soon. I had called them again because another person that i know of had filed on 2/24 and received their refund yesterday. I think you are right…..the early filers are getting screwed for sure.

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    Nikki Lee

    And…… Still nothing for me as well!! Filed 2/3 accepted 2/4 ! No letters stating any issues! More & more it’s looking like the earlier ppl to file are the ones that are screwed! It’s so aggravating! I totally appreciate they’re supposedly trying to protect us from fraud but those of us that have filed the same dependents & same credits yr after yr after yr, you would think really shouldn’t have any issues.
    I read where it says if your return must be processed manually it can take 12 or more weeks to receive a refund! I seriously hope this is not the case!

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    Still nothing for me. accepted on 1/31. This is absolutely ridiculous. All i had was a W2. no deductions. simple and straight forward.

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    My state return was accepted 2/26 and I just got a DDD of 3/30!!!!

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    And still waiting. Called for information again. This time I was told that me return has not even been looked at yet (return was accepted on 31 Jan 2017). Supposedly they started processing/looking at paperwork starting on March 1st, rather than sending out refunds for those returns that had already been processed.

    My understanding was that the state would start reviewing/processing returns as they were received back in January, but would just take longer to process do to the enhancement of security. Hence, the delay of refunds starting on March 1st.

    When i questioned the customer service person i spoke with, she outright said they have done nothing with any returns, not even reviewed them, until March 1st. No prep work, nothing. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I give up. How could they justify waiting until March 1st to start looking at returns? makes no sense. its a different story everytime i call.

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    Nicole Sieracki

    @LL You and me both!! Thanks for the response. At least I’m not alone! Started worrying something was wrong! Just so tired of waiting! Seems like they’re just taking their sweet time & not returning in any kind of order!

    Guess we’ll just have to wait it out!
    Good luck to you!

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    @Nikkilee Same situation here. filed and accepted on 1/31. No updates on the website. Still says processing. I called the state last week and they gave me same update…..still processing. I have a very simple, straight forward return. She was able to tell me that no letters were sent out to me for additional info, so there are no problems that she knew of. I also asked what days the system gets updated and she pretty much was clueless and ended up telling me its random days each week and that processing is done in no particular order. I was concerned when I saw people who had filed after me already received their refunds. this is absolutely ridiculous. I really need those funds.

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    This is absolutely ridiculous!! I filed on 2/2 and still nothing from state, no update no letters nothing! I know several people who filed way after me , with the same credits , & they received theirs already!! Anyone have any clue what’s going on with NJ state?!?

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    Lyssa Banfield

    I e-filed my state return on January 23, 2017. It sat as “being processed” until I received a notice to send in a hard copy with supporting documentation on March 10. I have the same basic return every year for the last 8 years. I claim a child but not any extra credits. The only difference this year was that my income was severely reduced as I was out of work injured for 9 months. Why did they chose to hold my return for 5 weeks and then ask for more information? Federal had no issues and I received my refund from them in February.

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    Filed at the end of January. My info for the last week says “We have approved your refund as of 3/6/17, if you don’t receive your refund by 4/5/17 check back”. I do direct deposit. Everyone else in my family who filed after I did got their refund at the beginning of the week.

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    Though the NJ website never gave me a date , we received the refund on 3/7.

    It was a surprise but a welcome one

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    Just received my DD at 2:25 am. Finally done with this very stressfull tax season goodluck everyone. See you all next year.

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    DDD of 3/9!!

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    No idea when they update but to me it would make sense that they would update tonight after finishing the second half of the week since the first update was Wednesday night. Let’s hope at least bc I don’t want to wait for these ddds anymore lol unnecessary stress it’s causing in everyone’s life

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    I filed 1/23 and all it says is they have received and are processing my state refund. No DDD yet. My brother who filed a week after me has a DDD of 3/7 🙁. Does anyone know what days they update?

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    I filed 1/23. I have EITC and ACTC Nj DDD 3/7

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    I get the EIC too though and I also claim my son so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it. I’m also a 1099 employee not w2

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    @jerseygirl my boyfriend got a ddd today me and him filed literally at the same time and he got the EITC

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    To those who got a DDD.

    Did any of you claimed the EIC and/or the ACTC?

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    @JERSEY I filed 1/27 and was accepted on 1/28. No update for me!

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    I filed feb 2, 2017 and in mid Feb got the “it’s been received and is being processed.” message on NJ refund status website.

    I know part of my refund will pay off a small balance I owed NJ from last year but I was hoping to get a date today. I’ve become addicted to checking that darn page. So far no DDD for us

    Does anyone know when (what days) they update it the site ?

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    Am i the only one who didn’t get a ddd ;(

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    Finally! An update. DDD 3/7

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    Update as of 3/2/2017 today at 12:00 AM got a ddd of 03/07/17 good luck everyone seems there starting to send the nj refunds.

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    Nothing here yet filed and accepted on 1/22/17 still waiting getting the received and being processed! Hopefully tomorrow something changes good luck to everyone

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    Has ANYBODY in New Jersey been able to get anything other than “your return is being processed” general message from New Jersey OR been able to use the refund hotline to actually get specific information? I “get it” that they are not going to be issuing refunds until March 1 or thereafter but for Geez Louise’s sake, they don’t tell you ANYTHING and it has been 6 weeks now…..Anybody????Anybody at all??? Thanks!

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