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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    E-filed federal and state on 1/29. Federal deposited on 2/5 (one week!!) NJ rep told me my DDD is 3/12. Was on “Checking for Accuracy” for 2 weeks.

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    Online now says approved and deposit on 3/12!!

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    So everybody with “check for accuracy” getting them ddd’s any still on “processing” called and got a ddd?

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    Current status: checking for Accuracy

    Per telephone rep: approved, direct deposit scheduled for 3/12


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    Im still at checking for accuracy and have been here the past two weeks also. Filed 1/24…I just called and got through making about 4 phone calls and the represent told me GOOD NEWS your DD is 3/12/19. Good Luck everyone.

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    Kelly. R

    Just got through said the same thing DDD March 12 so you guys know i answered my own question.

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    Congrats eric and candice so i guess i shouldn’t start looking for a ddd til my bar moves to checking for accuracy

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    I think it’s a system issue but the rep says that they can see the update before we can.

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    So my rep said she couldn’t get in my account after like 15 minutes she came back and apologized she asked for my routing number and account number then said if i dont get it by 3/21 to call back but im in processing. Weird right?

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    Got thru and it was approved DDD 3/12/19. After 2 weeks after being stuck in checking accuracy (and still shows checking accuracy on website). Wooooah hooo!!!

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    Kelly. R

    Hey guys my status changed to checking for for accuracy for a little over a week now in two days it will be 30 days since I filed. I obviously like everyone else tried to call but lines are too busy. The status still has not changed. Any ideas on what I should do?

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    u called ???
    What they ask? Is it a website issue?

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    Good news. DDD OF 3/12/2019

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    Kiwi. Let us know ur outcome

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    Yay i finally got threw im on hold now

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    Of course it says that reps have no additional info than what the website status says, and that they can’t take my phone call right now due to high call volume. SMH

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    muhammad ashfaq

    what number to call guys?

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    ‭(609) 292-6400‬

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    @gabe what number did you call

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    Gabe. What number you call?? I in same situation, checking accuracy. Thanks.

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    Hey guys. Good news I think. Min has been stuck in checking for accuracy for over a week. I just called and spoke to a rep and they said my refund was approved with a ddd date of March 12. I guess maybe the system hasn’t updated yet?

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    I keep calling but the recoeding saying too many callers they can’t take mines, any other numbers i can call besides the main one?

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    Mine was accepted on Jan 28th and it changed from “checking for accuracy” to “processing” I believe Monday (March 4th). Last year I was accepted 1st week of February and got my refund March 13. In 2017 I was accepted end of January and got my refund on March 9th.

    The site is so far behind. I always get my refund before it’s updated with a DDD date. I’m having it deposited to a prepaid card, so I think (hope) I’ll get it tonight at 10:30-ish when any other deposits normally go through.

    This state sucks. House is on the market as of last week and we’re outta here as soon as it sells!!

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    @kiwi, if you call please post here with a update. Thank you

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    Kathy Cook

    Mine has been on checking for accuracy for 3 weeks! I efiled on January 20th! What the F????

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    My status went from processing to checking for accuracy on 2/21… still waiting!!! 🙁😡

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    Iwantmy Money

    My NJ status has been on checking for accuracy for 10 days now!! No clue what the hell is going on. Ridiculous!! Has anyone received a state return yet??

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    Maryann farrell

    I’m still on checking for accuracy. New Jersey is the worst at so many things, taxes especially. What are they doing? Manually checking every New Jersey tax refund by hand?

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    Should I call?

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    muhammad ashfaq

    any idea what time normally the status changes on thursday?

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    LF (not logged in)

    Oh and still processing here of course.

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    LF (not logged in)

    @janette last year I had to send in more info but I never been stuck on checking for accuracy. Nj is such a joke

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    Up until last year, I always got my refund before it even hit “approved”….last was the 1st year I encountered “checking for accuracy”.

    The big question is: those of us that had to submit info last year…..and are on “checking for accuracy” this year…..will we have to resubmit this year??

    Glad I have this forum to vent my frustrations with people that understand! We should start a Go Fund me…..”money to tide people in NJ over until they get their refunds” 😂

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    @omg…im not sure I understand what you want? 😂😂

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    I really don’t understand, it already went through processing, why must you check for accuracy and then stay there for weeks and months at a time. THIS DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE 😡😡😡

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    So I never moved off processing, and my boyfriend is stuck on checking for accuracy… what’s the difference? I filed a week before him. So annoyed

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    This state takes the longest. I have lived in other states that for the most part process your state equal to if not faster than your federal. This is horrible.

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    Maryann Farrell

    I agree! The first has come and gone
    Idk anyone that’s got their money yet!
    I guess next year it’ll be April or June

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    I might be jumping the gun. But, what the flip. Give me my money already. They take so quick and give back so slow. Its like the worst relationship every flippin year. GIVE ME MY DAYUM MONEY.

    That is all. As you all were.
    Give me my 💰

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    Do they update after 3am?

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    Still checking for accuracy here 😣

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    Jeez. I need money soon . So broke 😔. Unfortunately my tax refund will be gone as soon as I get it to pay some debt. *sighh.. checking for accuracy for a week now. Accepted 1/31.

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    @candice i keep checking too i wanna know

    #4309973 Reply


    At what time do they update?

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    This is so rediculous. I filed in late January, and need that money for bills! If I can’t pay my taxes late, they can’t hold my money interest free like this. Totally taking advantage of us.

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    I filed on 1/20 accepted on 1/24 and I have been patiently waiting for New Jersey to make a move. No update on my state refund and I’ve also been stuck on checking for accuracy since the second week of February. Already received my federal but anyone who lives pay check to paycheck like I do, knows that check when to catch up on al bills I was behind in.

    Let’s all pray we get the state soon.

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    I just got off the phone with them….I was told that they’ve only started processing returns on March 4….so yeah, that’s that.

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    I’ve been on “checking for accuracy” since last week….I e-filed on 2/8 so technically hasn’t been 4 weeks yet. My question is: why do they state that it takes 4 weeks for e-filed returns when that’s obviously not the case? I really need that money and it’s frustrating that the federal government can send out refunds within a couple of weeks but NJ takes forever!

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    Filed my NJ State on 1/15/19 and it was accepted on 1/17/19. Still “checking for accuracy” on the website. Has anyone received a direct deposit for NJ state refund yet this year?

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    Maryann Farrell

    I guess you’re right. Idk why Sierra mentioned that. Maybe a misunderstanding?
    Mine updated last Thursday to “checking for accuracy”
    So fingers crossed we’ll get a date this Thursday. I hope😕

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    @Maryann i dont think anyone got a date yet to be honest. & i think if anyone is going to get some sort of update it will be over night tonight considering last thursday a few people updates to the checking for accuracy

    #4309668 Reply

    Maryann Farrell

    @Sierra can you let us know if you got your DDD yet? You had mentioned calling the 1800 number, but you never came back and told us what the date was. Please let us know? Thank you

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    Hello im new to this so by reading everyones post im in the same boat my guestion is the checking for accuracy. Does that mean they are keeping it any information is appropriated and for those who went thru it last year what happens next did your refund get approved or should i be worried i really can use that money….thank you everyone

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    @pla – not sure. if i were you i would call the customer service line and see whats going on. could be your info is not uploaded in the system yet. most likely thats what it is. i filed on 1/15 and my info didnt show up on NJs site until 2/11. NJ takes forever with everything

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    Hi, I need help please. I called the toll free number I input my SS# and the amount of refund. I get a recording stating I entered the wrong amount???? I go online and do the same enter my SS# and the amount I get a message stating that there is no information found with the SS# and the refund amount. Some one please help me figure out what is going on. Thanking you in advance for your help!!

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    Lanza I didn’t see anything about owing anything

    #4309471 Reply


    anyone else receive a message with the “checking for accuracy” that states you may owe someone but they’ll send you whatever you’re owed? Is that a generic message that everyone’s receiving while on that bar?

    #4309469 Reply


    Does anyone else have that message with “checking for accuracy” that says you may owe, but you’re due for a refund?

    #4309467 Reply


    I really hope that whatever it’s going to update to, it happens Thursday. It’s so hard to wait!

    #4309348 Reply


    yep i think thursday it is too.. even though it says their site updates twice a week but that seems to be bs. I’ve never been on checking for accuracy either so who knows

    #4309335 Reply

    Maryann Farrell

    I guess the next update is Thursday cvirding to their refund status page. I called the 1-888 number and it just says the same thing. Pretty much wait and see. So annoying!

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    Last year they sent a verification letter in the middle of April, I didn’t get my return until May1st. I sent my information to a tax advocate. I am also on Checking for accuracy. Annoyed….

    #4309322 Reply


    Is checking for accuracy good or bad? Cause i never went to that still just processing

    #4309281 Reply


    NO UPDATES HERE. Surprise Surprise.

    @Ria – 2 years ago i got mine on 3/9 then last year i had to verify my kids and got it on 3/27. and I’m with you in the “Processing” boat. sick of this crap like at least give us some sort of movement. they are worse than the IRS.

    @Maryann Farrell – i dont doubt your theory at all! NJ is quick to take but when it comes to giving it back we all seem to have to jump through hoops and do backflips in order to get our hard earned money back!

    #4309240 Reply

    Maryann Farrell

    Ours has been checking for accuracy since last week. Why do I get the feeling New Jersey is holding in to our money as long as possible to earn interest? Can that be possible? Imagine the amount of interest they make if they’re holding milions of our dollars for 3 months. Every day probably earns them at least a few more thousand. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb with this if we look at New Jersey’s greed over the years. Idk, it’s just a guess, but seems possible.

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    Nothing yet for me

    #4309179 Reply


    No updates here, not like I expected one….

    #4309177 Reply



    Last year I received my deposit on 3/9. So I’m hoping it’s the same this year.. but who knows. I did have to verify my kids 2years ago. They processed that pretty quickly when I did.

    I filled on 1/28. I was accepted on 1/30. My status has been on “processing” since the second week of February.

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    Mines been on Checking for accuracy as well since last week. It’s to figure out how the state process. It’s very frustrating

    #4309136 Reply


    Has anyone updated yet? I found this forum, I been on “ checking for accuracy for over a week 🥺.

    #4308954 Reply


    Me too still processing

    #4308938 Reply


    going by last year it looks like the first batch of DDDs went out to a select few on 3/13 then 3/22 then 3/27.. i got mine on 3/27 year after getting a letter and sending in more info. REALLY hope i get mine before 3/27 this year.. this wait is so annoying

    #4308888 Reply


    @Friendlee728 dont think so! no one here at least.

    Janette – this is ridiculous

    #4308885 Reply


    Still stuck on Processing!!!! Has anyone been approved yet?

    #4308879 Reply


    LF – sister is still on processing

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