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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    I filed my nj state taxes through the mail october 8th, 2018.
    Received a notice asking for more information on november 20th and sent the documents through their website on November 27th.
    Status on the nj website still says “checking for accuracy” as of 1-11-2018 but there isn’t any record on “wheres my refund”.
    For anyone who received those notices asking for more info how long did it take to receive your refund after sending the documents?

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    RICHARD I filed in January and I also am still waiting check once a month and it’s been stuck on checking for accuracy. They currently owe me over 6 years of returns every year they fail to pay me.

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    Where is my refund it’s been almost 10 months and still checking for accuracy, this is ridiculous, in less than 4 months I have to file again and still waiting for 2017 and 2017.

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    I eFiled with HR Block on 4/13/18. I received my Federal in less than 2 weeks. It’s been nearly 2 months and NJ still shows “Processing.” Really???? Last year, it took less than a month. The only thing different between the two years is that one was for 2016 and the other was for 2017.

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    HOLY SH–!!!!! I finally got an approval. I filed 1/29/18 &it was showing processing since 3/19/18. I will get my refund on 5/31/18. So it only took 4 months and hundreds of phone calls. HAPPY IT’S OVER!!!!!

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    Nikki S

    Hey everyone. I finally got a direct deposit date for 5/29/2018. I dont remember the exact date I uploaded birth certificates and social security cards for my family but it was the last week of March 2018. I called yesterday to check for an update. The lady I spoke to said my refund had been approved and that I should be seeing an update really soon. I woke up this morning with a deposit date. So the refunds are coming they just like making us wait

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    Filed 2.17.18 and says processing. Where is it.

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    Still stuck on processing and was told again to call back in two weeks if there is no update. I maybe a manual review. Bull Crap!! Just give us our money!!!

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    still waiting i’m sure there broke and don’t have our money. there waiting to collect it in taxes from paychecks.

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    James H. Jones

    For God’s sake people! My return was E-Filed on April 10, 2018, I then hand carried to Camden my 1099 and W-2’s on 4/26/2018, as requested.. Enough is enough! Again on 5/11/2018 I delivered both again, myself on 05/11/2018. Please what the hell is taking so freaking long to “review for accuracy” on this Senior citizen’s return. Please process my REFUND ASAP, as you are withholding my money. How would you like it if the tables were turned. Poor customer service. Advice: If you don’t like your job, quit!

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    Hey Ashley

    Lets keep our fingers crossed i think its updating now since its acting weird.

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    Still checking for accuracy for me. Was told update will be Thursday. Don’t know what time though? Supposedly I was approved yesterday and to check back next week. They tell so many lies, it’s ridiculous. At this point it can whenever I give up!!!

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    I checked at 6:18 this morning now the website is saying

    We currently have no information for the Social Security number and refund amount you entered at this time.

    This may be because:

    You entered your social security number incorrectly or you filed your New Jersey state tax return with your spouse and your spouse’s social security number was entered first on the return. Try again entering your spouse’s social security number.


    We have’t processed your New Jersey state tax return yet. If it has been less than 8 weeks and you filed electronically or less than 12 weeks and you mailed us a paper copy of your New Jersey state tax return, check back again. Once we have begun processing your return, an update will be available for you here on our refund inquiry system.

    I am not sure if its being updating or whats going on now so i will just have to wait and see.

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    Still on checking for accuracy. as of 5/2 i am not sure when the next update will be. I have never in all my life had to wait so long for my state return.

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    Still stuck on checking for accuracy!!! Unbelievable!!!

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    Still on checking for accuracy i went on the site at 6:40am to check and it was down not sure if its updating or what.

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    Still checking for accuracy Im going to win they lottery before they give me an update! Smh

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    Still on checking for accuracy as of 4/23 4:50am I guess the next update will be in 9 years. smh annoyed

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    Still stuck on checking for accuracy!!! Smh!! Next update isn’t until Thursday!! This is getting to be ridiculous 😩😩😩

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    Nikki S

    Im still stuck on checking for accuracy. I uploaded all my documents 3/29. This sucks!

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    Still stuck on checking for accuracy I received my federal on 2/22 I got a letter 3rd week of march asking me for additional info (my kids BC & SSC & my SSC and letter that tells them about my business. I submitted info on the website on 3/28 went from processing to checking for accuracy I called in today 4/20 only to get someone that had no answers then he told me to send in bank statements (I own my own business) I told him I sent in everything they asked for I even called in first to be sure then he says look i’m just trying to help you in a statistic tone. I’m praying for an update today 4/21 Saturday. Do not give up that’s what they want us to do so they will not have to give us anything back. prolong and procrastinate is the name of there game. when ever they decide to give me my refund it will be going straight to bills.I cant believe its almost may and i’m still waiting for my state refund smh.

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    Hey Ashley

    I cant believe you didn’t get your federal i am so sorry to hear that. I received my fed on 2/22. I sent in all the info they asked on 3/28 I am still stuck on checking for accuracy as well.

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    Hey MRM

    I haven’t received federal or state…I did upload my kids ss cards and birth certificates as well as my 2017 tax transcript on 4/2 still stuck on checking for accuracy.

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    HI there Justme,

    Thank you for all of your help i really appricate it.

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    HI there Justme,

    I’m so sorry this whole thing is just crazy. I am going to call in the afternoon i didn’t want to call because the date is so close to tax deadline and i knew they would be flooded with calls but at this point i have no choice can you tell me when you contact the tax advocate what info of mines should i put in the email? I am praying that there will be and update on Thursday or Saturday with a DDD. I have been looking at nys reunds & there going thru the same thing.

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    3 years and aiting

    So I have yet to rcv’ my 2015, 2016, and 201 return. I called again yesterday and uploaded requested info for the years 2015 and 2016. Apparently, I have to get a 2017 IRS tax account transcript and upload my only -2 for 2017 too. This is soo annoying but whatever. God has a reason for everything right. So I’ll just wait, I have no other choice right.

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    Hi Again MRM,

    Unfortunately I’m still here waiting as well. I called the NJ number to see if they can finally give me more input but the Rep just read the info off the status website. No help at all! She did tell me there is no timeframe for them to process refunds. I asked her what is the timeframe where as if it’s still processing someone would look into it further, she said there isn’t one. My sarcastic self asked “if it takes 10yrs there is just nothing I can do” she said “I wouldn’t say that but I can’t tell you what you could do in that situation”.


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    still stuck on checking for accuracy im sure everyone has gotten theirs no one has been here in days just me.

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    Thank you Justme this is my second year filling with NJ its a disgrace i stopped checking website and started checking here first because the info is more up to date. smh please let me know how you contacted the tax advocates so i can do the same. I saw how to a while back on here but didn’t take down the info because i didn’t know i had a letter coming. I appreciate your help as well i will keep you posted.

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    Thank you MRM, this actually helps a lot. I tried looking for a message on the website but it’s not there. This is my first year filing in NJ, it’s the worst. I’m going to contact the tax advocates. I’m hoping they can find out something for me.

    I appreciate you helping me.

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    @Justme they sent me a letter it took forever for me to get the letter smh there was nothing on the site it still said processing for me but now that i uploaded the it says checking for accuracy and at the bottom it says we sent you a letter etc… I hate sending anything in the mail to any agency so they can say they never got or take there time responding. I guess the 3 of us will have to wait and see. hope this helps if not let me know

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    @Nikki or MRM, how did you know you had to send in additional info? Did it say it on the website? I’m asking because I haven’t received anything in the mail and it still is on processing on the website. I tried calling, however they won’t take my info to check if additional info was requested until after the filing due date. I have had issues with the USPS for years, so it’s no surprise to me if my mail just wasn’t delivered. I also do believe I should have to submit birth certificates or as cards because I claimed non-resident(I live in PA but work in NJ). Any info or advise is appreciated.

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    @Nikki S we are in the same boat i sent in the same info on the same day i will keep you posted. I pray we do not have to wait full 90 days as well.

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    Nikki S

    Im still waiting…..submitted birth certificates, social security cards, transcripts and w2 on 3/29/2018. I hope i dont have to wait to full 90 days

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    Mine is STILL processing

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    Still waiting seems like everyone has gotten theirs no one is posting updates.

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    How long after submitting additional info like bc and ss cards online can you expect to receive your refund? I just did it on 4/2/18.

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    Ok guys, I checked my status this morning and it said my refund is supposed to be deposited this upcoming Tuesday but I have a Netspend card and I just got a text saying my money was deposited just now…finally! Good luck everyone who is still waiting……

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    I submitted my info online SSC & BC for my children on 3/28 and today 4/4 was updated to checking for accuracy i am not sure how long it would be now. I would have to wait and see.

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    No problem . Good luck! If there’s no issues with your refund. Then I bet they’ll give the same message they sent me . Cuz someone else that contacted them was told there same thing. So if that’s the case we will all most likely get a ddd for the same day.

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    Will do.Thanks again

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    Yes I did. Dave*** and they emailed me the next business day. Hey at least I got some sort of answer good luck .let me know how ya do. And remember u don’t have to do it with that form. I didn’t.

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    I’m sorry 1 more question. did you include your social security number with it

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    Thank you

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    Go to NJ taxation page and scroll down to office of tax advicates click in that go to contact us . Click on email and just send them an email that’s what I did. I didn’t use that form ..guess u don’t really have to. Just make sure u include your personal info so they can look it up for u

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    How are you contacting the tax advocate

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    Wheresmymoney**** I just got the same exact email today ….so im wondering how much longer it will be before we see it in out bank accounts ….

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    Ok got an email from tax advocate . It said my refund was approved today. Please give sufficient time for the processing and direct deposit to your financial institution ….. So now im wondering how long from now till I actually get it on my card.. Any ideas. ? . Thanks for the advice in emailing them. I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t done it first thank you

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    Ok I have emailed The tax advocate office twice and realized there’s an actual form that you need to fill out and fax which I was planning on doing today but I just checked my email and I received a response from a tax advocate that says the following:

    Your 2017 New Jersey tax return has been processed and your refund in the requested amount was approved today.

    Please allow sufficient time for the processing of your refund and direct deposit into your financial institutions account.

    I feel a little better even though on the site it still says processing. But I still don’t understand why it took 2 months! Do they not have enough people working on the returns or something?

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