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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    I got my ddd last Saturday

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    I have already updated my withholding allowances through my employer. I would rather have less money taken out of my check and little to no refund from now on than go through this bs again…2 MONTHS and I can’t even speak to a live representative to inquire about MY MONEY??? NJ division of taxation sucks!

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    Jay*** when did u get your DDD?

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    Happy Easter to all, I have a direct deposit date for Tuesdsy. However I’m ride this WMR site to all of you get a direct deposit date.


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    Wow, I’m going to fill out the tax advocate form, I would like to know what’s going on with MY money. My return was accepted on February 5th. That’s almost 2 months! One of my friends filed 3 weeks ago and already has a direct deposit date of 4/3!

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    No update here either. Friday state offices were closed and I had a funny feeling we wouldn’t see any updates because of that.. But I haven’t seen anyone anywhere get any update since the 22 of March. And the last DDD I seen was for the 27 .. like what the hell is going on here

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    NO! no update smh this is ludicrous

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    Did anyone get an update last night/this morning?

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    Jay— I really hope so… I sent an email to the tax advocate office ..but I didn’t do it using that form . So I hope I get a response.

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    There will be a major update Saturday.

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    Have you checked the website tonight to see if you have a DDD? Well if I were u at least check it in the morning when u wake up .. .

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    Awesome …very happy for you

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    Update alert, Update alett


    I just saw a email reply from tbe NJ tax advocate and it says my NJ State taxes were spproved please allow time for direct deposit.
    I will keep uou posted.

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    Jay— the NJ taxation website
    Is suppose to update 2xs a week and they say those 2 days are Thursday and Saturdays but apparently not always …. So every week we check on those days (sometimes way more than that) to see if our refunds are approved yet wit a DDD …so far nada. I’ve been stuck on processing since March 1 St . …just driving me cazy at this point.

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    What’s up with the updates?

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    Where’s our updates !!!

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    Just wanted to let everyone know who got letters I received my money today. I filed on 1/29. I uploaded my documents on March 2. So I did not have to say 90 days. Not even 30 days. Your money is coming. Good luck everyone

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    Nikki S.

    Good morning everyone. I was one of the lucky few who got a letter from the state requesting copys of Birth certificates and social security cards for myself and my children, a copy of my w2 and transcripts. I received my transcripts from the IRS yesterday. I will be uploading all requested documents to the site tonight and start my 90 day waiting period. I will keep you all updated :)

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    Debt was paid 10 Feb

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    Diven Roach

    Jay call unemployment and find out if they let them know that the debt was pain.And if so when.

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    Diven Roach

    My federal taxes were offset on 13 Feb… Im still waiting for my NJ State taxes.

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    Diven Roach

    My federal taxes were offset on 13 Feb… Im still waiting for my NJ State taxes.

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    Diven Roach

    Jay,every two weeks the irs system updates with information about debts being paid.I went through the same thing. Mine was paid on the 9th of March and i got a date Thursday for the 27th.Hope that helps.

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    Still NOTHING

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    I need my funds in the worst way.

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    My Federal taxes were offset to pay a prior NJ Unemployed debt. I know the debt is fully paid, why is it taking so long for them to release my NJ State taxes? Please someone help.

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    @Jackie yes let us know what they say. They are definitely more helpful than customer service.

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    LF– thank you so much. I will let you all know how I make out . I didn’t claim eic or actc anyway, but if I did I would have done the same thing as you . Smart thinking …. I hope I get an update Saturday morning. Im just starting to get nervous . .

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    @Jackie the email address is [email protected]

    There is no phone number on the state of NJs website for them but they got back to my by phone within 48 hours. And I’m assuming it only took that long since all gvmnt offices were shut down on Wednesday bc of the snow.

    Make sure you just write your phone number in there so they can contact you. And do not write that you claimed the EIC (just in case you did) bc it says on the website that they will not assist anyone with the EIC yet. I have the EIC I just did not mention it and she gave me the info I needed.

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    Got a DDD of 03/27
    Updated this morning
    Filed 01/21/2018

    Good luck 😊

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    sent in it 1/23 had the fed for weeks. the state went from processing and regressed back to data received, i assumed i was getting a letter. checked the mail the letter said i 280 was offset to pay a debt. i checked my account and the refund was there, also checked the status checker and it never updated, its still on data received. so i now have my refund, the only issue is my wages were being garnished and i only owed 80.00 since my last pay check and they took 280 out for offset now i have to settle this smh. good luck everybody else

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    Ddo u have the email address to for the tax payer advocate ?

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    I gave up checking the website and just checked now. Approved 3/27 ddd. Good luck everyone your $ is coming

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    Hey just wanted to give you guys a little update. I received a letter a week or so ago but I already knew 2 weeks before that that this letter was coming. I uploaded all my documents 2 weeks before I actually got my letter. On Tuesday I emailed the office of the taxpayer advocate bc I am having a baby soon and really need this money to prepare. Today they called me back and told me I have a ddd of 3/27. So I recommend to email the taxpayer advocate they will get back to you quickly with info.

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    Impatiently waiting…

    Jackie, my return was accepted February 5th as well, still no ddd. Hopefully, we will get one on Saturday. New Jersey is really the worst!

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    Yes!!!!! Finally got my ddd!?3-27 as well thank god

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    Jacks complete lack of surprise

    Accepted on 1/31 and finally received ddd for 3/27. My fiance received the same date and I believe he had the same accepted day. Good luck to everyone. I hope you get your date soon

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    Thank you. I wish you lots of luck. And and have fun spending !

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    Gm jackie! I filed February 1st. Received my federal on the February 15th and now i have checked on here and i was approved for my state for the 3/27. I wish u all the best.

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    Mastergo when did u file

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    Finally got it approved for ddd03/27. It must have been update in last hour as checked two hours back it was still processing. Thank god!!
    All the best to you all

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    Pe when did u file .? I cannot believe I still have no update. Something’s gotta be wrong now

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    Good morning everybody. I’m so excited to share with u that i woke up to an update this morning. My refund was approved for the 3/27. Finally this year is completely done. For those who is still waiting, be patient. Ur update is coming.

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    I agree gblale.. Hoping for an update tonight

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    Im not sure if site indicates if add’l info is needed. It seems for others they just get a letter out of nowhere. We’re suppose to get updates on Thurs & Sat but so far it’s only been on a Sat. Beyond words what they are putting people thru this year!!!

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    Still processing omg this sucks … Accepted Feb, 5 .. Stuck on processing since March 1st.

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    My status still says processing. I haven’t received a letter. Will the status indicate that more documentation is needed, or will it continue to be stuck on that same Processing status?

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    @ Lorianna F I called the state today and they said my state tax withholding wasn’t entered so they assumed I owned a business somehow. Long story short, I have all the other documents except a transcript. I called irs for them and they said they just started processing me on 3/8. So I’m hoping the transcripts will be available next week.

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    Marie, see if you can’t login onto your IRS account and pull transcripts to make it faster.

    As regard the letters, after around 14 days I would consider contacting an advocate to speed the process. Otherwise, they say it can take 90 days which is ridiculous.

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    So I tried calling this AM, even using the rotary phone number and cant get through it disconnects – UGHHHHH!!! No letters this game is annoying!

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