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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    Good morning everybody. I’m so excited to share with u that i woke up to an update this morning. My refund was approved for the 3/27. Finally this year is completely done. For those who is still waiting, be patient. Ur update is coming.

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    I agree gblale.. Hoping for an update tonight

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    Im not sure if site indicates if add’l info is needed. It seems for others they just get a letter out of nowhere. We’re suppose to get updates on Thurs & Sat but so far it’s only been on a Sat. Beyond words what they are putting people thru this year!!!

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    Still processing omg this sucks … Accepted Feb, 5 .. Stuck on processing since March 1st.

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    My status still says processing. I haven’t received a letter. Will the status indicate that more documentation is needed, or will it continue to be stuck on that same Processing status?

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    @ Lorianna F I called the state today and they said my state tax withholding wasn’t entered so they assumed I owned a business somehow. Long story short, I have all the other documents except a transcript. I called irs for them and they said they just started processing me on 3/8. So I’m hoping the transcripts will be available next week.

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    Marie, see if you can’t login onto your IRS account and pull transcripts to make it faster.

    As regard the letters, after around 14 days I would consider contacting an advocate to speed the process. Otherwise, they say it can take 90 days which is ridiculous.

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    So I tried calling this AM, even using the rotary phone number and cant get through it disconnects – UGHHHHH!!! No letters this game is annoying!

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    @Ashley if you have any 1099 forms send them in. My letter asked for the same thing but on the nj state website a 1099 is an acceptable alternate document. I uploaded my 1099s along with a letter stating that I do not own a business I am only an independent contractor for these specific companies. When I called them the customer service rep told me all that is acceptable as well.

    Everyone that received a letter can we keep each other updated here on our progress? This is my first time receiving a letter and am hoping it does not take 90 days like they are saying.

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    Everyone who got a letter can we stay updated here on progress?

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    Hi everyone. Received my letter from the state yesterday requesting Copies of birth certificates and social secirity cards for myself and my children and my transcript from the IRS. Ordered my transcripts today, once I receive those I will upload all the documents and wait the 90 days. Just my luck.

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    State is requesting documentation on a business I don’t have…hell I’ve never owned a business. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    State is requesting additional info on a business they say I have. But I don’t own or have ever had an type of business…I’m so confused!!!

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    Updated this morning to refund approved. Said “We have approved your refund for $——.— and will he deposited in your account on 3/22/18. Please allow up to five days…”

    Filed 1/19 received federal Feb 20 child tax credit eic so I knew it would be a delay but jeez! Stood on processing since 3/1. Good luck to you all. I’m sure you’ll update soon!

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    Mine FINALLY changed from processing to Approved!! Ddd of 3/22! Finally finished for this year!! Filed 1/19 stayed on processing since 3/1. Changed this morning to refund approved DDD of 3/22

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    There site says they update twice a week which has been bullshit cause its only updated on Saturdays.

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    It does seem they are processing backwards, everyone I know who filed later than me has now since got a DDD – meanwhile my dumb ass filed 1-28 and its like they are punishing us. I have not got any letters – I would assume I would have by now, I will be really pissed if they wait 6 weeks to send me a letter

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    I wonder when the hell the next update if gonna be…. I guess im gonna be waiting till next friggin Saturday to see if I update… Geez . NJ is smoking crack this year… I filed Feb 5 . This is just bullshit

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    Accepted 1/22. Still says processing!! Are they counting the 4 weeks as of March 1st, not date filed?

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    i went from processing to data entered, idk why it went backwards.

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    I just hope that I dont get a letter at this point. But it does seem they are processing backwards. Im beyond frustrated now. So now what the next update not til Sat???

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    No update for me n was accepted 1/31. I don’t know what’s going on but this is the worst. I should have gotten a letter by now if I am getting one!!! Another friend of mine is in the same boat n was accepted on 1/31 same as me. Frustrated!!!!!

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    Kristin McGriff

    It seems the earlier you filed the longer its taking them.. Accepted Jan 24th and no update since it started processing. And they just skipped over a 3/20 DD huh..
    Super annoyed 😠

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    Finally got an3/22 direct deposit date.

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    My husband was accepted on 2-14 and got his date tonight for 3-22, I was accepted 1-30 and nothing!

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    No update today!!!!!! Accepted 1-30 so mad

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    Finally ddd for 3/22. Hope everyone gets theirs as well but nj took forever with our state return

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    Woke up to a ddd 3/22 hope everyone else did too

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    Ugh I’m so sick of them this is crazy!!!!!!!!

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    Still nothing damn.. anybody get an update tonight?

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    I hope we get an update tonight…. Or tomorrow Wich ever night they do it

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    I received a letter today from the state asking for my ss and birth certificate for myself and my children. They are also requesting statements from a so called business they say that I have. Never owned a business in my life. Smh!!! This is all a game to them!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

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    Mays Landing Frank

    No updates yet. The general consensus across the internet is that it’ll update tomorrow night (Wednesday and Saturday updates) for those of us who filed at the end of January, beginning of February and we might see something. Then again, I’ve seen handfuls of people who say the same thing. I learned not to believe what anyone says anymore really..

    Fingers Crossed Tho !!

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    This is awful. Did anyone get an update today

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    so my co-worker received her return on 3/13 and we filled around the same time if not a week apart so I’m hoping this Saturday it updates with a ddd

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    I have the most basic refund I filed on 1/27 accepted next day. Got my federal but nj taking forever this is awful all of is waiting

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    Jacks complete lack of surprise

    No worries. Thank you for the response.

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    Twiddling thumbs

    There is a more direct number. In the prompts when using the automated number they give you a number for a rotary dial phone. I’ve gotten through quicker with that number. Sorry I don’t have the number on hand.

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    Jacks complete lack of surprise

    Filed on 1/28… Just still processing. Claiming child credit so I knew it would take longer but this is getting to be a bit much. Was really hoping for and update today. If nothing by Saturday I pretty sure I will be calling. Does someone have a more direct number for them?

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    i filed on 2/1, accepted on 2/3 and have been on processing since 3/2. No other updates since then. Very frustrating!

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    Still no updates…. I feel like they are playing with our emotions….. new jersey sucks…. From now on i will not fill my state taxes until the day before the deadline…. I wonder if everyone did that how fast will they process our taxes then. Im so over it now cuz they dont even want to give info to people who have filed almost 8 weeks ago. Its not hard to tell someone they are gonna be sent a letter so that they can at least know what going on but i dont think they care enough.

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    Kristin McGriff

    This is definitely some BS…. NJ doesn’t mind taking money but drags their feet to give it back. I can understand double checking for fraud but I have no EIC or child credits so what’s the problem :(

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    Kristin McGriff

    Thsiis definitely some BS…. NJ doesn’t mind taking money but drags their feet to give it back. I can understand double checking for fraud but I have no EIC or child credits so what’s the problem :(

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    Still nothing… this is getting frustrating.

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    Filed 1/28 accepted on 1/31 update on 3/1 no letter in sight n called once n said everything looks ok.

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    I think that is normal because if you’re ssn is listed 1st on your return it will be under your SSN so if you where your wives it won’t have any info of her.. that’s normal. But I agree this is just friggin insane this year. . We have got to get an update on Saturday then. What day did you file? And Is anyone having their refund sent to NetSpend card? Just wondering if NetSpend users will get it early or not. Some say they do some say no

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    Still no update but I tried something different. I did my ssn n it was the same. I then did my wife’s ssn n it says there is no record? Is that normal? Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now!!!!

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    Maybe we will get an update Saturday morning ….this is crazy going on 2 months now

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    Mines updated to processing on Sat 2/24 …i just spoke with rep she stated we should have an update on Thurs or Sat. She would not be able to see any further info regarding my status. Whatever i see on the site will be the same on her end. Not sure what to believe especially since those who received letters it didn’t show on the site.

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    Maybe when we wake up Thursday we will have an update ? ???? Cuz so far the only updates I’ve heard of was on March 1st when mine and lots of others went to processing message…(2nd bar) and that was a Thursday . And then last Thursday the 8th when some people woke up to DIrect Deposit Dates for Tuesday. The 13th ….. I thought they say they update 2xs a week well this year it sure as shit don’t seem like im hoping for update on Thursday with DDD of Tuesday the 20th…and if anyone gets theirs dd on NetSpend card let me know if you get it any earlier than the actual direct deposit date. Ok thanks

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    I spoke to a representative yesterday morning. I filed 1/21 excepted 1/24. Still stuck on processing I was assured there wasn’t a problem just said they were being extra cautious .Thr state is verifying the same things federal did plus some extra. She also said they didn’t start processing any returns until the first even if they were excepted early. It could be a long wait especially if you received a Eic. I hope this helped . It eased my mind not stressing it anymore when it comes it will be right on time

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    I’ve been trying to be patient and not stress over my refund but this is ridiculous. I filed 6 weeks ago and I’m still processing. NJ sucks!😩

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    I can’t imagine that all these people are going to get letters there was only a handful of people who got ddd and that was only 1 update

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    It seems everyone that’s still waiting maybe receiving letters. No way of finding out since they won’t answer status questions.

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    I called in almost 3 weeks ago when they told me I had a letter coming. When they told me that is when I instantly went to their site and uploaded everything they needed. Now 3 weeks later I receive the letter. Crazy right. Well at least I’m 3 weeks ahead of the game. NJ sucks

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    No update for me this is absolutely ridiculous

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    Still stuck on processing ……anyone get an update today?

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    I Just got a letter today dated March 5th that came from Trenton NJ to Elizabeth NJ i don’t see how that would take 8 days to get to me but okay. there saying they need more information about me and my dependents. I file for my 2 children as i do ever year. I dont know how long it would take to get refund back now i will have to wait and see. I got my federal DDD on 2/22 WMR still says processing for my state hope this helps someone. Good luck to the rest of you.

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    You can’t even speak with a Rep now. Smh…..soooo frustrating. So many of us are still waiting who were accepted in Jan.

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    Well it’s been 47 day’s today since my state return was accepted. Now you can’t even call the state to ask about your refund. They will only give you the automated system for questions on personal refunds. I am so upset. This is bullshit!!

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    I filed Feb 5 2018– accepted Feb 6
    Had no info all of Feb then on March 1st the site updated to processing and it’s been on that 2nd bar ( processing ) since… Maybe just maybe we will get an update tonight with DDD for Thursday the 15 the …… OR IT WILL update for us Thursday the 15 the and give us DDD OF Tuesday the 20th ….I really hope Im right if niether happens I am calling Tuesday morning the 20th .

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    I filed 1/30 n accepted the next day. Got my ddd for 3/13

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    It’s suppose to update 2x per week, but it seems the only update was Thursday. Im also confused as to why those who filed later received there returns first.

    #4238492 Reply

    Kristin McGriff

    Kferreira…..I was accepted on 1/23 and still just processing…super frustrated with NJ now!!

    #4238485 Reply

    cashnow 22

    still processing…….

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    My state was accepted on 1/24/18 I’m still stuck on processing. I have a couple friends that did their taxes after me and received a DDD. I called the state yesterday and she said that my return is still in the review/ processing stage and she sees nothing wrong with it. I got my state refund last year on 3/7. This is absolutely ridiculous that we have to wait this long for the money we work for all year. I am beyond frustrated with NJ. This is crazy!!

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    Can somebody please tell me when and what time does the system update? I’m still stuck on processing. And i haven’t received a letter yet. Please let me know if u already have yoir ddd and when did it happen? Stressed out now

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    So nj says i have an offset but no clue what it could be (I do owe $20 for a toll I ran could that be it?)…Anybody know the timeline before offsets get settled and they deposit the refund or is there anything I can do to speed up the process. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Kristin McGriff

    For the folks with 3/13 DD . When did NJ accept your return?

    #4237853 Reply


    A lot of people updated yesterday I was accepted on 1/30 still waiting

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    I was accepted on the 2./13/18 . I am still processing as of March 1. Based on the post here, it seems as if the website updates Thursday and Saturday mornings . We should see an update tomorrow , hopefully for a 3/15 ddd.

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    Why haven’t there been an update? This is really driving me crazy. Last year i got my state check by the 3/6. Now it’s still processing. When does the system update? Please help

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    Still processing 😡🤬

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    @twiddlingthumbs I called in multiple times and a few just told me mine was still processing and was fine and a few others looked into their mail section and saw my letter for more information that was going out. I still didn’t get it but I uploaded all my stuff about 2 weeks ago since I know a letter is coming. If you call again ask them to check the section that shows mail on their screen. Bc most of them overlooked it when I called. No joke I called at least 5 times and most overlooked it until I told them to check then they saw it.

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    No update for me it still says processing. Mines was accepted 2/29. This is crazy I keep checking in hopes for change. Maybe another update will be tomo or Saturday. I mean nobody knows if this is the 2nd update of the week.

    #4237495 Reply


    but still do not have a DDD

    #4237494 Reply


    I filed 1-28 – my state was accepted I think the 29th or 30th.

    #4237476 Reply


    Filed 1/23 got my fed. When I put info in state tracker no info comes up.

    #4237464 Reply


    i filed 1/31

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    I was able to get through via phone and the lady said it’s still pending. She saw nothing wrong with the return and if they need something that they would send a letter. I filed joint with child tax credit and eitc. Would they know by now that I need I’d verification or is that something they say to everyone?

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    Still processing for me i filled later than others that i see that say they have DDD for 3/13 so seams as though its going in order as it should maybe the next update me and a few others will have a DDD

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    Wow! Still nothing for me. I’m so nervous now. Hopefully it will update today. Cause alot of u guys got your ddd for the 3-13th. Im happy for u. Congrats. But i hope things change for me. 🙏

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    I got nothing! So aggravated

    #4237316 Reply


    Nothing for me yet. Nj is the slowest I swear.

    #4237313 Reply


    I just woke uo to a DDD 03/13 !!!

    #4237280 Reply


    I got my DD as well!

    #4237268 Reply


    @Lf your welcome and good luck

    I got my ddd 3/13 as well

    #4237221 Reply


    I got my DDD for 3/13 this morning as well.

    #4237218 Reply


    Just got my ddd on 3/13 . 🙄😬😅. Hopefully you all get yours too

    #4237213 Reply


    One person in here only got a ddd? Smh

    #4237121 Reply


    christ i hate nj.

    #4237021 Reply


    Omg guys seriously thank you for all your responses. I been stressed out over all this crap. So I guess it can really go either way. Either I’ll get it in a few weeks or I’ll have to call the taxpayers advocate and harass the shit out of the state of NJ. It’s ridiculous. If I do not see my refund exactly 90 days from the date I sent all my crap in I am calling the advocate. Realisticly this is going to cause a major hardship if I don’t receive it at latest 90 days from now. Thank you all again for your info. @CC @Nay @Stephanietaylor

    #4237010 Reply

    stefanie taylor

    NJ held my refund 2 years in a row because they needed me to verify my children. I’d send things in and never get an update. I ended up forgetting about it altogether. Finally, I was leaving the state of NJ at tax time last year and had filed my 3rd return. I called the office of the taxpayer advocate, they told me exactly what I needed (which I’d already sent previously) I faxed it directly to them and they hand delivered it to the correct place and followed up to ensure it was processed. Had my refund within 10 days of contacting them. LF, I’d contact them and tell them this is causing you undue hardship bc you are expecting a baby and need the money to prepare. If more of us start using the resources available to us to put the pressure back on them, maybe they will get their act together (somehow, I doubt it though)

    #4236860 Reply


    That happened to me last year. I got the letter and uploaded everything and had my refund 2 weeks later. Not even a full 2 weeks. I was expecting longer because the letter said longer. It went really fast. I’m hoping I do not have to do the same this year. I’m still processing. That didn’t even show up until 3/1. I filed 1/30 accepted 1/31. I hope that helps. I’m going to call.

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    Thank you @Nay for answering my question. I guess it will be a nice long wait. I sent in my stuff almost 2 weeks ago. And still haven’t even received my letter. But after my 90 days are up I will be on their asses. I am having a baby right around when my 90 days are up so I need that money too.

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    To those of you wanting to know how long it takes to recive your money after having to send more documents be prepared to wait. I forget when sandy was but the tax season just before sandy hit I had to send in my kids ss cards and birth certificates I ended up having to email them in December after sandy hit and I explained that we where victims of hurricane sandy and needed my money for my kids to have a nice Christmas I got my money the next day it took me 10 Months to get my return. So I suggest u stay on top of them cause u will get lost in the process good luck !!! By the way I’m still waiting on this years refund filed feb 5th accepted feb 6th and no updates since

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    Same still processing smfh!!!!

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    I know NJ is slow with returns but it’s crazy that we have no information at all it’s crazy🤬

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    complete BS accepted on 2/3 a month later still processing? no updates

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