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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    I submitted my NJ NR return in Jan (the first day I was able to submit). As of today my Status is “Checking for Accuracy.” I should receive my refund withing the new 2 weeks, hopefully.

    I”m active military and have been stationed in Mo, since 2006.

    Last yr was the first time I had to submit proof of my residency. It wasn’t until July and multiple calls, getting the “NJ taxation is busy message” and wait time did I get an answer. I also never received a letter as to what was holding my return up. NJ taxation is the only place I’ve ever called where if you don’t call as soon as they open, then you won’t get help the entire day.

    This year I attached Dec 2018/Jan2019 mortgage statement, and my military LES along with a cover letter explaining my status (which I plan to do from now on). Even with that my docs weren’t going into the system correct, apparently. On 7 March they put my NJ-NR on a Supervisory referral. I made sure to call once a week to make sure that they did not require anything else.

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    I filed feb 3 and no code no letters i dont know what thell to think its been on the same processing message since mid feb . i emailed a tax advocate who asked for my w2s and my social security number so that he can look my info up and said to wait a few days they would email me. Soi have no damn idea what is going on. I never ever had any issues before

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    Faith Miseje

    @jackie I recieved mine yesterday (saturday) morning.It got approved with a ddd of 4-11 .I had the code NEW electronically uploaded everything last week and it got approved yesterday.Best of luck all.

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    For those who had the code NEW and had to send info to the IRS to get your NJ tax refund. what type of transcript did u send?? The letter I received says record of account transcript is needed, but the website says either account transcript OR record of account transcript. I already have an account transcript for 2018 I got in the mail, but I don’t have the one called record of account transcript, I wanna make sure I send the correct one since I’ve already been waiting since i filed Jan 23!!! HELP?! Anyone? And has anyone who sent your info in gotten your money yet?? Thanks!

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    Has anyone recieved an update lastnight/this morning ?

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    Sooo mad

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    Nope no update again for me. So its been ovee 2 mobths so now i know theres a problem with my refund. What a fu kn joje . im sure i have to prove who i am with swnding in my w2s and my transcripts. ShTa bunch of bullshit . its unreal that they. An get away with this crap year after year. They just wanna dont wanna give that green back… Losers .

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    Thanks @remy ..ill see what i can find out and i will post. Thabks for all the help . i woild have nevee knownn of u didmt recommend reaching out to tax advoacates office … Thanku. Nj sucks man. I really hope i wont be held i
    Up another possible 30-90 days. Bullshit.

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    Question for those who got the code NEW , I have to fill out a 4506-T to request my record of account transcript, it asks me to put the ending date of the year or period I am requesting, which date would that be?? I need 2018, so am I putting the last day of December 2018? Thanks I am beyond frustrated with this and because I rent, have no mortgage or major credit card I cant request this easily online ughhh also anyone who sent in their info with the NEW code how long till u got your money? Or are u all still waiting

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    @jackie but a tax advocate asks for that info cause they look further into you’re return to see if it’s any codes on you’re nj return.. Be sure to send the info to get the info on what’s going on with you’re nj taxes and keep me posted!

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    @jackie I knew a few people who had to do the same thing..sounds like a code but you just haven’t updated yet to see it..and normally you get a reviewer assigned to your nj tax audit..I would go to you’re local office to find out but it sounds the same cause you can upload or fax info

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    @remy . i emailed the tax advocates office and finally got a response…but he literally replied back and just asked for me to fax my social security number and. 2018 w-2…so that he can further assist me… Does that mean nj is asking me to give them this info.. Or is he just asking so that he can look into my return cuz he doesn’t have any of my info ….. Just trying to figure shit out. I never got any codes or any letters in the mail . i dont know what to think now. Has anyone else just Has to send them just your w2 and he specifically said to fax it and said put it Att: Sam .. I thought when u had to send them info you were to either upload it

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    @jackie thank you! I hope you update soon and If you can’t get info over the phone ask them for you’re local nj tax filed office you will definitely get answers at the office than over the phone, I’ll also keep you updated as well! I really thought we would update at the same time with dd dates 😢😩 but we still hanging in there together! 😂 usually you get it 3 to 5 days before! I had rushcard last year and got it on a Friday and MY nj date was on a Tuesday, netspend and rushcard bank with metabank so their deposits always drop on the same dates on both cards, good luck jackie, keep me posted! 🙌🏾🙏🏾😘

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    @remy wow that blows . cant believe u gotta prove to them that YOU are YOU just so they will give you OWN YOUR money BACK its insane .well at least u called and found out a little earlier than u would have if u didnt call. And i hope you get your money very soon i cant imagine that theyd make u wait too much longer for it . … Yea mine is still stuck on processing … No code or nothing. I filed feb 3. I dont know what the hold up is with mine. I swear if i dont get an update saturday morning. Ill have no choice but to call and try to pry some useful info out of them. . . good luck . ill keep posting. Also curious once i get my approval i wonder how long from the day u get the approval (not the approval date ) will it take to get my funds onto my netspend carf … Anyone have a netspend card that has hot their funds yet for nj ?

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    I was told it when I called last week, I updated today to checking for accuracy with the code but I new it a week ahead cause the rep told me last week! I’m just waiting on my IRS transcript to get here in the mail then I’ll upload the documents.. I’m so fuckin mad but that’s nj for you smh terrible 🙄😑😐

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    @remy. When did u get the code ? Mine still just says processing. Like wtf???? Nj is messed up. They r a bunch of scamers themselves. Holding other peoples money and thenthen having the balls to ask them to prove who they are ….like are you fuckn seriuos. Your who we need protection from .sick fucks …. ALL BULLSHIT .

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    I finally called last week and after all this time I have to send in documents 🤦🏾 I went to my tax guy so we can send nj what they need (only thing I’m waiting for is my IRS account transcript to finish uploading the documents) and it was at least 20-25 people in there doing the same thing! So many people were audited by nj this year it’s ridiculous! I filed in January so I’m hoping once I get my transcript in the mail and take it back to my tax guy to finish it doesn’t take really 90 damn days, I heard some people got it back in 2 to 3 weeks after sending the documents..but fucking with nj we might not see a damn refund till damn thanksgiving ugh 😓😫😤😠 and now when you call they say they are only taking people who need to file their nj taxes they are not giving out info on tax status smfh terrible!

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    I finally got info when I called last week after all this time (i filed mid January) and I have to send in documents 🤦🏾 she said I will be getting a letter and I have the NEB code I still haven’t got any letter yet! But I went to my tax guy so we can get the documents in order and it was about 20-25 people in there doing exactly what I was doing for nj..we were all audited by nj it’s a damn shame! It’s so many people that have codes for nj this year it’s ridiculous 😤😠 the only document I’m waiting for is my IRS account transcript which should be here in my mailbox this week! AND IF YOU CALL NJ TAX HOTLINE THEY SAY THEY ARE NOT ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU’RE REFUND THEY ARE ONLY HELPING PEOPLE FILE THEIR NJ STATE TAX! I’m like wtf! I called today! This year has been terrible with NJ smh! I’m hoping once I send my documents it doesn’t take tax guy said the most is 30 days to get a refund after sending the documents..some people said 2 to 3 weeks, but messing with NJ hopefully we don’t see our damn refund by thanksgiving smh 😫🤦🏾😠 good luck to all!

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    @jennifer. I dont knowbif thats why ir could be taking so long. But i fiked feb 3 and im still stuck in on Processing .they say they didnt even start processing til march 1st. I dont know i havent got any code or letters but i pretty annoyed. .sick of waiting. I hope we both get an updat tinight or at least saturday for a ddd of this coming tuesdsy the 9th or thursday the 11th.

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    @london because I have been filing with NJ for years lived in NJ for years and the only change in my life was my move to NC in Oct that’s my reasoning for them holding my refund from me and needing “proof” it’s just so stupid . I uploaded the documents they asked for now to wait and see what day they will decide to look at them

    It’s my money and I want it NOW

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    Nicole d

    Has anyone been requested to send in more documents? And if so, after you sent them how long did it take?

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    I efiled end of feb. My refund was accepted right away. It was been processing for atleast 4 weeks now. This is my first time filing in NJ. I filed my boyfriend’s by paper and actually had to amend it bc he got a W-2 late. He received his state yesterday and federal today. So why is mine taking so long. I could really use the money right now for my daughter’s as Dept of education took my federap refund. Could that be a reason why it is still processing?

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    @london online when you check your status it will say they sent you a letter requesting docs but at end it gives you the code also

    I got the NER code

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    London jackson

    @ stressed how did they know u moved to nc & where did u get the code at like how did u find out there was an error

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    SO after waiting almost 2 months i got the NER code. I cant believe I claimed the same 2 children ( my children) for 15 years now I am being asked for proof only because I moved to NC. I am so happy I will not be filing a NJ return next year. Their system is so slow. I needed that money to buy Easter outfits and summer clothing for my kids and now i am behind on so many bill. Thanks NJ

    FYI do any of yall know how long after submitting docs online would a refund come in?

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    Has anyone at all in nj recieve any updates at all since last week ? Like wth?

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    If you claimed your kids on your taxes it’s gonna take longer they check people for fraud..people would claim a cat and dog and a turtle just to get a couple extra bucks

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    If mine dont update bynext saturday then there’s gotta be something wrong i filed feb 3 but….last year i filed feb 6 and didnt get mine til April 9 so i bet it will take 9weeks again this year cuz they say they didn’t start processing til march 1 if thats the case then technically it will only be 5 weeks …man they really do suck. Oh and mine updated on a Saturday last year and the year before too… I also emaild the tax advocates office this year buy didnt get respince yet.Last year i recieved an answer back in 2 days ..

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    I just checked it is only 12:30 am but so far NOTHING… anyone else looked yet?

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    So I had to get my return amended because Information was put in the wrong spot so I’m not getting mine back until August I’m sure…not even looking for an update for me anytime soon

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    @london when did you file? I filed Feb 3 and still stuck on processing..i hope we get an update tonight…i heard their is updates on Saturday so im hoping it does update for those that have been waiting…this year and last year was bullshit with the wait….. Please keep us posted anyone who gets an update tonight our over the weekend please. Ill post if mine updates. I wont hold my breath. If it doesn’t I have to call Monday I guess. What a bunch of bullshit…..

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    London jackson

    Where is my nj state refund ! Like what is going on

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    I see I’m not alone.
    I filed and was accepted back in January.

    And I was stuck on processing the whole time. They moved my bars to the first bar, so I finally called the office. They said they needed copies of my w-2s and this year tax return but they have yet to generate the letter. I sent my stuff in 2 days ago online, hopefully I get my money soon. None of my information has changed in years so I don’t know what’s going down in their office.

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    Meghan B

    @ Jenn- go online to and sign up for your tax transcripts. You’ll need info about a mortgage, car loan, or credit card to verify your identity. I just had to look mine up. From there it will give you different transcript options, so just choose the one you need for NJ & print it out. I’m going to submit all my info into the NJ portal I think it will be quicker than mailing it. On the NJ drop down menu in the portal it will ask you to choose the PO Box-I think for our code it is 468. I’m not going to wait for the letter, that will take another month.

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    What do you guys think i should do. I filed feb 3 been stuck on processing ever since. Mine didn’t change today at all. still stuck on the same old processing message. I dont see any code on mine. Ya think i should just upload my docs just incase?

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    So I got the NEW code today and when you do a search, it will tell you the PO Box to assign to when uploading online. I left the document locator blank and will say within two hours my stuff was processed to a rep to review. It says allow a week, but it was quick. To get your transcripts. Go to and sign up to get your online record

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    @Meghan B thanks for the info. Crazy I’ve filed head of household with the same dependents for YEARS..nothing has change lol ok well good to know what I need to send, 1 more question, are u waiting for your letter to come in the mail 1st? If not where are u sending your info to? I’m divorced so no spouse info, oh and how do we get a federal tax transcript? Thanks!

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    Meghan B

    @ Jenn- I have that code today also. That means you have to submit your social security card, your spouse’s SS cards if you filed joint, your dependent’s SS cards & birth certificates PLUS your federal account tax transcript

    I have had the same dependents for almost 5 years now- my youngest is almost 5. And this year they need to verify that I’m not making up imaginary dependents? Seriously NJ?

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    @may I got the same thing today finally moved to checking for accuracy but have the code NEW what does that mean? I filed back in January been stuck on processing since then

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    @jackie I filed 1/29

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    @may when did you file?
    @mario whendid u file? I filed feb 3 and still on processing

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    So I got checking for accuracy finally after 8 weeks SMH

    Code is NWH basically submit my NJ Tax return (like they don’t have it again smh) and my W2’s

    question do I need to wait for the letter with the document locator number or can I submit online without since I will include my social anyway?

    long enough process as is

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    I filled 1/29, been stuck on processing untill today. Status changed to accuracy check, along with a code NEW. It says I will have to send them more info

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    Check today. I was updated to approved

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    Where on the website do you upload can anyone provide info? I have to send my amendment tomorrow…my rent was imputed wrong as property tax and that’s why I have a delay. Of course I still haven’t received any notices and had to call 3 times to get that information. First time the lady said I just had to wait… the second lady said they were applying an overpayment..then finally got the answer..which I confirmed with my tax preparer was true…so I say if you all still have a delay there has to be a reason …

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    Just curious, I Efiled early and it was accepted on 1/28. I already received my federal but there is no information on the website regarding my NJ state refund. I put my information in and it has no record of my ssn. I verified all the information through my tax return amounts and ssn are correct. My boyfriend had his nj state refund offset and it was processed and approved as of early March and we filed around the same time. Should I contact them by phone? Not sure if it would help by calling but I’ve never had to wait this long.

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    Faith Miseje

    @jackie how do I do that? Thanks in advance

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    Called today and was told to allow more time for processing😑. For those who haven’t received any info let’s continue to keep each other updated. THIS SH*T CRAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

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    @Faith if i were you i would go to Nj taxation and upload all you’re documents now. Don’t wait for the stupid fucking letter ..that Will take another 5 weeks too get!!!

    #4319856 Reply


    @Faith – upload all this documents on their site asap . don’t wait for the god damn letter… That way you’ll get it alot faster.

    #4319879 Reply


    My New Jersey state refund was approved about 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t seen a deposit into my checking account. I’m pretty sure I gave the correct information for my direct deposit. Anyone know what the holdup is?

    #4319863 Reply


    So I found out my rent was imputed for property tax so I need to fax over my amendment what is the upload or fax number??

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    Faith Miseje

    So i called this morning and now apparently they will be sending a letter.They need for me to prove my dependents.What a freaking joke .I am so crushed as we are so broke and could have used that money.Fuck you NJ state..seems like the same people get picked year after year for your so called random auditing.Im over it.Good luck guys I wont be getting mine until june.Yall should call to check yours.

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    So for whatever reason my status changed to “checking for accuracy” and now its saying they have no info on my return. Makes no sense, and I tried it a few times, I know I’m entering the info correctly. Is the system down or something? Anyone else have this problem? This is beyond frustrating. Just wish they were more transparent on exactly what is happening during all this time and what exactly the timeline is.

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    No update. I didn’t expect one but i checked anyway. Fuckers 😣

    #4319602 Reply


    @ Shak

    I’ll bet you are right about NJ not releasing anymore funds for March. I won’t be surprised if I don’t get mine until mid April. I’m going to change the withholdings this year so that next year I don’t get a refund, or get a very small one. NJ is greedy AF & hates letting our money go

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    @jackie I definitely agree!!! This is utter bull shit! It shouldn’t take this damn long 😡😠 this don’t make any type of sense! I’m so damn pissed for all of us waiting! And calling them doesn’t result in any ANSWERS AT ALL! it’s like we got pushes to the back of their list…ughhhh! I only heard of Thursdays and Saturdays for updates! I have a few friends and they are still processing too! Wtf is going on smh 😩😞 NJ is the worst! 🙅🏾🤦🏾👎🏾

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    I work as a lash tech and recieve most of my income by cash. When verifying wages does nj take paper receipts? I also have bank statements from cash app but all my clients don’t use cash app

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    @remy and @shak ….THIS IS FLAT OUT BULLSHIT!!!!! wth is nj doing man. Their site says its all done by an automated process. Then there should be no good reason its taking this long . such b.s. .. Do they only send out so many per mo th ? They should be releasing refunds every damn day if uts automated . i just dont see what the damn hold up is. .. So now im wondering when the hell is the next updat “suppose” to be ? We probably will end up gettn oyr the 1st week of april . i hope as soon as possible but i dont have ANY faith left in n.j anymore. Its funny i thought i read that some of the people in this forum have had their fed refunds deducted because they owed N.J money so Nj took it from their fed refunds. .now why the hell cant they take it from the nj refunds…. O cuz they probably really dobt have alot of funds and they snatch up what they can to build up what they can before they even start processing our returns. Cuz if u dont think the big boys are not taking from the honey pot think again. Crooked mfs!!!!! Damn im pissed. Sorry yall just fed up wit their b.s year after year. Last few years have been a damn nightmare wit jersey.

    #4319429 Reply


    @jackie I’m still processing 😠😒 this doesn’t make any damn sense! I’m pissed off! We should not be still processing! Wtf is new jersey doing! Smfh

    #4319408 Reply


    To be honest I think they are done for march releases… that’s why no one had an update today…I think we are April bunch… I’m beyond pissed but I already plan to not have it because Jersey is full of it… I called yesterday and the lady was very informative about my refund but Jersey does some underhanded things… my fed was offset to pay my balance off to Jersey… Jersey took the same amount to apply to what I owed.. now there’s an overpayment…guess I won’t be getting mine until August

    #4319376 Reply

    Angry jersey resident

    If nothing updates tonight I’m calling with a shit load of questions on Monday 😡😡 this is beyond frustrating!!!

    #4319355 Reply

    Faith Miseje

    @jackie..we filed end of Janary 😡

    #4319352 Reply


    Anyone get an update?

    #4319340 Reply


    Still on processing ! I cant belive this shit . i hope you guys have better news.

    #4319307 Reply


    It’s supposed to be a update today.. Thursdays and Saturdays, I hope we are all in it 🙏🏾 I’m sick of looking at “processing” for almost 8 and a half weeks 😓😢😒

    #4319285 Reply


    Is there suppose to be an update tonight or tomorrow anyone know when nextupdate should be ?

    #4319201 Reply


    I filed on 2/8 and stuck on “processing”- I’m getting so fed up.

    #4319165 Reply


    When did u file @Faith ? Yes they are pathetic. Is that state workers are usually worthless or is it the entity they work for thats worthless or both. I know i know its a tough choice. 😕

    #4319008 Reply

    Faith Miseje

    Same song and dance today except now it is apparently in the “final” stages of processes and they are checking our income and wages.GtFOh these people gwt paid way too much for work my 9 year old could do.Give me my damn money 😡

    #4318935 Reply


    I agree wit you @Shak not filling till March. This is just bullshit.

    #4318929 Reply


    Next year I’m filing my taxes in March… everyone who filed late got theirs first… 7 weeks and still waiting… call and they tell me the same thing I already see online.: useless…but if I owed money they would be calling me off the hook or sending me letters non stop… Jersey is full of it

    #4318921 Reply


    My state was accepted 1/26 been stuck on processing FOREVER.. EVERYONE I know filed later than me and already got their state refund, I’ve called they tell me what I see on the website is the same thing they see and I need to keep checking so pissed,but am glad to see I’m not the only one!!

    #4318904 Reply


    they dont update 2xs a week more like 2xs a month. Theyr so full of shit

    #4318870 Reply


    Still processing. I call and same song and dance. Processing. Well no shit. Been processing for weeks. I sent in all my stuff online last week just in case and still nothing.

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