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    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    Ol boy

    Lol @keesha right… I was told Thursday and Saturday today and last week two other days but seem like people updated Thursday Friday and Saturday last week. I’m waiting for mine @ Barry

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    @Barry I was on the processing msg since I filed 1/30 but apparently they are updating everyday or at least whenever they feel like it

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    does anyone know what are the 2 days NJ update the refund site?

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    How long do you be the we are processing your return status? Thanks

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    This has literally been the craziest tax season ever 🙄
    F/A- 1/30
    Federal- “still processing” 570 hold on transcripts called and they said “45 day review”
    NJ- went from processing to “checking for accuracy” on 3/8
    Then changed to “approved ddd 3/14” on 3/9
    (Literally a day later 🤔)
    Today my friend checked her NJ cause her federal already got approved 😭🤣 and she has a ddd of 3/12 😳 like hoooooooow ! Hers was on “processing” YESTERDAY ! How is her ddd before mine 🤯 this is just all wacky 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    Ok. Anyone using the Emerald card for state? Do you think it’ll be like how it was with federal on go on our card tonight?

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    Hi guys! I finally got my DDD for 3/12. Feels like I have been waiting forever for the status to change. I hope it is actually deposited on that date and also hope everyone geys their money back quickly. Til next year folks!

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    If you have a Netspend Card it will go on the card sooner

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    Ima wait til next Thursday to check again

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    State accepted 1/17…..On 3/7 changed to approved with DDD of 3/12. Still hasn’t hit bank account yet, but it’s also not the 12th. I don’t know why some people got it before the 12th, but it’s great for who did.

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    muhammad ashfaq

    I also have a ddd for 12th – but didnt hit the a/c yet,

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    Puerto ric

    Approved on the 8th with a Ddd of 3/12 hit my serve card the same day around 11 in the morning thanks nj FINALLY no more info needed

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    State approved ddd 3/14 🤗 now waiting on federal 🤦🏾‍♀️

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    Ol boy

    Gm still on processing hopefully next week a change. Will keep the non approved updated on my status also please put your filed dates so we can see pattern maybe. (0:

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    Just got approved this morning ddd 3/14. Wasn’t excepting it to change this either but my curiosity got the best and I’m happy it did. Will check in one more time when it deposited. Good luck everyone. Tax season 2019 is done!!!!

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    APPROVED 3/14 DDD!!! WOOOOOOOT IM SO HAPPY LOL. totally was not expecting this this morning . only checked bc of you @Ria!! lol i think you were in the same boat with me for the processing and checking for accuracy. the stress of tax season is about to be over thank you jesus lol

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    My refund status changed to approved this morning! DD 3/14!!!

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    Constance Ishmael

    Mine went from accuracy back to processing online when I call it says please allow us more time to process your return I’m confused

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    My status just changed to APPROVED with DDD of March 13.

    I filed on 01/30 and got accepted on 2/1. Status changed to Checking for accuracy a couple of weeks ago.

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    @traci Do you think you got it because you have a prepaid card? Just curious since sometimes prepaid cards get Direct Deposit faster. Thanks!!!

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    My refund just hit my prepaid card at 12:10 pm today! DDD given yesterday was March 12th.

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    OL BOY


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    What number is everyone calling cause mine keeps saying their too busy to take my call

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    @dorkmath – if i was you i would give them a call and ask why that happened. if by chance there is a letter going out its best to know ahead of time so you can get a head start. last year i had a letter sent out and i found out 3 weeks before i actually got it. i uploaded everything that same day and had my refund in my account before i even got the letter.

    more then one person has said their status backtracked to from checking for accuracy to processing

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    I am still stuck on processing and eic wth! It was checking for accuracy and now back to processing??

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    OL BOY

    So I called lady answered right away no hold said she can’t see no DDD for me as of now also said if someone owe money or if they need add”l information it will tell me on the site and letter will be mailed. But as of now looks like just processing. Said check Monday and Thursdays. I forgot to ask why I have not moved to checking for accuracy. So guess I have to wait.

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    @Janette – yes ! at least some sort of movement.

    my theory is that there was a overload with everyone that filed before and around opening day . like too many people and some of us got backlogged. i filed 1/15 and according to the customer service line they didnt officially accept mine until 1/25 i think it was. so i guess i was one of the lucky ones to get pushed back lol .

    next year I’m going to do whatever i can to file after 2/15 since I’m a pather. but its so hard bc i get all my forms like 1st week of Feb and its so tempting lol i say this every year that I’m going to wait and it never happens.

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    well i just gave them a call and there was literally no wait time at all the guy answered right away so if anyone is looking to call them call now!

    the guy told me i am in the last stages of processing and will be receiving my DDD soon. so fingers crossed i get my DDD in the next week MAX lol

    i am currently a stay at home mom with my new baby so yes, i am very much counting on this money lol

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    OL BOY I filed the same day as u 1/29 and accepted 1/30 just updated to checking for accuracy yesterday. If u call can u update us on what happens, please?

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    OL BOY

    GM, so all the people who updated filed early before the opening date or no. I file 29th I was accepted 30th. Maybe they are on the early filers. Gonna call today just to check.

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    Lf you updated? I’m so happy for you!!

    I have a theory – I’m wondering if the people who had checking for accuracy last year were pushed to the front of the line, so they could be dealt with and out of the way?

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    @Sara same as me i filed 1/15 and have been on processing until yesterday when it changed to checking for accuracy. i guess were in the next round

    #4310545 Reply


    Filed on 1/23, got a DD date of 3/12 today. EIC filer

    #4310523 Reply


    I finally got a DDD of 3/12, must have updated last night or this morning sometime.

    #4310522 Reply


    @omg… same here, money’s going right back out as soon as it comes in.

    #4310501 Reply

    Maryann Farrell

    @olboy they told me the 2 update days were Monday and Thursday , but I’ve never seen it update on a Monday. All I’ve ever seen this year was a Thursday update.

    #4310472 Reply


    I was on processing, changed today to checking for accuracy , husband filed after me and was stuck on accuracy until today approved for a ddd 3/12 … anyone else move from processing to accuracy? I’m about to call when they open

    #4310464 Reply


    👏👏👏👏👏 It’s on its way. Thanks for listening to my crazy. 3/12 I’ll be back in game for 15 whole solid minutes. Until next year good ppl of NJ

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    Ol boy

    Hello I filed 2 nd day of opening my N.J. state still is processing but my cousin was on processing never checking accuracy and got dd today for 12th. Last year I got mines on 12th not sure what’s going on. When is the next update anyone knows

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    @Janette i was so busy today i was meaning to harass the customer service line lmao but by the time i remembered it was 4:32 and they were closed. will be calling tomorrow though!

    @Kiwi i did not call but i will be in the morning and keep you updated on what they say.

    so apparently the site updates twice a week and i remember it doing that last year so hopefully saturday morning us in the checking for accuracy and processing club will get another update since they seem to be making movement finally. hopefully we dont have to wait all the freaking way til next thurs!

    will keep everyone posted when i call of course

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    Finally got DDD for the 12th…I was asked to verify documents last year. I thought that was going to be the case again this year. Thankfully it was not!

    #4310420 Reply


    I FINALLY got my refund approved for 3/12! Yay! I hope everyone else gets their money soon!

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    My NJ state refund was finally approved on the website on Thursday 3/7/19 at about 5pm.. I filed it January 15th and it was accepted on January 17th. Its been about 7 weeks. It says it will be deposited into my account on 3/12/19 and could take 5 days from then for me to see it. I will make one more post when its finally in my bank account. Thanks for all the post and info letting me know I want the only one in this situation. -Rich
    Somehow my Federal only took 2 weeks, I filed January 15th , it was accepted on January 16th and t was in my account on January 30 2019.

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    Status went from checking for accuracy back to processing? Anyone know why it would go backwards?

    #4310373 Reply


    They site updated already because although I called and rep provided me with my DDD when I checked the website it still stated “Checking For Accuracy ” until just now it has move from Checking for Accuracy to Approve and the date. So some of you should check now.

    #4310371 Reply


    LF I was wondering where you were all day!! My sister is still on processing, rep said the same thing 😣😣

    #4310358 Reply


    Direct deposit 3/12

    #4310336 Reply


    Mine updated to checking for accuracy today. I called the customer service today and she told me to checking the website or phone number tomorrow that usually u will see the update Wednesdays and Fridays that they are sending out ddd for the early filers this week and next week. Fingers crossed that we get one soon.

    #4310330 Reply


    I updated to checking for accuracy today so I guess that’s good.

    #4310321 Reply


    Mines still say processing ima check again tonight

    @LF did you call?

    #4310315 Reply


    if theres anyone else who updated today to checking for accuracy from just processing please let me know so i feel better lol

    @Janette if your still with us over here check your sisters for me!! lol

    #4310313 Reply


    congrats to everyone who got a DDD! i have officially updated to checking for accuracy lol so I’m guessing next week for us who just updated to that today will get a DDD.

    #4310303 Reply

    Maryann Farrell

    Yay me too! I didn’t know until I saw you guys all posting! So I checked! Yes the 12 th.
    Thank you 😄to everyone for your support. It helped knowing other people were in the same boat as me.

    #4310300 Reply


    Just got my DDD of 3/12 also!

    #4310295 Reply


    Finally a ddd! Congrats to all 3/12

    #4310290 Reply


    Mine is approved online as well

    #4310286 Reply


    Seems that they updated online this afternoon. Congrats all who has ddd date!

    #4310282 Reply


    Mine is approved on the website now.

    #4310280 Reply

    muhammad ashfaq

    mine also approved!!!!

    #4310279 Reply


    I just checked mine too and I also got approved and have a DDD of 3/12!!! Woohoo.

    #4310277 Reply


    Yes, online my status also now shows Approved and a DDD date of 3/12. Wonder if the inquiry pushed out the website update. Now that I looked through my records, last year’s refund was deposited about this same time.

    #4310276 Reply


    I got through my status says checking for accuracy but when i call rep said that DDD will be on the 12th that they only started processing march 1st.

    #4310275 Reply


    E-filed federal and state on 1/29. Federal deposited on 2/5 (one week!!) NJ rep told me my DDD is 3/12. Was on “Checking for Accuracy” for 2 weeks.

    #4310270 Reply


    Online now says approved and deposit on 3/12!!

    #4310266 Reply


    So everybody with “check for accuracy” getting them ddd’s any still on “processing” called and got a ddd?

    #4310265 Reply


    Current status: checking for Accuracy

    Per telephone rep: approved, direct deposit scheduled for 3/12


    #4310262 Reply


    Im still at checking for accuracy and have been here the past two weeks also. Filed 1/24…I just called and got through making about 4 phone calls and the represent told me GOOD NEWS your DD is 3/12/19. Good Luck everyone.

    #4310259 Reply

    Kelly. R

    Just got through said the same thing DDD March 12 so you guys know i answered my own question.

    #4310256 Reply


    Congrats eric and candice so i guess i shouldn’t start looking for a ddd til my bar moves to checking for accuracy

    #4310253 Reply


    I think it’s a system issue but the rep says that they can see the update before we can.

    #4310250 Reply


    So my rep said she couldn’t get in my account after like 15 minutes she came back and apologized she asked for my routing number and account number then said if i dont get it by 3/21 to call back but im in processing. Weird right?

    #4310247 Reply


    Got thru and it was approved DDD 3/12/19. After 2 weeks after being stuck in checking accuracy (and still shows checking accuracy on website). Wooooah hooo!!!

    #4310244 Reply

    Kelly. R

    Hey guys my status changed to checking for for accuracy for a little over a week now in two days it will be 30 days since I filed. I obviously like everyone else tried to call but lines are too busy. The status still has not changed. Any ideas on what I should do?

    #4310241 Reply



    u called ???
    What they ask? Is it a website issue?

    #4310239 Reply


    Good news. DDD OF 3/12/2019

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