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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund New Jersey- Share your experience with filing your New Jersey Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New Jersey Wheres My Refund? go to New Jersey Division Of Taxation

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    The website updated for me today, ddd for 3/19

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    Nahera Abrams

    I filed my return on Feb 6, 2015 and haven’t received a refund yet. You are absolutely right if we owed money they would definitely charge penalties. I tell you what the problem is the government is spending up our tax dollars on their life styles ect……Taking away from the less fortunate, but yet always crying broke which is a bunch of bull! They are constantly raising taxes and tolls. Where is all of that money going?

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    Mine was accepted around 1/28 and Still “processing” not approved for refund yet. My friend sent hers 2 weeks after me and got a notice that they need more info, blah blah, blah… Did anyone get their refund yet??

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    I filed by the end of January, got accepted and as of today May 16th, the NJ website say they received my return but have not yet approved a refund for me. They owe around 4000 USD. I really need my money back, is there anyway yo bring this up to the media? or something else to pressure them? This is unacceptable!

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    I haven’t gotten my either called the 800 number and got told processing and thats all they

    told me. when i asked why so long since it was sent electronically they had no answer and

    when i asked about looking into it they could/would not look into i

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    My taxes were filed on 2/23/15 and as of today, May 13 I have not yet received my refund. I agree that when money is owed to NJ (which I have owed them for most of my years of working and filing taxes) they will add penalties and interest when the money is delayed. However in reading a previous post, the response from NJ tax rep., there is no time limit on processing refunds. So my wait is without penalty or interest paid, but my delay in payment is…REALLY?!!!! NJ…!!!

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    I filed on 1/23, accepted on 1/26. It’s been over 5 weeks and still not approved. I’ve heard a few people who have received theirs but not one of them used Turbo Tax.

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    called the 800 number today, it is updated to this year, says processing and give more time to process…blablabla……..last year i got mine 5 weeks after filing. does anyone know when they started accepting this year?

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    Smh I am glad I am not the only one waiting for NJ…

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    Filed my taxes – I owed NJ $591 from 2013 which I wanted to offset with my 2014 taxes – NJ owes ME 1240 this year

    Filed on February 4-

    Instead of processing my return and sending me the money they owed me (I would have gotten $649 back with the offset from the State of New Jersey) — They notified the IRS of the 2013 tax and took the money from my Federal Refund

    So now they took the money from 2013 and have continued to delay the processing of my State Tax Return-

    After spending 2.5 hours on the phone waiting for a rep from NJ I was told my refund is still being processed and because the refund wasn’t processed yet they took the offset from my federal

    My (reasonable) question- When will my refund be processed- the answer- there is no time limit on processing- My response- OK so I should expect the refund back around 2020 – her answer- there is no time limit on processing. My answer- OK so I assume you will be paying me interest on the money you owe me – her answer- it doesn’t work that way there is no time limit on processing of refunds and we don’t pay interest on it

    BUT they charged me interest on the 2013 money I owed (it was about $100 with penalties that I was charged from April 2014- May 2015)

    And now with the preliminary audits for people claiming EIC they are taking an additional 90 days to process AFTER they receive the requested paperwork back- which I was told the notice could take up to 90 days to get to me from the time I filed- THIS AMOUNTS TO A MINIMUM OF A 6 MONTH DELAY if you filed EIC

    Verification of the child I claim on my taxes every year that was born in the State of New Jersey and goes to school in the State of New Jersey? Verification of my employment which they have W-2’s for? I am not really getting what they are attempting to verify since all of this information is readily available to them –

    They have no problem expediting the processing of the returns with money due and taking it- and they have NO problem processing the request for the IRS offset the Federal refund – IT SEEM the only issue they are having are processing the refunds that they have to GIVE taxpayers back

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    I filed my NJ return on 01/28 via TT and was accepted the next day. The NJ website JUST updated around 02/20 to show that my return was being processed, but I have yet to hear anything since. I haven’t received anything in the mail either, so I hope that’s a good thing. Unless there’s a problem, I’ve always gotten my state exactly 3 weeks AFTER I get my federal refund. It has been longer than that by now, obviously. I thought I read that another poster around here said that because of the TT fraud thing that processing was taking up to an additional 2 weeks for NJ? Hopefully that means us early birds will get our money within the next week or so.

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    It’s May 5th and I filed on February 1st. …no correspondence at all.
    My best friend has been dealing with this for the third year, now. However, they ask her to identify herself and her son only (different last names) but they continue to do it each year so far. I do believe that it’s going to be at least July 1st before some of us get a refund, when the new fiscal year begins.

    A few people I know got theirs in early April…

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    Has anyone recieved their new jersey state refund that filed on or around 2/2/2015? Still say :ur return is still being processed please allow additional time for the completion of this process. What the hell?? Is there something else im suppose to do that i dont know about? I havent recieved any letters or anything , please if anyone out there can bring me some enlightenment i woukd greatly appreciate it . thanks

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    Still waiting on my refund and am seeing the 5 week processing time. The real kicker: I filed both my taxes and my boyfriend’s taxes on the same day. He owed NJ a small amount and the state withdrew the money in less than 2 weeks. Quick to take, but not to give?

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    I did my taxes on Turbo Tax on 2/13 and received my federal within 10 days. I still have not received my NJ taxes yet. Someone told me today that we might not receive them until October. When I spoke to someone they gave me no information except that electronic filing is taking longer this year due to fraud. I am so upset cause I really need this money to get my car fixed. It would be nice if they could give us some kind of information.

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    I filed and was accepted January 21. It is now April 27 and still processing. No letter, nothing. When I can get through to talk to someone I just get told people who used TurboTax are experiencing delays due to fraud. It’s been over 3 months. This is nuts. My federal was approved and disbursed to me in less than 2 weeks.

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    Filed my taxes on Jan 31 is now April 22 and still have not received my refund even after sending additional information. When you call the NJ tax office they can give no information when it will be processed.

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    Jennifer W

    I e-filed on 2/16 and the state return was accepted on 2/17… Here it is 4/22… More than two months later… And it says it has been received, but they’re still processing it! I’m starting to worry! I used Tax Act to file my taxes… Smh… I’m so confused…

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    Sherry Weatherley

    I received my federal tax refund end of February but haven’t received anything by mail in regards to my state tax refund & its April 15, 2015..

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    NJ state return accepted on 2/18/15…as of today 4/3/15 still in processing….also a week ago or so they changed the 3 week processing message on the website to 5 weeks. Its now been 6 weeks.

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    John c

    My New Jersey state refund was accepted February 22, 2015 does anybody have any idea when I will receive my direct deposit?

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    I filed on Jan 30, got my federal in less than two weeks. Took until the end of feb for the NJ refund site to say it had received it and it is now April 1st and I havent recieved any letter asking for more info and it still only says were processing your refund.

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