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      Having trouble with your netspend card? Do you need to provide docs…Are you waiting for a card? This is the place to help each other out with info and experiences

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        Christina Chaffin

          I have found out I had my 214 tax return put on anetspend card I do believe and I never got the card where is my refund I have touting and account number can I get my refund please

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            I have been using netspend.for.years and.was.wondering,.if state says Refund approved.and sent 2/13 should it show.up today on card

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              Filed 1/22/20 accepted 1/23/20 woke up this morning to a direct deposit date of 2/12/20. Having my refund direct deposited onto a Netspend premier card. I’ve been using NetSpend for about five years now and get my paycheck. Hoping for the same with my refund.

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                Last yr my DD was 2.27.
                But the deposit was there 2.23. @7pm
                NetSpend is 4 days earlier….

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                  If my tax refund was approved how long will it take for it to be deposited on to my netspend prepaid card I got from liberty if its already activated??

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                    Every year netspend released money the minute they received…Im talking almost a week early. Seems like they (IRS) are doing refunds really fast this year. Anyway.hst wanted to let everyone know I love Netspend for quick refunds.

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                      Metabank hadn’t released anything yet. I got a text at 9:30 am CST saying it was sent but nothing has posted & it’s not pending.

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                        How early has anyone gotten their tax return on their netspend card?

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                          Do u deposit ssi or SSA on sat and sun?

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                            I have not had any problem with my card. I am I premier member and I always get my money on time including tax returns. If the money is not on the card it is clearly up to the the place who is releasing the funds. Sometimes they will tell you they release the funds just to get you off their backs. Netspend is good besides the atm fees but using Walmart or a grocery store will solve that !

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                              any luck yet melissa? i filed and got accepted 2/26 ddd 3/6 .. crossing my fingers…. im on eastern time so figured it may be afternoon to evening seeing as though i filed from the pacific end….

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                              Melissa Taran

                                Its 3/3/14 my ddd was 2/26 I have netspend…still no deposit I want my money no I have to have the irs trace it..wth

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                                  Ok….I HAD NetSpend for years and love them, just had too much coming off the card that no matter how many times I tried to cancel it, it kept coming off, so I stopped using the card.

                                  Here is the thing with NetSpend or ANY bank for that matter. NetSpend and many other prepaid credit cards advertise that you can get your direct deposit up to 2 days sooner than a traditional bank. And the reason is, as soon as they receive the ACH (Automated Clearing House) transmission, they release it.

                                  With that being said, the IRS and any processing bank (if you had fees taken out of your refund) has to transmit the deposit via ACH PRIOR to the bank releasing it.

                                  Otherwise, in all honesty, you would just be able to call and say, “Hey, I just got notification from the IRS that my deposit is coming on XYZ….can you make those funds available to me now?”

                                  I personally use another prepaid card that does the same thing, but no one can give you your money before it is available to give. Its that simple. We all worked for that money, and we all want it as soon as possible, but unfortunately, we are at the whim of the IRS and our banks.

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                                    I received my tax refund DD last year Sunday night at 7:30pm PST. Netspend processes direct deposits 24/7.

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                                      I do not think they do on weekends or federal holidays. I have a netspend mastercard, DDD is 2/12/14

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                                        does netspend accept deposits on sat and or sun? im so impatient!!!!!

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                                          Just wondering if any of my fellow NetSpend users have had to wait until their DDD to get their money? I see many posts of NetSpend users getting their refunds 2 days early and even some getting it 3 days early. NetSpend even Advertises that you get your money 2 days faster also. So just want to know if all NetSpend users get theirs early?

                                          Filed and accepted 2/4 with turbo tax.
                                          Approved 2/16 with DDD of 2/21.
                                          I’ll let you guys know the time and day i receive my money. Hoping it comes today.

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                                              Well I received my refund today around 9am pacific time. I don’t know about all netspend users but i am another taxpayer who got his refund 2 days early. I filed free with TT and I’m sure it would have been delayed, at least a day, if they had to fees out. Anyway, Thank you all for your support.

                                              -Happy Spending Guys. Make it count!!!

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                                                I suggest calling netspend and verifying the account prior to expected the return. They put him through all of that because of all the fraud going on. It of course is not fair to the rest of us, but that is life. I got a Netspend card for my 2009 return and have used it ever since. Sometimes when I need to put money on a card but do not have time to wait for my bank to hold it for a day before letting me have it, I will use the card. It can accept up to 15,000 DD. I would just call Netspend (866)387-7363 and ask if there is anything you need to do. I hope all goes well and you receive it soon!

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                                                  My son got his 1 day before, BUT then Netspend froze his account and it has been a week of calles everyday, faxes of everything several times cuz no one ever got them, they let them spend part of it then froze it. then needed to check there w-2, utility bill, ssn, photo id,insurance cards, now if Turbo tax and the IRS ok’d the return why do they need all this, I too am suppose to get mine on the 21st with netspend but believe me I will transfer my money off the card ASAP, Just a FYI.

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                                                  is netspend having problems putting refund on card???please tell me NO!!

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