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      This is my 1st year using netspend with my income tax.. can u give me any info on if this was a good or bad choice.. on when deposit showed into accout.. etc..

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          It’s 11:47 pm on 7/21 My DDD is 7/22. Anyone know what time I’ll be getting my refund? Netspend user.

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            I got my card as directed. Got online, activated the card, no issues. WMR 3 bars says: March 10 it was sent. March 15th rolls around still no refund deposited in my account. This is the first year I’ve used NET SPEND. So far- NOT A FAN. This is what I deserve for being too lazy to look up the bank information of my bank account when doing taxes and just opting for the easy NETSPEND.

            Anyone know why it would take so long for me to get my tax refund? Thanks

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              My dd is the 19th going to my net spend card has anybody gotten thiers early?

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                They won’t transfer it but if you go into an ace check cashing place or wherever they say for your area, they can cancel the mailed one and give you a temp card on the spot on the account the money is on.

                Last year I had to replace my card. Requested it the day I filed and my refund came 5 days earlier than the card. If you plan on using it beyond taxes, you call back after your money is spent and reorder a card with your name on it. They have to call the one in the mail in stolen to do a temp on the spot. I only use mine at tax season and I never reordered with my name, but this temp card is still workin just fine. Well in theory since they won’t tell me when I’ll get money! Netspend says it’s ready, however I’m .50 negative right now… LOL…don’t call to check your balance, they charge .50 cents

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                  I haven’t gotten my new netspend card yet. My refund has been deposited but I have an old netspend card that’s active. Can they transfer my funds to that card? I’m so frustrated. It was shipped on the 9th.

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                    I filed 2/1 wmr said refund would be sent to netspend card 2/9 still no deposit. I used turbotax to file and chose the absolute zero option so no fees were deducted. I’ve been using turbotax for 6 years and have never waited this long for my refund.. wmr has all 3 bars and netspend says they can not track any incoming deposits that once funds are received ill be notified. Also contacted meta bank who is the netspend bank and they can not look into it until 2/14 which will be 5 days since its sent funds. I’m hoping I will get my refund tomorrow since I had no luck today. Anyone else having issues with netspend dd?

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                      I filed 2/1 wmr said refund would be sent to netspend card 2/9 still no deposit. I used turbotax to file and chose the absolute zero option so no fees were deducted. I’ve been using turbotax for 6 years and have never waited this long for my refund.. wmr has all 3 bars and netspend says they can not track any incoming deposits that once funds are received ill be notified. Also contacted meta bank who is the netspend bank and they can not look into it until 2/14 which will be 5 days since its sent funds. I’m hoping I will get my refund tomorrow since I had no luck today. Anyone else having issues with netspend dd?

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                        Okay so I filed on Feb 3 I still haven’t received my card. I guess it will be the whole 10 days…

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                          I have NetSpend SkyLight WMR says deposit was posted on February 6th… Still have not got it as of February 9th. Im really frustrated. Idk whats going on

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                            Filed and accepted 1/30/15, just checked Netspend DD hit at 10:55p Central time. Four days…I’m amazed. Good Luck everyone! 20150502 was my code

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                              Hi all just wanted to let you know my experience of today. I filed with TT….chose to have my fees taken out….and had an offset. filed and accepted on 1/20 and got a DD date of 2/4. i checked SBBT website and they have received my funds today and transferred to my bank (NETSPEND) today so it will be there tomororow. I chose ot have my refund put on a netspend card which arrived well before my DD dcate . in past years experiences i have chosen to both taken fees out of refund and pay with my credit card….only last year was it delayed by one day but i think there was an overall delay of dd’s for one day. every other year it has always come on the date the wmr website says or prior to that date. it is true the IRS sends sbbt your money before the date you see on the wmr website so that you have it on the date they say. hope this helps everyone.

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                                I just received my refund on my netspend card and my ddd is 2/4/15

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                                  hello my tax refund was accepted on jan28th. on jan 30th my netspend card was credited for 585 but on wmr tool bar it wasnt approved yet. today 2/3/2015 the wheres my refund says dddof 2/4/15 could that have been my refund or not

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                                    I have a net spend card. I filed my taxes on January 26. Was approved the same day and was told my DD date will be February 4. It is February 3 10 AM and still no money. I thought Netspend was supposed to get your money to you 2 to 3 days earlier?

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                                      I was accepted 2-20, approved 2-28. My deposit date is 2-4, I too have a Netspend card. I checked it tonight and there’s no money on my card, and WMR still showing only two bars. Not showing as refund sent yet. So I’m expecting not to see it until 2-4 as it stated on WMR. No early money for me I guess.

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                                        Ok I filed with liberty tax on 1/26, it was accepted that day. I have a dd of.2/4 I set up dd with netspend. Sat irs approved. This afternoon I had the money on my card. Good luck!!

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                                          has anyone ever left one number off the netspend account? if so how long did it take to get a paper check

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                                            @leslie I did that last night and I came home and activated the card then called netspend and they said it wasn’t possible that it has to be a card with my name on it….and no I don’t have any fees being deducted. Can u give me any tips on how to get this card I bought added to my netspend account so I can access my money? Thank you

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                                              @leslie m. Have you heard of any one personally doing this ? I just tried and the man on the line said that my card was too new to do a transfer ?? I think im going to call back and try to get some one else

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                                              Leslie M

                                                @Travis – Go to a Dollar General store and get a card. After activating, call Netspend, give them your info, and they will transfer funds to the other card until you receive yours. Did you have fees being deducted from your refund?

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                                                  My refund was deposited into my netspend account but I haven’t received my card yet and I can’t access my money yet. Does anyone have any idea or way to get my money? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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                                                    *VERY IMPORTANT INFO FOR NETSPEND USERS*

                                                    This may be common knowledge to some, but it wasn’t to me so I feel compelled to pass it on.
                                                    NetSpend charges $2 every time you make an ATM withdrawl, and that they limit the amount you can take out daily. I recently found out that you can avoid all of those fees, and get as much as you want by simply going inside of ANY BANK, (even if you’re not a member) and ask for a cash advance. NetSpend will only charge .50, and the bank charges nothing for the transaction. I have done it at least 5x now at different banks and the same applies at all of them. Also, you can go online and log into your account and set up overdraft protection. It allows you to overdraw your account for up to $100 I believe, and you have 24 hrs to put it back. If you fail to get your balance out of the negative after 24 hrs, they put a $15 charge onto your card. Sometimes people have emergencies and this information might be useful.

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                                                    Anxious Matty

                                                      Helllllooooo refunders. I did my taxes on TT and was accepted on the 16th, got my NS Card on the 24th…no transcripts yet tho….anyone have any theories or in the same boat? My return was super simple, $1211 coming in. I’m expecting the 4th like last year and I filed around the same time.

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                                                        I got my refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes just check my netspend it there

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                                                          WaStateMomma…….It may seem like a headache to have to send in all of that identifying info to get access to your money but think of it as protection for yourself. Truth is that identity theft is very big these days and if protecting your money means confirming who you are, especially 17k, its worth the small hassle. At the moment when we want our money it seems like a headache but it is worth it. I have had my identity stolen and they tell you nothing about who did it even if they know (they being the companies that accounts or jobs were in your name that you knew nothing about until it was brought to your attention) Somebody can ask me a thousand questions to make sure I am really me. Its worth it.

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                                                            Im jealous! :)

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                                                              Just got my refund !! I’m a net spend user! :)

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                                                                My best friend just got notified by NetSpend that her refund was deposited today! I am hoping that means mine will be soon!

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                                                                  A few years ago I put the wrong bank name and nothing changed. Still got my refund within a week.

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                                                                  fox mccloud

                                                                    Hi, for the direct deposit “bank name” information I put netpsend instead of metabank. Does anyone know if this will slow the process down?

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                                                                      I have a question. I’ve had a Netspend card for about a year. This is my first time having refund deposited to my card. I got transcripts this morning so I tried to log on to my Netspend account to see if I had any deposits and it said my account is locked to call Customer service. Anyone ever had this issue with Netspend?

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                                                                        Just got a text alert from Netspend…,thought it was my fed income tax deposit….Nope. It was SSI. Maybe tomorrow for the big one. Fingers crossed.

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                                                                          I filled on the 17th and got my card yesterday

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                                                                            I filed my taxes on the 8th this year and got my card in exactly a week. I used netspend last year also and got my deposit three days early also before wmr even updated but I got it at around noon.

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                                                                              Yes, it is a good choice, you will get your tax refund fast. Just watch for it. You will see.


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                                                                              Chris g

                                                                                About the netspend cards… I’ve been having my tax refund DD into my netspend account the past 5 years. Every year, its hit my card 3-4 days before the official IRS date. This is because they make funds available as soon as they receive notification about a pending deposit.

                                                                                Netspend will still receive the money even if you haven’t got your card in the nail, but they won’t make it available until you have activated your card. So for example. Say netspend gets told that they are gonna get a direct deposit from the IRS for 5,000 on February 2nd, but you don’t get your card until February 5th. When you log onto netspends website, it’s gonna say you have 0.00 balance. It won’t even show it as pending. As soon as you activate your card it becomes available.

                                                                                I had to order a replacement card a few weeks ago, I live in New York, it took 6 business days.

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                                                                                  I ordered my Netspend card when I filed on the 20th and I have still not received it, but I did log on to the website and set up my account. And I was able to somewhat track my card. I know that it has been shipped.

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                                                                                    Yes I had my refund and payroll deposit to my Netspend card for years because you get you money 2 days earlier. I also lost my card before and went into family dollar and got another one and they added that card to my account so I can access my funds until a new card come in the mail. Great card,

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                                                                                      Has anybody received their Netspend Card Yet?? If so, How many days approximately did it take to come????

                                                                                      Thanks Amanda☺️

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                                                                                          SBBT only works if you had your filing fees taken from your tax refund. Otherwise it goes straight to your personal account.

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                                                                                            Did any other netspend users get anywhere on that website?

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                                                                                              Last year my ddd was 2/20 but I got my refund on 2/19 around 6:30 pm pacific time. I filed about 2 weeks early and didn’t get my refund for 6 weeks. This forum helped me stay semi sane! lol

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                                                                                                Thank you so much Chastity. Makes me feel more at ease.

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                                                                                                  Netspend users filing through turbotax. Here’s a link from metabank where you can find out if the IRS is planning on depositing your money into the account. Very handy.

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                                                                                                    The actual mailing of the card has nothing to do with the direct deposit account being open and ready to accept your return. It will go through even if you haven’t received your card. Just like when people open back accounts online, they get their card later in the mail. Technically they could go into any branch and deposit money or withdraw even without having a bank card. No worries.

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                                                                                                      I am curious. This is my first year using the NetSpend card. I have always used my Skylight or HR Block card before. But I was wondering, if my deposit is made before I receive the card in the mail, will it actually deposit or will it kick back and such??

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                                                                                                        i never had any problems with the net spend card.. Also my husband and I always filed joint and turbo tax always only had his name on the card.

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                                                                                                          My husband wasn’t on my net spend card and we filed joint

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                                                                                                          Kristi h

                                                                                                            Yes if you have a joint return, both names need to be on the Netspend account.

                                                                                                            It’s not something you can do online, it has to be done by calling in.

                                                                                                            Now that doesn’t mean the joint filer has to have a card to your account, they can simply be added by you so any deposits made in their name, or jointly with yours, will not be rejected.

                                                                                                            It’s a fraud prevention measure that all the cards have.

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                                                                                                              Both names??

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                                                                                                              Kristi h

                                                                                                                Whoevers names are on the refund need to be on the Netspend account.

                                                                                                                If it’s not, call asap and explain so they can possibly expedite adding…if it kicks back you’ll be waiting for a paper check.

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                                                                                                                  Does primary tax payer have to be cardholder? Im cardholder and wife on joint return.

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                                                                                                                    I have been a Netspend user since 2007.

                                                                                                                    I found out, due to another larger payment (an adoption reimbursement) that my husband had to be on the account. I faxed in his information, and they immediately released our reimbursement.

                                                                                                                    Every tax year, it’s our account of choice, even over our bank account.

                                                                                                                    My DDD has consistently been on a Wednesday for the last 2 years. I have gotten my refund the Sunday before, between 9:30-10:30 my time (PM).

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                                                                                                                      I used them my first year with tt. Only problem I had was that I received my refund but hadn’t received my net spend card yet. Good thing I had one from 3 years prior and they were able to transfer the funds!! But I did receive my money quicker than irs website was updating :)

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                                                                                                                        Netspend for us was a nightmare. We had a rather large return. We red the cardholder agreement and it states that tax returns will be accepted up to 50K. Ours was around 17. Once netspend received our money they froze our account. We had to fax in copies of all w2s, all pages of our tax return, our ids, our ss cards, a utility bill, insurance cards. And they all had to have the same address as on the tax return. Luckily for us we hadn’t moved or anything so all info matched. Once netspensd received our faxes they said there was a two week processing time for the documents we faxed. We finally received our money about 10 days AFTER our DDD. Ive heard other people telling the same story. I hope this doesn’t happen to you!1!

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                                                                                                                          u get ur deposit before u would with any bank last three years netspend gives me my $ 2-3 days before my ddd

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                                                                                                                            I have used netspend the last two years no problems with them

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