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      Has anyone using netspend got their money yet? Did you get it before the DDD on WMR? How many days early?

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            I have a DDD for wendsday. I have netspend and ALWAYS get my pay checks early. I’m hoping for my money today :)

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              Yes!! I highly recommend Netspend. This year I split my return across three accounts. I was able to view my account transcript on thursday, my netspend showed up overnight Friday and the other two (one with my bank and another with have yet to appear. Next year I am using Netspend all the way. I had read about people getting their returns quicker but I just wanted to test it out and I am going to say you get it as soon as it is transmitted; it appears they do not hold it at all. So it could be from 2-4 business days sooner. I am not due my deposit until Weds and I have had my funds since Friday.

              Oh and my bars finally updated to approved with the deposit date for those that are curious about that part ;)

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