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      i figured id start a post for all of us who have cards that post right away (netdpend, rush, etc) who have already been processed thru sbbt. Please start posting when $ is on yr card AND ALSO A QUESTION does everyone think we will get our $ today since sbbt has released it or will netspend not have it till tomorrow

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        when did sbbt resource your money? @hungry


          LUCKY!!!! So lucky!! I just checked GreenDot, nothing yet.


            lucky you! i just checked mine, not there yet


              Money just went into my nespend account at 1:17 eastern time from sbbt. yayy


                Hello. Anyone on here using or ever used Money Network card? Any deposits yet or any previous problems with this particular card?


                  When I checked SBBT earlier, under dispursment details it didn’t have very much info, however when I just checked back it said my amount and Dispursed to my customer id number and under note it said “GREENDOT”.. So I believe they just recently released them.


                    This is my third year using Green Dot. The last two years played out like this…. I was able to see my funds on SBBT first thing in the morning (7am-9am). My first year they released my funds at 10 am PST! The year after I received my funds by 3 pm PST. The funds will come through today I am positive. It is just a matter of time until it does.


                      @beverly Go to you will need your social, Filing status and amount of refund.


                        @MCRT88, Ya, I have always gotten my work DDD on time, never held or delayed… I think some people just like to say shit to make others worry. Keeping positive thoughts right now! By the way, I’m trying to check my GreenDot balance and it keeps saying, balance info unavailable try again later. Could be updating?? Or maybe too much traffic??


                          When I try to log in to Walmart Money Card (Greendot) it says they are having technical difficulties and to try again later. Lol. DAMNIT. I have been checking religiously.


                            How do you check SBBT? I just got my netspend card today, no dd yet. Filed and accepted on 23rd. one bar trans blank.



                              I just looked at the GREENDOT faqs and the only mention of anything taking 2-3 days is for a standard bank transfer, which is where: you enter your bank information on the greendot site, they verify your bank account (Chase, BOA, Etc.) and then you can have money transferred from your account at your bank to your Greendot card directly. They said THIS takes 2-3 business days, but I HIGHLY doubt they hold ACH transfers for that long because I have always had my work DDDs immediately and my state refund came through immediately.


                                someone on another thread on Facebook/Greendot is saying that she spoke with a greendot rep who told her that when they receive the deposit they hold it for 2 business days. I’m hoping this is completely false, why do ppl try to scare others? Based on everyones experience here I’ve heard Greendot posts as soon as the deposit is received. Im sure the same with Netspend, Blue, Vanilla, Rush, etc.


                                  last year mine came at 12:06 netspend/ central time on Feb 6 so im praying for the same thing im starving


                                    I am hoping that we have it today since for most Greendot, Netspend, Etc. ACH deposits post immediately and they post all throughout the day and some even deposit ACH in real time. It is just gonna depend on how long it takes to bounce around and finally get to its destination. It would be really awesome to have it before the end of business today. I have Wal-Mart Money Card (Which goes through GreenDot) and I know that my state return was sent out from state between 12-3 AM and I received it at like 10-11 AM. Here’s to hoping! :)


                                      Last year my money posted that morning and I got it that after noon on my netspend card


                                        I have Bluebird by American Express and last year my funds posted as soon as SBBT sent them, this year I still have nothing, I called Bluebird and they say they see no pending deposit at all… sort of odd because a few weeks ago my paycheck( direct deposit) did not deposit and the rep told me the can not see any transaction until it posts… I wonder which statement is true.


                                          I am using GreenDot and I really hope the money is there today! No word yet.

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