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    I have a DD of 2/24 and SBTG update to funding around 7am, and still no deposit or alert to incoming deposit from Netspend. In years past SBTG would process distribution by 11am and I would see a deposit with Netspend between 3-4pm. Where is all my Netspenders?

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        Anyone Get their DD?


          Nothing. DDD 2/24/2022


            I have net spend and still nothing sbtpg took there funds and wheres the money at not on my net spend that’s fosho


              Fingers crossed I had also saw where it was mentioned if refund is over 10k banks like netspend were holding and doing fraud checks on people which I’m pretty sure isn’t true but until I have my refund I don’t tryst none of these banks or irs! Lol


                I got my SBTPG update this morning and still no update either. I’m hoping it hits late tonight or tomorrow.


                  Oh I didn’t see that post. Feel like Netspend is always hit and miss. I just kept it on this card as it was easier to not change anything.


                    Just posted about this of the lat 4 years 2021 2020 ans 2018i got mine on netspend by 430-440pm est and 2019 was 930pm the night before so here’s to 930since 430 was a bust

                  Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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