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    Please post here when NetSpend card deposits start to roll in for 2-26 DDD!

    Thanks and happy taxing!!!

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    Fees or no fees taken out?



    Netspend just dropped into my account. My dd was for 2/26/2020. I’m so shocked. I hope you guys get yours too.




    Congrats! 💃🏽🎉
    The excitement has begun!



    PayPal with no fees or advances is starting to drop also!!


    Maggie H

    Sorry DD 2/26



    @Maggie H. Awesome!!



    @liltxman. Congrats!! It should be starting for the NetSpenders!


    Maggie H

    My deposit just hit my netspend acct 838pm (CST) DD 2/27



    My 2/26 deposit just hit my netspend/Bancorp account at 8:30 CST

    Good luck to everyone else!



    Another hour and some should start hitting 💰



    Hopefully soon tonight


    Chime User.

    Since netspend and chime both use Bancorp will chime start deposits after 9pm too?

    DDD 2/26




    You are correct! Netspend users will start posting after 9pm EST. I received last year’s deposit Sunday 2/24 @ 10:30pm EST. Was due 2/27.

    Anticipation is maddening! LOL



    Still waiting on ours. Skylight card by NetSpend.



    Just found this on the federal reserve ACH site

    The Federal Reserve Banks funds transfer business day begins at 9:00 p.m. ET on the preceding calendar day and ends at 6:30 p.m. ET regardless of the Reserve Bank’s geographic location or time zone. For example, on a Sunday, the Fedwire Funds Service will open at 9:00 p.m. ET with a cycle date of Monday, although transfers sent from 9:00 p.m. to midnight ET on Sunday will settle in real time on Sunday



    I have not used NetSpend BUT I have been on this forum for several (7 years) and can tell you… every year most people who have paid fees upfront or filed for free AND are having their refund sent to their NetSpend card AND have had a DDD for a Wednesday, have started receiving them the Sunday night BEFORE their DDD. You can search the previous year’s forums and see.. it happens every year.



    I did netspend last year. I received my refund Sunday around 1030 I believe.



    Netspend bankcorp ddd 2/26 turbo tax with fees coming out? Anyone else in my boat?



    I have Bancorp though, don’t know if that makes any difference with Netspend.



    Yes I can confirm that, my ddd was Wed 2/27 last year, I got mine that Sunday before on 2/24 at around 10:36 pm EST. No telling how it’s gonna go this year though. But we shall see in a few hours lol. I’ll be back…..



    @newyorksfinest I have looked back at 2019 and dug through some of the post at this time of year and can confirm I’ve seen post saying they receive DD on sunday night @ around 10-11pm EST.



    Can anyone look thru last year’s forums and check/see if ppl started to get deposits to NetSpend on a Sunday??

    I tried looking but started to get a headache lol I just want this to be over!

    I’m just blessed to even have a DDD, I see other’s still stuck on wmr smh, I am so happy I updated to a DDD I don’t even care if I get a early deposit or not, I know I’ll have my funds by Wednesday morning lol #simple



    Will update when I get mine. DDD 2/26, Going to a netspend (metabank) prepaid. Heres to hoping. According to Tigerlili we should have some movement for netspenders @ around 9pm EST. Good luck everyone, I’m gonna take a shot and see what happens.




    Yes! More good news we might get a early deposit!!!




    Last year I filed EITC, and got my DD on Netspend and it came on a Sunday night at 10:40pm.



    I think they’ll release early, I just don’t think it’ll be as early as tonight lol,

    I bet NetSpend will hit between tomorrow morning and tomorrow night tho.. they always release the day before or 2days before actual deposit date

    I don’t have any fees being paid either,

    I did Free file, and just chose DD to my NetSpend, so I’m hoping for a early deposit sometime between now and Wednesday morning LOL



    SO many topics are like yahoo click bait, all caps and extra naked me the think ehh never mind



    After 10pm



    I’m losing hope for us Netspend Metabankers :( I feel like the irs will release the actual day of being 2/26



    Metabank …waitingggg



    Netspend card holder DDD 2/26. Still waiting on deposit. Anyone else get theirs yet?



    I’ll let everyone know when I get my deposit as well, I’m having my refund deposited onto a NetSpend card, it’s a Meta Bank NetSpend card to be exact

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  • The forum ‘2020 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.