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    Please post here when NetSpend card deposits start to roll in for 2-26 DDD!

    Thanks and happy taxing!!!

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    Why didn’t my direct deposit hit my NetSpend card for my unemployment today at 8:50 p.m.

    Katrina Jiles

    You guys close one of my accounts $256 of my money was on that account you said a check will be mailed my check did not come I need my money


    NetSpend down for me too


    NetSpend down for me too

    Netspend down

    Is Netspend down? I can’t access the netspend app and website. What is going on??


    Finally got it thanks everyone for all the helpful info this year ✌

    Ms C

    My refund just deposited I called SBTPG and on their automated system it said that my refund had been deposited . I checked on their site and it showed my routing and Account number and it didn’t show that this morning. I’ve been checked my Net Spend account and the money has been deposited I didn’t receive any notification text or email from Net Spend so check your card

    Ms C

    My refund just deposited I called SBTPG and on their automated system it said that my refund had been deposited . I checked on their site and it showed my routing and Account number and it didn’t show that this morning. I’ve been checked my Net Spend account and the money has been deposited I didn’t receive any notification text or email from Net Spend so check your card


    Netspend hit for me today at 11:18pm eastern time. Accept on 1/31/20 ddd 02/26/20.. it came on the same day.. just not early like it usually would.. HAPPY TAX SEASON EVERYONE


    Metabank netspend 2181


    Mine just dropped! Finally after making myself literally sick from worry. EST 11:01 East TN


    Mine just hit. Cali 7:57pm metabank.Perfect timing. Good luck to everyone! I hope we all learned our lessons this year. See yall in 365.


    Netspend hit in SC also!!!!! See y’all next year 💃🏽💃🏽


    NetSpend just hit😁😁 I’m in Cali!!


    Got mine, NV!
    Metabank, netspend


    I got mine yall it’s coming!


    4742 Netspend just hit!


    I guess no one understands how banks work unless you are getting a check from the irs some bank has to send you the money so if the bank deposit your money at the close of business which all banks do it them gets sent to your bank with process or over night


    @sammygirl…. it’s been stressful day 🙈😂…. hopefully we are almost done


    @Tbabbs that’s been me all day long 😂😂


    Mine shows the account numbers how long does it usually take? Up to the full two days it states to wait?


    Came upstairs and saw a text from netspend thinking it was my refund depositing….. nope just disneyplus taking out there monthly fee…… bastards😂🤣


    It still doesn’t show a routing or bank acct number. But there’s now a big green circle showing what fees went where.


    If youre on your phone turn it sideways view while on the SBTPG website.


    How do you all get the desktop version? I don’t have that option


    Update. . . go to the SBTPG and use the desktop version. Your routing and account number should pop up. That means it has been sent out. Theres hope you guys!


    I will never file with turbo been filing with them for years never had to pay now that I did my taxes won’t be on time it said 26th then where the helll are they


    This shit is unreal. I have never had a problem with sbtpg but this year is crazy. They updated my deposit to 2/26 going to a netspend and nothing yet. Definitely paying fees upfront from now on.


    I haven’t received anything yet. This usually never happens. Last year I received my deposit the day before everyone else and now everyone is getting there deposit but NetSpend customer. Sucks!!


    So CHIME is down no one can access their account so I have no choice but to just wait until it magically appears Arizona ddd2/26 filed tt sbgt says funds were sent to my bank which i used chime this year😒


    I just checked the santa Barbara tax site, they claim they released my funds but still nothing


    4742 still sitting with nothing in SC. I saw someone post that they spoke to a live person at SBTPG and was informed that the funds have been sent and ACH is backed up because they have to make sure the correct amount goes to the correct person, so we should see something thru the night and possibly tomorrow morning.. I know it sucks waiting!! But hopefully good news soon!


    4742 Arizona nothing yet 2:04 PM


    4742 Arizona nothing yet


    4742, Louisiana.. 2:28… nothing 😑


    2181 nothing in Michigan


    2181 here but haven’t got anything in Kentucky yet on Netspend


    DD for today but haven’t received anything from Netspend yet. 2181 nothing in Kentucky


    Im upset i dont have my refund thinking i done put the wrong acccount number but I kno i didnt were is ig


    Got mine sometime between 9-2 today. 2181. Good luck everyone.

    Ms C

    Santa Barbara tax product group said that they had a system shut down yesterday which created a one day delay so if their site says that the money has been deposited and you have not received it you should
    Expect to receive your refund deposit by 5 PM tomorrow.
    I sure hope so


    I was being patient at first. Now I’m getting upset, it not our fault their system could not handle the load. But this is not their first tax season, so that is a bunch of bull they are feeding us.

    Ms C

    Just got off the phone with SBTPG after 2 hour hold. They started that : their system shut down yesterday which caused a days delay and if your refund Deposit was for today’s date 2/26/20 and you did not receive it but on their site it says it was deposited you will receive it tomorrow by 5 PM. I sure hope so


    @Ms C I have same routing number as you still nothing here in SC. If you find out anything please let us know.

    Ms C

    Netspend in CA nothing DD due today been on hold with TPG for 2 hours now rt# ending 4742


    So I’m confused SBTPG already says online th eh sent mine. Have they not sent it?


    I dont see how they are having issues when other people who had fees taken out have stated they have gotten theirs today.


    Well it is not our fault they are having issues. I paid for their service and they didn’t deliver. Looks like Turbo Tax better start issuing some damn refunds.


    I called SBTPG, the customer service agent said that they won’t be sending out refunds until tomorrow, they are having issues with their system. I was advised to call back Friday if I do not receive my refund tomorrow. DDD 2.26.2020, filed with TurboTax, fees getting taken out, Netspend-Bankcorp


    @ripkobe I sure hope so cause this waiting game is getting old i dont get paid till Friday so i definitely need it

    rip kobe

    @Brandoncctx dammmmm bro that sucks.

    rip kobe

    @Mommyof2 Don’t worry it’s coming today. I’d put money on it.


    Well I know now why I haven’t received my refund. Damn student loans took it. Fml


    sbtpg already took money out yesterday. But still haven’t recieved refund

    JOYCE N drep

    CSR says money is being deposited by this evening or tomorrow morning if you had to get fees taken out be tpg just call them to confirm that they are in the process of sending your funds to your account


    Yea I did taxes myself. No fee. When its approved and gave me 2/26. I was hoping for Monday cause NetSpend usually is fast like that. But nevertheless today is 2/26 and still nothing. What’s the hold up. Routing ending in 2181 it’s currently 912am . Why delay the inevitable?


    Nope still hopelessly checking the account praying i dont see 0.02$ anymore 😭 why havent we recieved it yet?!!! Ive read online that netspend deposits inbetween 12 and 1 and 4 and 6! I really need my money now!!!


    Still nothing in Nc


    Has anyone else still not recieved?


    @brandon its the bank company that takes the fees out if any from filing thru turbo or who ever you filed with


    What is sbtpg?


    I’m done checking account for today! I will no longer use Netspend after my dd hits. Chime is a good card company and American based.


    Still nothing.. 8:26 a.m Louisiana

    TX Tax No State

    Nothing here, 2181 in TX

    taylor mcneily

    mines just hit 9am in ohio.. netspend 2181. i had sbtpg fees deducted

    Thank God

    DDD 2/26
    DD 2/26 at 6:34 a.m.
    Ace flare


    Mine finally hit at 6:18 am!!

    Thank God



    It’s 740am cst and still nothing. NS rout. Ending 2181. Nothing. I guess I gotta go to work on a prayer and a miracle. Damn IRS playing with my emotions.

    rip kobe

    Im in Omaha and my DD hit at 620am CST.


    02/26/2020 ACH Direct Deposit Please allow 1-2 business days for this deposit to reach your account

    DATE RECEIVED 20200225
    Earlier filer
    with kids
    1 w2
    and my gas tank on Eeeeee lol. no but seriously, I need whats owed to me. i have direct deposit from my job and i always get paid early..soooo wth


    I’m in Detroit Michigan Eastern standard Time an I see ppl in Ohio received their refund 🤦 where’s my DAMN 😠😡😤 REFUND


    I hope by 9 when they open everybody get their refund because my last four of my routing number 2181 and I have seen some people with the same last routing number received their refund and other people like me have not


    I’m always in the late group I’m not trippin it’ll hit eventually.

    JOYCE N drep

    Still no funds
    Tax date 2.26
    Filed thur turbo
    I wanted the fees taken out my refund first
    TPG said they received my tax return from irs on yesterday 2.26
    Tpg said they dd on 2.26
    I got Netspend
    I called tpg they said it been sent
    Do I have to wait 1 to 2 days till Netspend receive it

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