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      For all Netspend users with DDD 2/11 when did you get your refund on your card or it shows pending

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          Netspend does deposit 15 minutes within receiving funds, however I’ve always gotten it 2-3 days earlier than my said DDD. Last year I was scheduled for 2/12 and got it 2/11 which has been as close as I’ve come but I’ve been using netspend since 2006 and have always used DD and never had a problem.

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            We should get it between now and 2/10

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              I pray it does!

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                I am on cycle 20150505 with a refund deposit date of 2/11. I have had a western union netspend card for about 2 months and they deposit my social sec. Benefits 2-3 days early! I have it all set up with my tax refund and everything is accurate on my taxes and nothing being taken by irs either. …. So I have a little fraction of hope that maybe, just maybe the funds could come in as early as Sunday or Monday. Wishful thinking!!! But we’ll see…

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                  I’ve had mine come up to 3 days early in the past with my Netspend and I always have the fees for preparing get taken out. I just filed yesterday morning trying to make the cutoff for 2/11 but with my luck I bet I missed it.

                  The IRS accepted it faster than any previous year. Usually its 2 days, this time 20 minutes. Im hoping that means it will all be fast. Although I know better than that.

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                    NetSpend does not do “Pending”… they get it, they post it. Also, if you had fee’s taken from refund, you can forget about seeing any “2 days early” deposits. That has been my experience.

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