Need to fax in documents for IRS letter but I am confused what to fax them.

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    So after waiting since February when I filed my taxes I finally got an update in the mail last week.

    Apparently the IRS is Auditing my 2019 tax return due to 1 of the 2 jobs I worked at not sending in W2s or their paperwork work so the IRS can match with what my return says.

    I am a bit confused on the letter and what they are asking because they sent other forms that are not checked and I don’t know why.

    The letter:

    We determined there could be a problem with the federal income tax return firled for the tax period 12/31/19. We received W2 forms with information that dosent match the income or withholding information reported on the return.

    The following information dose not match:

    My old Jobs name

    Wages I claimed on the return (Number)

    Wages Reported to IRS (0 ZERO)

    Withholding I claimed on my return (number)

    Withholdings reported to IRS (0ZERO)

    What you need to do.

    Send clear copies of the supporting documents for the items checked to the address shown above within 30 days from this letter.

    Item 1 (Earned Income Tax Credit) Refer to enclosed form 886-H-EIC, documents you need to prove you can Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit on the basis of a qualifying child or Children.

    No issue have that.

    Item 2 (Wages and Withholding) Refer to the enclosed Form 886-L, Supporting Documents.

    No issue there either have that.

    And that is all that was checked. However this envelope also had other forms like 886-H-HOH Head of House Hold, 886-H-Dep, Form 14800 Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit-Explination of Items, and Form 14801 Child and Dependent Care Credit Explanation of Items.

    These forms were not checked off in the boxes of what I need to send in but were included in the envelope. Again the letter said I only need to send in supporting documents for Form 886-L Wages and Withholding and Form 886-H-EIC Earned Income Tax Credit. So what do I send everything? Or do they just put all kind of forms in the envelope?

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    I would call the number on the letter and get specifics.

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