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      I filed early.and used my last paystub to do so, as I have for years.

      Used TurboTax, HOH, PATHer.

      I realized like an idiot, I used net pay… All taxes are correct.

      My return was supposed to be $6300. I was off $5000 on my income. Will the IRS adjust this for me?

      I tried to see about amending it online, but something is way off. It’s saying I would OWE 2500.

      $43000 income with just me and 2 kids and I paid $3000 or so in taxes. I shouldn’t owe a dime.

      Anyone that is knowledgeable of the IRS fixing returns, please chime in.

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          The IRS won’t just fix your error, that’s a huge discrepancy, it will look to them like you deliberately underreported your income to get higher refund (not saying you did!!) Watch your mail for letter from the IRS. Plan on filing amended return which will have to be mailed. Run your numbers on a different tax software using correct income to see what it comes up with as a refund amount. Might help you figure out why your amended return is showing you owe $2500.

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