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      Hello everyone,

      This forum thread is dedicated to discussing and sharing experiences related to IRS verification letters and the process of verifying oneself with the IRS. Whether you’re still waiting to be verified, have received your letter, or have successfully completed the verification process, we invite you to share your story.

      Please comment below with:
      – The date you filed your taxes,
      – The date your filing was accepted,
      – When the IRS stated they sent out the verification letter,
      – Whether you’ve received the letter, including the posted date on the letter and your location,
      – If you’ve verified (online or in person), and how long after verification you received your refund.

      This information is incredibly valuable as it can help all of us gauge the timelines for verification and refund receipt, especially for those of us who are still waiting for our letters or refunds.

      **My Experience:**
      I’ll kick things off with my own experience. I filed my taxes on 01/26/2024 and was accepted on 01/29/2024. The message to verify appeared on 01/31/2024 and remained until 02/08/2024, when it changed to “return received.” It then reverted back to a verification prompt on 02/09/2024 and has stayed that way since. I reside in PA. On 02/20/2024, I logged into my IRS account and requested a new letter be sent out. I’m currently awaiting this letter. I also called the taxpayer protection line on the same day and was advised to call back on 02/26/2024 if the letter hasn’t arrived. Furthermore, I’ve scheduled an appointment for March 8th, 2024.

      Your contributions can greatly assist those in similar situations by setting expectations and providing reassurance. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping to build a supportive community here.

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          Final Update
          150 4/8
          806 4/15
          810 2/29
          811 5/7
          846 5/20

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            Just an update to my stores Friday when I logged in my account said my name
            And view balances and this morning it’s says owed for 2023 0.00 and I click view balance the same now owed 0.00 and before it had a message so I am hoping for updates Friday

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              The story continues and still waiting
              For them to verify my gambling wins with Fla lotto which I would have thought would have been easy being I got the W2g in July of last year and faxed to them as requested 2/13 …. How much longer y’all need it’s now 3/29

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                DDD of 04/03

                -filed 1/23
                -accepted 1/29
                -never got a date they mailed the letter, just logged into online account and saw the “verification letter sent” message
                -received letter on 3/2, verified 3/2
                -transcripts have not yet updated, but historically I’ve been a weekly anyway. will update once my transcripts update

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                  F/A TT on 02/17. A week later noticed the notification to verify tax return. No codes ever, marked no return filed. Requested letter twice from my side and once from hubby and finally received it today 03/25, dated 03/19. I successfully verified online and notifications have disappeared. We are 05. Hoping to see movement this week but hopefully by next. All we had to answer was our current agi, refund amount and last 4 of our direct deposit info.

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                    congrates are your DDD , i verified 3/16 myself and just started moving so i am hoping ii am next… Have a great weekend and enjoy the feeling , i cant wait until i can lol

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                      Dear Forum Members,
                      I’m providing a final update on my experience navigating the IRS verification process for the 2023 tax year, in the hopes that it may assist others facing similar situations. Below is the revised timeline:
                      Filed: Jan 26, 2024
                      Accepted: Jan 29, 2024
                      Verification message: Jan 31, 2024
                      Successful verification: Mar 16, 2024
                      Refund approved: Mar 23, 2024

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                        No change again, just called IRS again and was advised to call this number 855 873 2100 then press 1 English then 4 for IRS advised to call. On hold now with them to see what the hell is going on filed and accepted 1/29 eic ctc

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                          Accepted on 1/29, 2/12 received email to verify did it on portal, letter sent on 2/23 to verify again, As of date 2/25, received letter on 3/8 and verified, transcript still shows n/a on top 2, WMR shows “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” since 2/12, 3/21 WMR shows “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” on 3/22 still no change to transcript showing N/A on top 2 only change is as of date changing to 4/8.

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                            Updates-Verified 3/16
                            3/22 Scripts all updated and all have information now
                            150 4/8 Processing date
                            806 W2/1099 4/15
                            As of date 4/8
                            810 2/29/24 still pending
                            I hope i made it for next weeks processing of 811/846 -Update once i get those two codes

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                              Filed 2/1
                              Accepted same day
                              Approved with 846 and DDD of 2/22
                              Bank rejected it
                              Have 570 and 971 dated 3/11 and 3/18
                              Got 5701c and CP05 letter on 3/18
                              Verified online on 3/18 but also have to wait 60 days as per CP05
                              At this point I have no idea what’s going on but I’m a weekly so we will see if any movement is tomorrow

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                                Been waiting since 1/29 with verify status since 1/31. After 3 letters supposedly sent I finally went to the IRS open house on 3/16 in Cincinnati. Waited for 2 hours in line (Showed up 20 minutes before opening) just to have them verify my ID in about 5 minutes. Man was nice and told me to wait the typical 90 days but said it could be sooner. Still no update to my WMR or transcripts though.

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                                  Praying my next update is to let you guys know i got the 811 release code and 846…. Fingers crossed but rep said 180 from the call i made today but then tells me to call back in 4 weeks no update .. that makes no sense, are you just saying 180 but yet tell me to call back in 4 weeks. She said the 180 days to verify wages but i faxed that 2/14 and also checked SS acc and all my 2023 information is there.

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                                    pdate just a refresher
                                    Filed 1/29
                                    2/13 received and faxed requested documents (12C Letter)
                                    2/23 verify Screen came up called and called and finally 3/4 advised i needed to go inside but no letter no codes either.
                                    3/1 Update transcript as of 3/18 and 810 Code date 2/29/24
                                    3/16 Went to local office on the one Saturday they had open for the month waited 4 hours to be verified which took 10 mins same questions asked on the freaking phone. only diff they had to view my ID/SS and 2023.

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                                      Found out local office has a Saturday open 3/16 where you can walk in without an appt and i will be there

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                                        Update 3/8 No updates but reach out to a Tax advocate and advised me my last step was the verify in person and I called and called and was told numerous times i didn’t have to and wait the 60 days from the date of the faxed documents I sent on 2/14 but nope I have to verify as well. Appt 5/6/24

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                                          I filled on 1/26/24
                                          Accepted 1/29/24
                                          Had no movement , wmr just said still processing, bottom 2 blank.
                                          Called 2/20 which was when the 21 days where up. Was told a letter was sent out 2/9 to verify. I never received it. Called back 2/23 and was told I could do it in person as I didn’t have a letter.
                                          Went today, 3/7 to verify in person. I will update when anything changes

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                                            -filed 1/23
                                            -accepted 1/29
                                            -never got a date they mailed the letter, just logged into online account and saw the “verification letter sent” message
                                            -received letter on 3/2, verified 3/2
                                            -transcripts have not yet updated, but historically I’ve been a weekly anyway. will update once my transcripts update

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                                              i filed 1/30
                                              2/14 faxed 12C Documents
                                              2/23 screen went ID verification
                                              2/27 called no need to and wait 60 days
                                              3/4 called processing started 2/23
                                              810 2/29/24
                                              as if date 3/18/24

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                                                Update-Attempted another call this morning to make an appt and was advised she doesn’t show where i need to come into the office and the 12C-wages should have been my verification . I told her Identity verification but she doesn’t see where i need to do that and that 21 days from 2/23 but my letter says 6/8 weeks from date they received my faxes and that was 2/14 so i guess my faxes didn’t get touched until then. I am praying for an update this week i have never waited this long

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                                                  I’m assuming ours must be a w-2 verification?? Hubby and I filed and accepted on 2/17. We are always weekly. My wmr says still processing and hubbys says “is being processed “ with tax topic 152, still as of today. On both our id portals, under notifications it states we need to verify information before a 2023 tax return can be processed. No letters sent, no actions asked on wmr. Bottom two transcripts show woth as of date of 3/11, no return filed.

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                                                    Hi everyone ! Update Here: So as of 03/03/2024 no verification letter has been received when I was told the verification letter was sent on 02/20/2024.
                                                    I do have a verification appointment on 03/08/2024 so hopefully the letter comes before then if not I have the appointment. I will be sure to keep all updated through-out my journey. See you all on 03/08/2024

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                                                      As of 3/1
                                                      Transcript updated to an 810 with date 2/29/24 and my as of date moved to 3/18/24
                                                      810 hold was for verification which I faxed over 2/14 and when I called both reps advised I didn’t have to to the identity verification but to give it 60 days from the date of fax

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                                                        Update: Or lack of…
                                                        Life story posted below. Verified 2/26 with letter. Transcripts are still blank, and “Action Req’d” prompt still showing.

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                                                          @KWilson , Do PA state returns really take 12 to 16 weeks to come back?

                                                          No dependants or eitc on my PA return but when i called it 12-16 weeks.

                                                          NJ said don’t check the return until 4 weeks after it has been accepted so I’m jist curious thae actual timing for PA state returns?

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                                                            I guess my message didn’t go through. I was wondering if PA really takes 14-18 weeks to see your return. No eitc or ctc.

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                                                              No updates for me yet (Filed 1/18, accepted 1/19, received verify letter on 2/23). I am usually a weekly, so hoping it updates tonight or Friday, but I have never had anything take this long and I am so frustrated with the general lack of updates over five weeks now.

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                                                                I received my 5071C letter today to verify I answered three questions and was done hopefully I see a update soon

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                                                                  Filed 1/29
                                                                  Letter for wages 2/13 completed the request
                                                                  2/14 back to processing
                                                                  2/23 WMR went to ID verify and attempted and system says we are unable to provided assist
                                                                  Called Friday and Tuesday both reps say don’t see where I need to do that but to wait 60 days from 2/14 from date of fax to call back if no update which would be 4/14
                                                                  As of date is 2/26/24 nothing but head of house on transcript and didn’t think that date would pass with no updates … so confused

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                                                                    Filed 1/18, Accepted 1/22.
                                                                    Eitc, Actc, Weekly.
                                                                    WMR= “Action Req’d, Verify Identity” 1/27.
                                                                    Not able to verify online without letter.
                                                                    Several IRS calls followed, with absolutely no clarity.
                                                                    Taxpayer Protection Program line verified 2x my letter was sent 2/13.
                                                                    Received 5071C letter 2/26- dated 2/21, sent first class from Austin. I’m in AZ.
                                                                    Able to verify online with magical control #, and 3 questions followed.

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                                                                      Spoke to someone today and was told they see the verification process on my system but they see no letter sent . I told him I replied to the letter asking for wages back on 2/14 and again he told me 60 days no update on transcripts and my as of date is 2/26/24 and nothing has changed but he said the department has my information I faxed and to wait ughhh this is so frustrating

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                                                                        I filed on 1/18, was accepted 1/19. No updates to WMR until last week of January, it switched to the delayed beyond normal processing. Then I received a notice through IRS account online that a letter had been sent to verify identity. Received letter on 2/23, it was mailed from Austin on 2/13.
                                                                        Does anyone know how long it has taken after verifying online for transcripts to update?

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                                                                          checked this morning to see if any movements on the as of date 2/26/24 and still says the same date and no updates to my transcript . the two bottom say 2023 but no return filed. So 2/27/24 ill update again to see if i have to wait for the next day for updates

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                                                                            I filed 1/29 and on 2/1reecived a message a letter was sent and received letter 2/13 fax over W@ as requested same day 2/14 message went back to processing and returned received. Check back 2/23 and got a message stating i needed to do ID verification very confused called and spoke to a rep and advised i didn’t have to do that and to wait 60 days from the date of sending in the W2 for my return to be completed

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                                                                              I filed on 1/16 and was accepted on 1/18 (on PATH). I got a letter on 2/20 that said it was mailed on 2/16. I verified over the phone on the 20th. The lady asked me basic questions about myself, but asked a few questions about 2022 as well. I don’t have access to transcripts, so can’t say how that looks. WMR has said my info doesn’t match since I filed (no change on wmr since verifying).

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                                                                                No problem , and I will most certainly keep everyone updated

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                                                                                  @Kwilson: Thank you for leading this conversation

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