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N/A, 0.00??

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    Well there was a little change to my transcript, it still says n/a, no return filed, and 0.00 but before it listed 02/16/2015, but now as of this morning it says 02/23/2015. Anyone know what this means. I’m guessing I was reprocessed and caught in a glitch. I filed 1/26/2015

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    Out of curiosity I checked my transcripts. Mine says return not received on my wages and has absolutely no date anywhere. Same thing happened last year and I got my return in less than 2 weeks. I would try not to worry too much.


    Same exact thing with me today. I also filed on 1/26/2015. What pisses me off is if they just told us what the delay is people would stop calling them. It’s not that hard to post something on their website stating that there might be a delay with refunds and a reason.

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