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    IGMR Admin

    Does anyone else have N/A?

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    @Dee Dee I highly doubt it lol. But I’m doubting everything right now so ignore me

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    Dee Dee

    I am seeing there is another update on the IRS website today from 10:00 AM to 12 noon. Maybe then?

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    System is up for me again but transcripts still say N/A.

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    Yeah I was able to check transcripts as well and they’re still N/A. I’m starting to get very discouraged.

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    Dee Dee

    I can get into my transcripts which are still N/A for 2020.

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    The system is still down for me. Is it working for y’all??

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    Its scheduled maintenance.

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    @Cowbell me too and I tried to check my transcripts and got the same message!!

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    Transcripts are down to

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    I’m getting an error retrieving info at wmr for myself and my fiance right now. Haven’t checked transcript yet.

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    As of this morning 3/7 I have lost bars and gained the still processing message. TT is gone but amount is still there. I tried to check my transcript and it said my account is unavailable at this time.

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    I just checked my return and line 30 lists a 1200 $ recovery rebate credit even though I’ve already gotten both stimulus checks. Should I correct with an amended return?

    The IRS will likely correct it themselves, before you would even get the amended return in. And they say amended returns take longer.

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    Well maybe we’ll see something happen tonight/early morning

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    Over It


    Nada. N/A like always! 😞

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    I just checked my return and line 30 lists a 1200 $ recovery rebate credit even though I’ve already gotten both stimulus checks. Should I correct with an amended return?

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    Finally able to view transcript and it shows no return filed….. we filed and were accepted 2/16.

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    Still N/A and no tt. See on other threads that people that had bars disappear with and without tt have gotten refunds or either dd. So guess not going to worry to much about bars missing and no tt. I just know this is going to be a great week for us!

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    How did you access your transcript? Did you have trouble at first? If so what did you do different? I’m asking because I have an account but upon returning this year for the new tax season it made me reverify. It won’t accept my student loan account number even though I’m an active college student, two credit cards or my an auto loan account.

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    Any updates anyone??

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    I’m not even gonna waste my time and check my transcripts. Looking for more movement by Monday tho. I think when we filed early we overloaded the system and they weren’t expecting it. Now there’s some issue they’re not telling us about.

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    No change as of 8am EST. Filed 2/1 and accepted 2/12. Bars disappeared over a week ago and transcript is na still.

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    1 Bar has disappeared,msg gone,still n/a on transcripts,and it now says still being processed! Let’s stay positive to many of us for it not to be a good thing

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    N/A still being processed & filed 1/30 w TT accepted on 2/11. Never happened before.

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    Transcript still shows n/a but WMR updated to still processing and direct deposit date will be update when available. First time mine has changed since the beginning.

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    T momma

    Just updated filed and accepted 2/24
    No change to wmr
    Just got a dad for 3/11

    Good luck everyone!

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    T momma

    I still have 1 bar, but now I can access my transcript. This never happened to me before is this a bad sign?🤞

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    Well my bars are gone, my tax topic is gone, and it now says still processing.

    This happened to me for 2017 taxes and it took me over 6 months to get them.

    I’m pissed, I’m a single mom who works Monday-Friday 9-5 at a medical office, and I work 7PM to 7AM every Saturday doing HomeCare.

    For once I would like something to come easy to me.

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    This is crazy. Someone did say they were doing mass updates Saturday and Sunday. So hopefully we’ll see positive movement by Monday

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    Wmr is back and I also changed to still processing. Transcript remains N/A. 🤞🙏

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    Has anyone had ANY kind of transcripts update??

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    I just got error message WMR down.

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    I’m going to be optimistic and say if this happens to a vast amount of people then it is good news

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    My WMR just changed to Still being processed. No bars/TT/Amount. Still n/a and no changes on transcript.

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    Yeah my transcript didn’t update and now I’m getting still being processed. Basically I’m screwed

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    I checked and my bars are gone. I lost my TT and message is now saying still being processed 🤦🏽‍♀️ that can’t be good

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    @Over It That’s great! I’m checking now

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    Over It

    Just checked WMR (2am East Coast) and I lost my bars (accepted 2/12) … transcripts are still N/A though.

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    Unable to check this am , then it posted at 3 pm mountain time… so 6 eastern

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    @Over It sounds good. I’ll be checking periodically throughout the night. Good luck!

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    Over It

    I meant to put @zee lol

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    Over It


    I’ll be up.. I plan on checking at 12:30 then again at 6am.. I set my alarms lol

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    I guess everyone got tired of hearing and seeing the same things lol

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    Transcripts updated over night.
    “as of” date went from 2/22 to 3/22.
    W2 or 1099 withholding… 4-15-2021 (followed by a dollar amount)
    credit to your account…4-15-2021 (followed by a dollar amount)
    earned income credit ….4-15-2021 (followed by a dollar amount)
    noticed issued 3-22-2021 $0.00
    additional account actions….3-22-2021 $0.00

    WMR no update still processing
    SBTG no update

    is 3-22-2021 my DDD???

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    I do. IRS said some early filers returns were not looked at (projected) until 2/28/21 per the system and for this reason they still have not bee processed nor do they have transcripts for 2020 (N/A). This adds about 1-2 weeks to processing times.

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    @Hastingsowned when did you update?

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    I just wanted to give everyone here my experience. I have been NA on transcripts for 2 weeks, today that changed. But due to IRS site maintenance I was unable to read my transcripts till just now.
    I have 846 for 3/10

    I have no bars on WMR and tt152 saying will be provided when available.

    I used TT and had fees withdrawn so I deal with SBTGP and they have no notification of it yet.

    Accepted 2/11 w TT, Pather, no look back, no rebate.

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    They checked my return my 21st day actually would have been 3/6/21. However, certain test batches they did not begin processing until 2/28/21 and these were apparently re-cycled
    so it may take another 2 weeks to have access to the transcripts.

    Filing early as recommended was a mistake and I am not doing Early Filing ever again.

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    According to the rep. the IRS has 21 business days to complete the processing before finalizing the refund & later transcripts unless there are unforeseen issues i.e. id verify, offsets, or some other error correction, 21 business days is average processing time.

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    I spoke to the IRS Spanish Line. I was on the phone on hold 30m, & with the rep another 50m. Per the IRS although early filers “Test” batches were accepted early they did not start processing these returns until after 2/12/2021. It did not matter that I was accepted on 2/11/21 @ 946am, they did not start really until after the 12th.

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    Are we expecting another update tonight? I haven’t been on the forum for a while but I know things are down again.

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    Just tried to access transcripts and it says “Planned Outage” system maintenance. I will say it went down around noon today and has never been up all day. I did see earlier where there was a planned down time for the 7th. I think they turned off the server. My own opinion. We all became overwhelming. I don’t think they give the reps the tools they need to assist us and it becomes too much for the reps. Transparency would be nice but we all know the government is not about transparency.

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    Jackie Rose

    What time the irs close? I’m about to call from my mom’s phone or have her call she got her refund and see if they tell her the same BS about 10 weeks. Saw other people say it happened

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    @Zee I will be up…I’m going to stalk to IRS like the deadbeat gov’t daddy they are that owes me money.

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    Alright ladies and gents. Who will be up tonight checking transcripts and WMR???

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    I think the whole error thing is just BS so they can have more time. Multiple people on FB have called multiple times and got different answers from each person from the IRS.

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    Over It


    When were you accepted? Let me guess, 2/11, 2/12, or 2/13?

    That batch seems to have this issue.

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    Christopher Reeves

    I just got off the telephone with the IRS and of course my tax refund is with the error resolution team, because there is some kind of problem. Apparently there are alot of folks encountering this issue. The young lady told me it could take up to 10 weeks to resolve this.

    IRS has royally screwed over tax payers this year making the majority have to wait to collect our refunds. This is so messed up.

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    @sla921 is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 503

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    Transcripts appear to be DOWN – timing out when trying to access Account Transcript. N/A still under 2020. No moneys owed and no stimulus.

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    I just got off the phone with an agent she was very nice. She said my return was stuck in “Error Resolution”. She told me this normally may clear up and correct itself on its own but because of being so understaffed, it is taking a few days longer for systems to work. She says I should check back next week and see if anything has changed.

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    Over It

    @see same here! As much as I need the money, I can’t drive myself nuts over it. Can’t make myself sick over something I have no control over. I do feel for the people that are desperate right now though. I’m praying for all of us. I know by this time next week we will be all set 🙏🏻

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    @Over It lol you’re more optimistic than me haha. At this point it is what it is. I have school and 3 children to focus on so that’s what I’m going to do and when my money decides to come, it’ll come

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    Over It

    @kel2222 I would imagine that if your address has yet to be updated then they probably haven’t worked on your return yet.

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    Over It

    @zee I have yet to call but I will Monday. I’m being positive and I really think we will see some movement over the weekend. I imagine they are putting in OT so I’m sure they’ll be working this weekend. I have a feeling once the system is back up, many of us will see our transcripts update. I’m manifesting lol

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    Kel Strokes

    I change my address this year, and my W-2 has my new address, and i file this year with my new address but transcript will only let me order 2020 account and return transcript using my last year old address. Do that means my taxes has not been completed?

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    Still can’t get it. Stays stuck on loading page.

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    Yeah I was told the exact same thing as this morning lol. But she did say if I don’t have an update by Monday to give them a call back. She said I have to wait until after 21 days in order for them to fully access my account. And since the day isn’t over and the next business day isn’t until Monday then that’s all the information she can give me right now

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    Over It

    Keep in mind that they keep a call log and the reps can see who you spoke with and what they talked to you about. The next person will most likely tell you the same thing as the last one for that reason. Unless you actually get someone that wants to help you.

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    I’m on hold again to see if anything changed or if I get a different response than this morning. Will update

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    Just got off phone with irs rep says my return is in error department something about inventory like what 🤷🏽‍♀️I don’t own a business I had a 1099 from unemployment and 3k in w-2 wages

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    On the phone right now with a rep. Hopefully I get any news. She is looking at my account now. 🤞🏽

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    Accepted 2/12

    Transcript N/A

    I called today and the lady said that my refund is in the error department but she couldn’t tell me what the error is but said it could be on their part of my part but to call in a week and see if anything changed. She also said it could be resolved in days or up to 9 weeks!!!

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