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    Too 🤬 many people have bars missing. I seriously dout there’s something wrong with this many returns, I 🤔 think the majority will update with a DDD and if you read through a lot of these comments; a lot of people bars have come back 🤨that makes me think there may be a glitch somewhere.
    Just like the majority of people who transcripts are at zero’s with no updates. Seriously every Wednesday & every Saturday you have about a handful of people getting the path message or ddd but you have two handful of people losing bars or simply stuck with no movement at all.

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    ms martin

    it has not been 21 days for any one. when i called the rep stated when you are accepted you still sit there until it starts processing. so “still processing’ means exactly what it says she stated that so many came in early before they were open and that they are behind. some ppl have reported their bars missing then coming back. it”s really hard to say just have to wait until the 20th



    It depends on when the bars went missing. If it was after 21 days then there may be an issue. If it was after a few days then I wouldn’t worry so much. They have to give you a 21 day update so if they send you to a generic screen with another generic message, it’s possible a letter is soon to follow. I know from experience. The PATH act has created a number of new weird scenarios that none of us really know what is going to happen because we haven’t had enough “PATH” experience. This is only our second year of having to deal with the PATH bs. Try not to worry too much even though that is so much easier said than done. If for any reason they do request additional information, just provide it for them and if your return was “inaccurate” then you will probably need to amend it. Will it take longer, yes but you can get through whatever the IRS throws your way. They aren’t as scary as we make them out to be. Well not in my experience and I’ve been filing for 20 years.



    Well my wmr is back up no ddd and still no bars 🙄 Might as well have claimed EIC if I known I would be waiting so long



    Mines disappeared Friday refund date when available I still have my amount and tt152



    Mine disappeared for a week and came back, hopefully I will get a ddd soon!



    My bars just disappeared, now getting a message saying a refund date will be available

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.