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      I’m not sure were allowed to ask these questions here but it’s worth a shot. In November I started supplimenting my income by working through Amazons Mturk program. So far I’m made about 550.00. 400.00 of which I’ve transfered to my bank account. It’s my understanding that I need to file a 1099-C to report this as Self Employment profit in order for me to pay the 15.3% tax on it however I’m asked to provide a business code to categorize what type of work it is and I’m at a loss of what I should select. Has anyone done Mturk work? and If so how do you normally report this ? Do I need to provide documentation? I’ve only ever had a simple 1040EZ with 1 employer so I’m curious also if this will delay my return. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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      Kira Khaos

        Amazon will send you a 1099 in the mail you will use that even filling.

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